Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 42


He tries every scheme he knows!

Endure the humiliation!

He even cheats.

And it was not easy to get Katrina to the stall!

He had used up the strength of nine oxen and two tigers to subdue her!

He had originally wanted to free himself from the Sea of Bitterness!

In the end, Night Legion Army said that it was fine. There was no need to capture her! Let it go!

Release her?

Were you playing with me?

Why were saying that you won’t catch her?

How am I gonna clean this up?

Jiang Nan glanced at Katerina.

Cold as the frost was written all over her pretty face!

Would he still have a good fruit to eat if she was released?

“Just capture her back! She is so dangerous! It will be irresponsible to society and the people if you let her go!”

As a result




“Sister Bobcat? Hello!”

Jiang Nan, “….”

He could not help but swallow his saliva!

Then, he grinned brightly!

He did not dare to let go of Katrina!

Instead, he reached out and rubbed her forehead.

“Does it still hurt? Aiya! It’s all my fault! Rubbing it will heal it!”!”

Katrina was calm, “Let me go! I won’t hit you!”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Value +1000!]

Jiang Nan shivered, “Sister… your words are very unconvincing!”

1000 Resentment Value!

You were already exposed? Okay?

Jiang Nan was also very helpless; the two of them couldn’t keep wasting time on the stall cloth, right?

But once they left the stall cloth!

Jiang Nan was done for…

“You’re so broad-minded!”

“Just pretend that nothing happened? Alright?!”

Katrina smiled gently and said, “Okay! I’ll be obedient! Let me go!”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Points + 999! ]

Jiang Nan. “???”

Sure enough!

A woman’s mouth was a liar!

“I’ll treat you to roasted skewers, okay?”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Points + 888? ]

Jiang Nan’s eyes lit up.

“There are fat cows, fat sheep, tripe, golden mushroom, chicken wings, hairy crab…”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Points + 777!] [… 666!] [… 555!]

Every time he said one, the Resentment Value would decrease a little!

Not because of anything else…

It was only because Katrina was hungry!

Sure enough!

There was nothing that could not be solved with a barbecue!

If there was, then add another!

“I’ll take you to buy clothes! Pick the most expensive one!”

Once this sentence was said, the resentment value stopped refreshing!

Katrina pouted and said, “It’s a deal! Let go of me! You’ve hit me again!”

Jiang Nan blushed!

He scratched his head awkwardly and tentatively let go of Katrina…

As expected, she did not flip out. Instead, she said with a bit of excitement, “Where are we going to eat?”

Jiang Nan, “…..”

He had forgotten that this girl had not eaten for a day in order to watch at him!

For the sake of you being so pitiful!

Yes! Today, I’ll bring you to have fun!

“Come with me.”

As he said that, Jiang Nan really went to play with Katrina!

Pick the most expensive ones!

Katerina changed her outfit to skinny jeans and a black vest!

In addition to the purple fisherman’s hat, she was already beautiful!

In addition, Jiang Nan’s handsome face almost touched the ceiling!

They were the most beautiful couple on the street!

No matter where they went, they would always attract passers-by to look back no matter where they went.

Jiang Nan also took her to watch movies, got her hair and nails done! Finally, they went to the Game Hall to play for the whole night!

Katrina was very curious about everything…

She usually wandered around the dark world!

This was something she had never experienced before!

This night was special to her!

Early next morning!

Jiang Nan, who had not slept the whole night, went to school again!

Katrina was still stubbornly guarding the school gate!

The students looked at Jiang Nan with dark circles under his eyes!

Then, they looked at Katrina!

They all revealed obscure smiles and gave Jiang Nan a thumbs-up!

“Alright, Nan Shen! You’ve done a lot tonight!”

“Amazing, amazing! Are you on top, or is she on top?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! How f*cking lucky!”

“F*ck! I’m so envious!”

The girls in the class were also discussing excitedly. They would look at Jiang Nan from time to time, and their faces were slightly red!

This made Liu Quanwu so envious that his teeth itched!

However, Jiang Nan was too lazy to explain, so he fell asleep.

Katrina stood under the shade of the tree. In fact, she did not know why Night Legion Army did not arrest her!

Their member had also left!

Was it because the Burning Blood Reagent was used on Jiang Nan?

This was good too!

At ten in the afternoon, she received a message on her phone.

She gave Jiang Nan a complicated look and then left.

By the time Jiang Nan woke up, it was already afternoon!

He subconsciously looked out the window.


Where’s the beautiful blonde girl?

Maybe it’s too hot, and she went home early…

Jiang Nan didn’t care!

When he returned home in the evening, he found that his house had been cleaned up!

His cell phone was on the table.

Jiang Nan was puzzled. He opened it and saw a message on WeChat.

It was from the “blonde beauty.”

The profile picture was a cute Pikachu.

“I’m leaving. Don’t leave Jiang City for the time being. It’s best if you seek Night Legion Army’s protection!”

“You have the Burning Blood Reagent on you. The White Shark will not let you off! Be careful!”

“See you if we’re fated!”

“But you probably won’t want to see me!”

Jiang Nan looked at his phone and was silent for two minutes.

The message was sent at noon, and she might have been left at noon!

“Hey, hey, hey! You’re the villain! Is it really okay to tell me the news directly?”

Jiang Nan burst into laughter. Katrina really uses the blonde beauty as her Username.

So he replied.

“Beauty! You’ve forgotten your panty in my house. Aren’t you coming back to get it?”

On the train to Russia, Katrina was looking out of the window.

Her phone vibrated gently!

Her eyes lit up, and she quickly picked it up!

Then, her face was filled with anger!

“For you! (งᵒ̌皿ᵒ̌)ง⁼³₌₃.”

[From Katrina’s Resentment Value + 888!]

Jiang Nan looked at the white panties hanging by the window and snickered.

Nan Shen, “Don’t participate in the White Shark’s actions against me. You will probably die a terrible death!”

Blonde beauty. “I… try my best!”

Nan Shen, “Ula!” 

(TL note: Holding Bobosha in his arms, taking a sip of vodka, and shouting “Ula” in his mouth, this is almost the standard for Soviet soldiers in World War II. To this day, in the annual Red Square military parade in Moscow, the Russian capital, we can also hear Russian soldiers shouting “Ula” as if they were shocking!)

Blonde beauty, “…..”

“Ula (。ì _ í。)”

Hey, hey, hey?

This Russian beauty’s expression package was quite 6!

Jiang Nan, who was lying on the bed, thought for a while!

Night Legion Army definitely knew about his actions!

They also knew about the reagent.

If they did not catch Katrina, they would probably want to set up a long line and catch a big fish!

Jiang Nan was furious when he thought of it!

Were you using me as bait?

Did you get my permission?

Stupid Bobcat! You don’t even know how to take responsibility after seeing my body!

Jiang Nan didn’t care about the White Shark or White Bear!

Tomorrow was the final exam!

Let’s get first place first!

The long night!

What should I do if I don’t want to sleep?

Jiang Nan looked at the toilet paper on the nightstand!

He rummaged through the shelves and found the one he had treasured for a long time…

English book!

Can’t sleep?

Then study!

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