Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 117



The sound of opening the door made the already much-relaxed anger instantly suppressed, and everyone looked at the door in unison. 

The door opened slowly, and a man with his whole body and even his head hidden in the deep green cloak came out. As the man came in, several others also came in. 

These people were all dressed in a deep green cloak. It was difficult to see their faces, but these few people were amazing. 

One of them was nearly six meters tall. If the bar door is not big enough, this person really can’t get in. 

He was barely able to get in. The man’s head was about to touch the roof, and he could only stand by the side and ducking, making it difficult to move forward. Because there were some chandeliers on the roof, if he walks a few steps, he might hit these chandeliers. 

There was another person who is much taller than the average person, but his head was a little bit bigger, and the height above the head can match the height below the head.

What a strange group of people! 

The man who opened the door walked forward two times and slowly lifted the mask on the opening. 

Looking at this somewhat messy bar, a puzzled expression flashed across the man’s face, he asked uncertainly. “Excuse me, is this the base of Underground World?”


Hearing this sentence, everyone was immediately relieved. It turned out that it was just a group of people who came to the Underground World, and everyone was scared to death.

The old man and Doflamingo looked at the man with a heavy expression. Although they don’t know who this man is, they can feel that this man is strong. —Not only this man, even the two behind the man are not weak. I am afraid they are also powerful experts. 

At least Doflamingo thinks that his subordinates cannot deal with these two people. Even Doflamingo himself is not entirely sure that he can deal with these two people. 

And when Lin Tian saw the man’s face, he seemed to have seen a ghost because Lin Tian knew the man’s identity.

‘Monkey D. Dragon!’

 [TL note: Monkey D. Dragon, commonly known as the “World’s Worst Criminal“, is the infamous Supreme Commander (総司令官 Sōshireikan) of the Revolutionary Army who has been attempting to overthrow the World Government.]

The son of the smelly old man, the father of Luffy, a legendary man. 

A man with a calm personality and a stronger ambition than Lin Tian himself. He just wanted to stand at the peak of the world, understand the secrets of the world, and be a completely free man. But he was thinking about overthrowing the World Government, changing the world, and erasing the rules that don’t need people. Build a world of harmony, freedom, equality, and dreams. 

The path this man walked reminds Lin Tian of a person, the great man who established China in his previous life. And how this man walks is like how that great man walks. 

The current Monkey D. Dragon, although not as famous as ten years later, he was recognized by the World Government as the “world’s most murderous criminal”, but now Monkey D. Dragon was still the number one criminal in the World Government. 

Even the Four Emperors were not as harmful as Monkey D. Dragon in the eyes of the World Government.

World Government wasn’t worried about the strength of Monkey D. Dragon. Some people of the World Government are experts. Needless to say, they were the Five Elders* of World Government and Celestial Dragon that rules the world. If you want to deal with one Monkey D. Dragon, it won’t be simple.

[*TL note: Gorōsei. The Five Elders are a group of the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons that make up the head of state for the World Government. They essentially hold the greatest authority over the entirety of the world; the only exception being the mysterious sovereign Im whom they answer to.]

The Five Elders were worried about the ideas of freedom, harmony, and equality spread by Monkey D. Dragon. Five Elders were very worried about this man.

‘However, how could this Monkey D. Dragon suddenly appear here? Could it be that they were also attracted by the heavenly gold thing?’

Lin Tian looked at Dragon and couldn’t help but fell into contemplation. This man was so legendary that Lin Tian had to be very careful.

Dragon’s eyes glanced around. When he saw Lin Tian, his eyes showed a hint of surprise, but then disappeared.

Lin Tian, who was in deep thought, didn’t notice this subtle change. 

“Hip-hop, who threw the thread just now? Stand up. It almost scratched my beautiful face.” The man next to Dragon said with anger in his tone. If Dragon hadn’t saved him in time, he didn’t know what the consequences would be. 

While speaking, he removed the hat from his head, and a huge face appeared in front of everyone. There was an unusually huge dark purple explosive hair (big enough to hide people), long thick eyelashes, and light blue eyeshadow, and purple lip gloss. 

Shemale King-Ivankov**!

 [**TL note: Emporio Ivankov, or Iva for short, is the “Queen” of the Kamabakka Kingdom, known as “Okama King” and a “Miracle Person”, and is a commander of the Revolutionary Army, commanding the G Army which covers the Grand Line.]

Seeing this face, many people almost vomited up dinner yesterday.

“Was me,” Doflamingo said with a slight smile on his mouth.

Looking at this disapproving expression, Ivankov felt very upset. If they weren’t just outside the bar, many people would die with his big move. These people showed an expression of disapproval.

“It turned out to be you bastard! Let’s talk! Just now, these threads have caused so much damage to me, you should compensate me.”

Before Doflamingo could speak, Diamante*** angrily said, “Smelly brat, dare to question what our Doffy does? What our Young Master did is right, and you bastard isn’t qualified to speak to Doffy.”

