Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 101


“This! This! This…!” After stuttering for a long time, Lin Tian finished the sentence, “Is this real?”

Lin Tian looked at the tens of meters high thing. But when he took a closer look, it was indeed a miniature mountain, with a green forest, a small valley with a beautiful scenery and a dazzling rippling lake.

In the breeze, the green leaves of willows drooped into the water and danced in the wind, swaying one after another, creating waves, as a few birds flew away. 

Looking at these birds, Lin Tian finally reacted. All of the places in front of him were real, not a fantasy. It was all real. 

Above the Peak is a real heaven on earth! An artificial paradise!

Lin Tian had always wondered what the top half of the Peak was, but he didn’t expect the things on it to be so shocking!

Seeing the sight in front of him, Lin Tian was utterly stunned, not even knowing when everyone walked out of the elevator door. 

Ai Siqi grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and pulled Lin Tian, who was still extremely shocked, out of the elevator.

Stretching out her hands, Ai Siqi turned around in front of Lin Tian, looking very happy, and said with a smile on her face. “How about it, Lin Tian? Am I right? My home is gorgeous!”

Hm-mm!” Lin Tian nodded like a machine. Although he was awake, Lin Tian still couldn’t believe what he saw before him.

Seeing the gate made of gold, Lin Tian knew that Ai Siqi’s father is that kind of local tyrant. And seeing the small city in front of him, Lin Tian refreshed the concept of a local tyrant. Lin Tian realised that the local tyrants of his previous life were just a fart compared with this. Actually, they’re not even a fart. 

In a 200-meter-high, 780,000-square-meter building, a small city was built in the lower part of the house. And this isn’t even the most remarkable part. This space was enough to build a small city. At the height of one hundred meters! 

Lin Tian couldn’t believe it. Whether it was this world or his past life, out of all the people who created things, the person most he was impressed with currently is Ai Siqi’s father, who he had never met.

Uncle Teng said with a smile, “Does Lin Tian think this is very shocking?”

“Shocking?” Lin Tian said with a bitter smile, “I feel my legs would give out any moment now.”

“Hahaha……” Uncle Teng laughed loudly, “It’s fine. The first time I walked here, I felt the same as you. To be honest, no matter who comes here, they are shocked.” 

Lin Tian nodded. No one can face this kind of scene calmly. 

Ai Siqi suddenly intervened between the two, “Lin Tian, since I’m familiar with this place, I can take you closer to have a good look.” Ai Siqi grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and wanted to run to the side. 

Regarding Ai Siqi’s thoughts, Uncle Teng could see through it at once. Ai Siqi just wanted to find a reason to run away, not to see Master for fear of being scolded. 

Uncle Teng slipped to the front, turned around slightly, and blocked Ai Siqi, speaking very solemnly. “Young Lady, you can’t run around here anymore. Master is still waiting for you. As for taking Lin Tian to look around, I will take him around after seeing Master.”

Hearing this, Lin Tian could only wave his hand to Ai Siqi, indicating that it was not that he did not want to help, but that he could not help.

Seeing that they were both like this, Ai Siqi could only stay aside, pouting and sulking. 

Uncle Teng turned sideways and said to Lin Tian, “Come on Lin Tian. I’ll take you to see Master.”

Lin Tian nodded slightly and followed Uncle Teng. Ai Siqi didn’t want to go, but since Uncle Teng watched her, she had to follow him reluctantly.


Led by Uncle Teng, the entire group walked onto a forest trail. 

In this small man-made forest, many unnamed but beautiful flowers and animals can occasionally be seen in the bushes. 

It seemed that when Ai Siqi’s father finished building the place, he did a lot of more strenuous work and put a lot of effort into the various plants and animals.

This forest is only hundreds of meters wide and a group of people passed through the forest without paying a fee.

After a while, a plain appeared in front of everyone. In the center of the plain, an ancient castle stood.

Even without Uncle Teng’s explanation, Lin Tian could guess that this must be Ai Siqi’s home and the one waiting for him inside would be Ai Siqi’s father.

‘A person who has such incredible influence and can build the Peak. What kind of man is Ai Siqi’s father?’ 

Maybe he already knew Lin Tian and the others were coming… that’s why there were already many people in front of the castle.

