Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 102


Seeing the man’s smiling face, Lin Tian showed a hint of surprise on his face but it disappeared in an instant.

Unfortunately, the surprise flashing on Lin Tian’s face was clearly seen by the man’s sharp eyes. 

“Dad, I miss you so much!” From behind, Ai Siqi stuck her tongue out. Then with a happy face, she ran towards the man with open arms.

However, before Ai Siqi came close, the man said with a serious face: “Stop. You didn’t even remember me even after leaving for so long.”

Hey…” Ai Siqi said coquettishly: “Dad, what do you mean I don’t remember you? Daddy is always in my heart.”

‘Usually, if I make a mistake, I’ll just use this trick to deal with the dad. As long as I act like a baby, my dad will let me go.’

Unfortunately, Ai Siqi’s trick was useless today. Ai Siqi made too many mistakes and almost died. The man didn’t want to let this matter off so easily today or else she would run away again next time.

“Don’t act like a baby! Do you know what happened when you sneaked out this time? So many assassins tried to kill you! If it weren’t for your good luck, you would have died!”

Ai Siqi thought she was screwed just now, but after hearing this, Ai Siqi showed a smile on her face. It seemed that her father was only worried about her safety but didn’t blame her for sneaking out. So, this will be easy.

With a smile, Ai Siqi suddenly ran over, pinching the man’s shoulder, “Dad, I’m okay, alright? It’s okay if I don’t go out next time, right? Don’t be angry. I promise to listen to you.” 


Pointing to his daughter’s nose, the man looked helpless but he couldn’t be angry with his beloved daughter! 

‘Since the death of my wife, I’ve been very busy; I have a lot of business and have no time to accompany Ai Siqi. Ai Siqi has stayed in this huge Peak building all this time and it is nothing but a prison for her.’ 

‘It’s exactly why Ai Siqi has always wanted to sneak out. It’s tough for me to blame Ai Siqi for sneaking out!’

Looking at the man in front who was doting on Ai Siqi, Lin Tian thought something was wrong.

‘Is this the capital crocodile who shakes the entire world?’

‘Is this the biggest partner of the World Government, called a vampire by the World Government?’ 

‘Is this the richest businessman who turned the entire business world upside down?’

‘He is–Goodritt!’

There was no such person in the One Piece series. Of course, One Piece was just a comic book, but now, it was more than just a fiction world. In this world, there are many outstanding people besides Pirates and Marines.

This Goodritt was one of them. He was known as the richest man in the world! (Except for World Nobles. The World Noble are effectively in control of this world and they can collect immeasurable wealth with a word)

As a businessman, Goodritt was involved in all aspects, including arms, drugs, construction, banking, shipping… as long as it makes money, he was involved.

And the most enviable of them is that Goodritt was the World Government’s largest cooperative supplier. Even the simplest firearm was produced in his factories. Goodritt could be said to be the largest arms manufacturer in this world! 

As a Marine, Lin Tian naturally heard of Goodritt’s name and had the opportunity to see his photos, so he recognized him instantly. 

However, in the Marine’s records, Goodritt was extremely wise, cold-blooded, calm and would not change his expression. The World Government had never managed to take advantage of him and he had always been called a vampire in the Marine.

But right now, he was just an ordinary father who loves his daughter. 

Seeing that she had succeeded in acting like a baby, Ai Siqi showed a smug smile at Lin Tian for an instant and but it disappeared.

“Okay, okay! Stop squeezing. There’re still guests.” Goodritt patted Ai Siqi’s hand gently. 

Ai Siqi stretched out her head in front of Goodritt’s eyes and said with a smile: “So, does Daddy forgive me this time?”

Goodritt squeezed Ai Siqi’s nose dotingly, “Yes! But only this time. You can’t escape next time.” 

“Yeah!” Ai Siqi suddenly thought of something and said bitterly: “But it’s boring inside here. I want to go outside.” 

“Don’t worry. You can go out often in the future. But you must be accompanied by Uncle Teng or with me. Got it?” Goodritt could not help but increase his voice to remind Ai Siqi.

“Yay!” Ai Siqi hugged Goodritt’s head and said happily: “Is that true, Daddy? I’m so happy.” 

After experiencing this incident and the thrilling scene before, Goodritt also wanted to relax. It was time to accompany Ai Siqi out to play outside while she was still young. 

