Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously

Open a Street Stall and Sell Vigorously Chapter 44


Looking at the list of resentment points was crazily refreshing.

Jiang Nan was puzzled!

I was kind enough to pass you the answers!

Why do you still blame me?

Mom, this group of people was really strange!

They don’t know how to repay kindness at all.

In the third test which is Math, Jiang Nan still answered with ease!

He quickly finished answering the questions, and from time to time, he would look sideways and admire the little pink strawberry…



It was to help the teachers supervise the students’ examinations!

After a while, Wang Ping, who was so anxious that his head was covered in sweat, had no more tricks!

Although Jiang Nan cheated a little!

But that was better than answering it himself!

Wang Ping looked at the paper. He knows this question but didn’t know how to answer it so he had no choice!

Jiang Nan opened the small note and looked at it.


You’ve learned a lot!

On the paper, it was impressively written 1.2.3…

Even the question number was considerately marked.

He watched Wang Ping wipe his sweat frantically.

Jiang Nan could not bear it anymore!

He picked up his pencil and wrote!

Wang Ping, who had received Jiang Nan’s reply, hurriedly opened it!

He took a closer look and almost spat out a mouthful of blood!

The words on note:

1. “Three lone and one short, choose the shortest!”

2. “Three short and one long, choose the longest!”

3. “Choose C if it is the longest!”

4. “Believe in Nan Shen; it is an absolute guaranty pass!”

5. “Not getting full marks is not human!”

Wang Ping widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Nan!

F*ck me!

This is a hidden poem!

Or is it just a slip of the tongue?

What I want is ABCDFG!

Nan Shen, I will kneel down for you; please stop showing off, okay?

The word written on the paper was simply blinding this daddy’s dog eyes!

He saw Jiang Nan’s face filled with certainty!

He secretly gave Wang Ping a thumbs up!

[From Wang Ping’s Resentment Points +1,000!] [From Wang Ping……….]

Examination Room no. 2!

Wu Liang sat in the middle of the classroom with a body as strong as a small mountain!

His expression was ferocious as he stared fixedly at the question in front of him!

It could be said that his sweat was pouring down like rain, and his veins were bulging!

He looked at his answer sheet!

It was just a f*cking name!

At the same time…

A Wuling Hongguang Mini EV was parked outside the school!

At this moment, inside the car was extremely lively

There were seven or eight bare-chested, fierce-looking men with a dragon tattoo on the shoulder and a tiger tattoo on the chest!

At this moment, they were all staring at a laptop!

The video on it was Wu Liang’s test paper!

The video was sent back in real-time through the glasses worn by Wu Liang!

The red scarf on his forehead was a high-frequency antenna!

Even in school, it was not easy to use.

This group of big men had anxious expressions on their faces as they crazily calculated test questions!

A big bald man said, “Old Wang, hurry up and calculate! Brother Wu is waiting!”

The man was furious, “Damn! This question is too difficult!”

“Didn’t you graduate with a bachelor’s degree? You can’t do high school questions?”

“F*ck! How many years has it been since I graduated! What the hell is that tan! Cos! My head is about to explode! Is this really a high school question? “

“Can you do it? It’s been an hour! He’ll be handing in the papers later!”

“I can’t do it anymore. Hurry up and find external help!”

“My son is a postdoctoral fellow; I will call him! “

“Old Liu! Didn’t your daughter teach high school mathematics? Hurry up and call her! “

The passers-by looked through the car window!

The cars were full of fierce men! Their expressions changed, and they hurriedly left.

Then they sighed!


What’s wrong with this world?

Wu Liang, who was sitting in the classroom, gritted his teeth so hard that he almost broke them!

There were only three minutes left before the papers needed to be handed!

Listening to the shouts and curses coming from the headphones!

Wu Liang’s head was about to explode!

His iron fist smashed fiercely on the desk!


He immediately roared,

“Hurry up!”

The sudden loud noise and roar resounded through the entire quiet examination room!

Even on the entire floor, it could be heard!