Black-clothed bodyguards and beautiful maids were standing side by side on both sides of the road. Welcoming Ai Siqi.

“Welcome, Young Lady!”

When Ai Siqi came, the maids and bodyguards bowed ninety degrees and shouted! 

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian let out a faint sigh. This kind of scene could only exist in fantasy. Lin Tian didn’t expect to experience it himself! Of course, this welcome was towards Ai Siqi. 

In the face of this kind of scene, Ai Siqi still had an unhappy face. Obviously, this kind of scene was common for Ai Siqi.

However, she still displayed the bare minimum aristocratic behaviour. Ai Siqi took a few steps forward and stood in front of everyone. In these few steps, Ai Siqi’s temperament changed significantly.

The previous Ai Siqi was an ordinary girl who is very nervous, happy and showed joy from time to time on her face, which makes people very relaxed. 

But now, Ai Siqi exuded a noble temperament. This is the temperament possessed by a true nobleman, exuding a sense of class and dignity. 

At this time, Ai Siqi still maintained this faint smile on her face but no one knew what was behind this smile. Ai Siqi completely changed, as if she had changed from an ugly duckling to a noble white swan. Of course, this was only in terms of her temperament. 

If it weren’t for Lin Tian, who had seen this change with his own eyes, Lin Tian would have thought Ai Siqi had been reborn! 

Looking at Ai Siqi in front of him, Lin Tian remembered the exact figure from the back, the same noblewoman on Sexon Island! 

Lin Tian followed Ai Siqi and finally experienced what it was like to walk with an aristocrat.

Use one word to describe, “cool”.

Use two words to describe, “very cool”.

Use three words to describe, “extremely very cool”.

Use four words to describe it, “cool to the extreme”.


It’s a pity this kind of refreshing feeling was only a while!

Lin Tian looked at the historic buildings in the castle as well as some of the exquisite carvings. 

However, for Lin Tian, he felt nothing. In Lin Tian’s eyes, these are just for ordinary people to live in. As for its unique charm, that is as useless as a fart in Lin Tian’s opinion. 

In Lin Tian’s words, we are just a layman. We can’t understand such elegant things, so showing them to us is of no use.

It’s like putting up a painting worth hundreds of millions of Berries* next to a pile of tens of millions of Berry in front of me. My eyes will definitely be fixed on that pile of Berries.

[*TL note: Official English Name: Berry. The Belly, commonly represented as (a Latin esh superimposed over a capital B), is the world’s main monetary unit.]

So facing this kind of thing, Lin Tian just glanced at it for a while and knew he would never be interested. He was just a layman, after all! 

“Hey, it’s really tiring pretending like this. I really don’t want to…”

As soon as she walked through the door, Ai Siqi’s aristocratic temperament disappeared instantly and the lively, rough-headed girl before was restored again. 

Regarding Ai Siqi’s performance, Uncle Teng just smiled dotingly. Compared with that noble Ai Siqi, Uncle Teng still likes this version of Ai Siqi in his heart.

A maid walked over and respectfully said: “Teng Steward, Master said that you, the Young Lady and the guest to go to the lobby to see him.” 

“Got it.” Uncle Teng waved his hand and motioned for the maid to leave. He turned around and say to Lin Tian, “Lin Tian, let’s go to the lobby. I think Master also wants to see you very much.” 


Lin Tian followed Uncle Teng and walked towards the lobby that the maid said before. Ai Siqi reluctantly followed at the end. 


Turning several passages, the three came to a gate. They stopped at the gate, and Uncle Teng slowly opened the gate…

A man with a lot of white hair and an energetic face that revealed the vicissitudes of the years appeared. He was dressed in a costume that was similar to ancient clothes from his previous life.

Lin Tian recognized that kind of clothing. This kind of clothing comes from the Longarm** tribe, and it’s also similar to the Longarm tribe** in Lin Tian’s previous life!

[**TL note: The Longarm Tribe is a tribe composed of people with long arms, which have two joints in them. The long-handed tribe in Chinese legend is a country in the East, where people are similar in stature to ordinary people, but their arms even grow to three feet, so they usually work by going to the beach to fish.]

‘It’s him!’

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