For anything bad to Doflamingo, Diamante will be furious.

 [***TL note: Diamante is one of the three top officers of the Donquixote Pirates. He occupies the Diamond seat of the Donquixote Family and is the leader of the crew’s Diamante Army subdivision. As with the other Elite Officers, Diamante refers to Doflamingo as “Doffy”, signifying a more casual relationship.]

With the mentality of tempting these people, Doflamingo didn’t stop him out loud but instead looked at the development of things on the sidelines. 

Dragon did not say anything to stop him either. Obviously, he had the same thoughts as Doflamingo. 

“Hip-hop! You’re right. He’s not worthy of my time.” the angry Ivankov responded with stern words. 

“Looking for death!” Diamante said furiously.


With a scream, Diamante directly pulled out the long sword in his hand, raised the long sword, and swiped at Ivankov.

[****TL note: Hangetsu Glaive (半月グレイブ Hangetsu Gureibu, literally meaning “Half Moon Glaive” ): Diamante waves his rapier from his side to above his head where he swings it down, creating a compressed air projectile that slashes his opponent. The strength and depth are such that they can create deep fissures in the ground for considerable distances. This was first used against Kyros.]

A powerful sword aura wave was generated. The seats on the side were blown upside down and flew out. The people watching quickly evaded to the side. With powerful lethality, they cut a deep gully directly on the ground towards Ivan.

Diamante was still worried about the old man, so he did not use his full strength. Otherwise, this move can directly divide the earth into two, but it still has a powerful lethality at this level. 


Ivankov hurriedly counterattacked. He only winked, and an explosion was generated out of thin air. The sword aura wave was ushered in. 


There was a cloud of smoke in the center of the bar. Countless broken stones, tables, chairs, and broken wood that were blown up by the explosion moved towards everyone on the side. 

Fortunately, everyone was not weak. The foreign objects were removed with little effort. As for the center of the collision, the elegant decoration has long been destroyed, leaving only large pits and pieces of rubble. 

Seeing that their moves did nothing, they were both unconvinced and wanted to continue fighting.


The angry roar sounded, and the old man’s figure appeared in the middle of the pit for an instant, just floating in the air, with a trace of anger on his face.

Ivankov’s and Diamante’s actions caused the bar to be damaged. How could the old man’s face look good?

Aware of the old man’s anger and his strength, Dragon extended his hand to stop Ivankov. While Doflamingo, on the opposite side, did the same actions as Dragon. 

“I welcome you to come here, but you fought and ruined the bar like this. Have you put me in your eyes?” the old man said solemnly.

Dragon clasped his fists and apologized. “This is my partner’s fault, so we will compensate damage to this bar.”

Doflamingo also answered: “Of course, Mr. Ye. We’ve caused you such big trouble. We’re also sorry. I’m going to compensate 100 million Berry to make up for the loss of the bar.” 


When hearing the numbers mentioned by Doflamingo, everyone couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. They were shocked. This was 100 million Belly, and they didn’t even blink. 

Doflamingo’s men were equally shocked. Obviously, they were also shocked by this number, which is not a decimal for the Donquixote Family. 

However, everyone knew that the Young Master was not a stupid person. He must have a purpose, so everyone just buried their puzzles in the heart. 

Dragon and his group looked a bit ugly when they heard this number. 

The opposite side gave out 100 million. Not to mention whether Dragon and the others had that much money. Even if they had it, they wouldn’t pay it. Just for this little fight actually cost them 100 million Belly.

How much equipment can be bought for 100 million Belly? They could enhance a lot of the Revolutionary Army’s combat powers.

Because they came to this base, Dragon and his group have that much money anyway. They can pay, but they would be in trouble financially and perhaps couldn’t buy the information they wanted.

But this scene was echoing Doflamingo’s ideas. By offering 100 million Berry as compensation for the damage, Dragon and his group were forced to offer the same amount as Doflamingo’s offer.

Just when Dragon and the others were in trouble, Lin Tian made a sound at this time. “Old Ye, they don’t want to pay me money for troubling me, so don’t let them out.” Then, Lin Tian pointed to Dragon and his group and spoke. “But, if those group(Dragon) really can’t pay, I can pay the damage for them.” 

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, everyone looked puzzled. Even Ivankov, Doflamingo, and the others looked puzzled and surprised. 

Only Dragon seemed to understand something. He wasn’t too surprised. Doflamingo was somber and silent.

100 million Belly from Joker would be enough to compensate for all the damage in here. Besides, this Lin Tian boy was also a good friend of Young Lady and her life benefactor. He also had a great favor to master.

Just as the old man was about to speak, a voice suddenly came to help the old man. 

“And of course, Young Master’s face must be given. I will do them a favor.” 

Hearing this familiar voice, Lin Tian showed a smile on his face, looking towards the man who did not know when he appeared at the door.

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