‘Anyway, money is just a number for me. The company doesn’t need to be watched constantly. I just need to sign the documents every day. It’s time to spend time and go out with Ai Siqi.’ 

“Okay, okay. Your little friend laughed when he saw us.” Goodritt took a look at Lin Tian, turned back, and said to Ai Siqi. 

Ai Siqi said uncomfortably: “It’s okay, Lin Tian is not an outsider.”

Lin Tian showed a trace of embarrassment on his face when he heard this and touched his nose embarrassedly. This was too ambiguous.

What do you mean by not being an outsider? It felt like something had happened to him, but Lin Tian didn’t dare say this, so he could only think about it in his heart.

A hint of surprise flashed in Goodritt’s eyes. He didn’t expect his daughter to have formed such a good relationship with this boy in just one day.

‘I know that even though my daughter looks easy to get along with on the surface, her heart has always been closed to outsiders. This boy managed to walk into his daughter’s heart…’

“Little friend, I’m sorry for being so rude in front of you.” Goodritt looked at Lin Tian with a smile on his face.

Lin Tian said with a smile, “Oh, it’s okay. In fact, this scene makes my heart feel very warm.”

“By the way, Lin Tian, I still don’t know where your home is.” Ai Siqi interjected.

“My home has long been destroyed by the pirates. I’m the only one left….”

These words would be sad said by anyone else but coming from Lin Tian’s mouth, it didn’t seem to be true. This was because Lin Tian had long been used to other people asking questions like this. However, sometimes Lin Tian would think that nothing had changed, whether in his previous life or this life.

The smile on Ai Siqi’s face immediately disappeared, she stood there awkwardly not knowing what to say. Ai Siqi didn’t expect Lin Tian not to have any family members. Although Ai Siqi’s mother died, she still had a father who loved her very much. 

‘In such a comparison, I’m actually more fortunate than Lin Tian. Although I lost my mom, I still have my father’s love.’

On the side, Goodritt and Uncle Teng had already dig into Lin Tian’s past when they discovered that Lin Tian and Ai Siqi were together. They knew Lint Tian’s basic situation so they weren’t surprised.

“Sorry, little friend. The little girl didn’t ask this question on purpose.” Goodritt’s timely words relieved the awkwardness that appeared in the air. 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. I should have been more careful when I asked.” Ai Siqi apologized. 

Lin Tian smiled slightly, shook his head slightly, “It’s okay, I’m used to it!”

“By the way, little friend, I saw that you were surprised when you saw me. Did you ever see me before?”

Goodritt changed the subject and it is always uncomfortable to talk about people’s sadness in front of them.

Deserving of the richest man in the world, Goodritt could clearly observe the subtle changes in Lin Tian’s expression. 

“Of course. The name Goodritt is very famous, after all. I had a chance to see your photos too, so I recognized you at a glance.”

Goodritt was surprised that Lin Tian had seen his picture. Although most people know his name, his pictures were rarely released, practically none in fact. However, considering Lin Tian’s identity, Goodritt was relieved again.

“As for Lin Tian’s name, I often hear that Lin Tian is the Marine’s most talented Marine soldier.”

Lin Tian was not surprised that Goodritt knew of his name.

“I had the opportunity to visit the Marine headquarters two years ago and wanted to meet you, little friend. Unfortunately, my little friend was not there. I didn’t expect to meet you now under such interesting conditions.” 

Facing Goodritt’s compliment, Lin Tian just touched his head and smiled embarrassedly, without showing a smug expression.

Looking at Lin Tian’s performance, Uncle Teng and Goodritt nodded their heads in praise. At this age, he didn’t show arrogance or rashness.

Ai Siqi, who didn’t know Lin Tian’s deeds next to her, was confused when she heard the conversation between her father and Lin Tian. But Ai Siqi didn’t bother. She just listened quietly.

“I really want to thank you, little friend, Lin Tian. Who knows what would happen if you weren’t there? I really don’t know it would face my deceased wife if anything happened to Ai Siqi.” Goodritt clutched Ai Siqi’s hand tightly while showing a look of sincere thanks to Lin Tian.

If it were not for Lin Tian, at that moment, Ai Siqi would undoubtedly die. 

It’s hard for Goodritt to imagine what he would do if his only daughter died! 

“It’s nothing, sir. This is what I should do. Ai Siqi and I are very good friends. It is natural for me to help Ai Siqi.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Ai Siqi showed a smile on her face, but a trace of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

‘Just friends?’

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