The student next to him was so scared that he almost peed his pants!

A mouthful of tea was sprayed all over the student’s face in front of him…

Classmate, “???”


West Lake Longjing!

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Wu Liang.

He immediately realized that something was wrong!

Damn! He absolutely could not expose himself!

If he was exposed, can he still be in the top three?

Then, he scratched his head and said with a troubled expression, “This…I’m tired of answering it.”

The supervising teacher glanced at him and said calmly, “This student! Stay quiet!”

Another supervising teacher patted Wu Liang on the shoulder and comforted him, “It’s okay. If you fail this time, there will be a next time!”

Wu Liang’s loud roar was heard in the van outside the school!

“Brother Wu! It’s out! It’s out! Hurry up and fill it out!”

At this moment, Wu Liang’s eyes were wide open, and all the muscles in his body were like steel bars that were twisted together!

He was writing wildly with his pencil, and his arms and wrists were writing madly!

He finished writing the papers before the bell rang!

Then, like the wind, he rushed out of the school building, climbed over the wall, and arrived outside the school!

He opened the car door and rushed in!

The Wuling Hongguang Mini EV shook violently!

Three minutes later, Wu Liang came out comfortably!

Only the seven or eight men with bloody noses and swollen faces called, “Hey! Daughter, hurry up and come! Save your father!”

“Hey! Son! Hurry up and come over! Father will rely on you today!”

Jiang Nan, who went to the toilet, met Wu Liang and asked with a smile, “How was the morning exam? Did it go well?”

Wu Liang had a solemn expression as he patted his chest, “Don’t worry, Brother Nan! Everything is under control!”

“Oh! Sure! Haha!” Jiang Nan was a little happy. It seemed that he studied for nothing!

Wu Liang, “……”

Can he do it?

The people behind him answered questions for him!

As for the results of his review?

Wu Liang was sure of one thing!

Brother Nan was right!

His brain was indeed filled with muscles!

A day of examination passed just like that. After school, Wu Liang and Jiang Nan were on their way home!

He was in a good mood!

Whether his test result was good or not, it was finally over!

Wu Liang was quite confident!

The cultural test was over!

The next was naturally an actual combat assessment!

“Brother Nan! Tomorrow afternoon, we will go to Chang Bai Mountain! What kind of things do you need? I will help you get it!”

Jiang Nan was stunned, “What is it?”

Only then did Wu Liang remember that Jiang Nan had never been to the Spirit Ruins before. He explained to him,

“The spirit beasts in the Spirit Ruins are extremely dangerous. So naturally, they are no different from us Martial Spirit Warrior!”

“Most of Martial Spirit Warrior will choose a cold weapon for self-defense! It is much more convenient to kill spirit beasts or for self-defense!”

“We will stay there for fifteen days this time! It is estimated to be quite difficult! We have to prepare a lot of food and clothing!”

“We have to bring some things for outdoor survival. Brother Nan, are you ready? You can bring a lot! I will help you with your backpack when the time comes! I have a lot of strength!”

Jiang Nan rolled his eyes, “Carrying my ass! I’m just a walking luggage bag! Have you forgotten what I can do? But I really haven’t prepared anything yet!”

Wu Liang was stunned!


Nan Shen was a space system!

How could he forget about this?

With dimensional space, he could bring different things!

“Let’s go to my place, Brother Nan! Take whatever you want!”

Wu Liang put his arm around Jiang Nan’s shoulder and dragged him to his place.

Jiang Nan smiled and said, “I also have something for you! You will definitely like it!”

The group of girls who came home after school looked at the figure of Jiang Nan with Wu Liang arms wrapped around his shoulder, and their glasses lit up!

“See! I told you, right?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk! I’m Blind! What a waste of a handsome guy!”

“What are you blind for? Hmph, hmph! Watch me pull him back!”

“Hehe, Xiao Bei, you’re going to make a move on Jiang Nan!”

“If I don’t make a move now, he’ll be snatched away by someone else. Where am I going to find such a handsome big brother?”

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