Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 125


Dozens of minutes ago!

On the gloomy streets, there was not a pedestrian coming and going, only Lin Tian strolling on the bluestone paved path.

Compared to the busy commercial street in the Korod Center, there is a lot of light illuminated like daytime, even if it is late at night, there were crowds of people everywhere. Its popularity is strong.

The side of Korod Town is much quieter. No! Perhaps it would be better to describe it as silence. The shops on the side of the street have closed their doors early, and even the residential buildings have turned off the lights in their rooms, and people had already fallen asleep.

Lin Tian, who was walking on this road, stepped on the bluestone slab step by step, making a crisp sound, echoed by the high walls on both sides of the trail. In this quiet path, it is so clear to the ears that the dim and yellow, dilapidated street lamps that are only a few meters apart, still insist on their posts.

The dim light shot diagonally on Lin Tian, pulling out one after another long back shadows. In such an environment, Lin Tian still still maintained a pensive look, and walked forward like this step by step, leaving behind a wonderful movement.

Just after the explanation of Uncle Teng and the old man, with the addition of the thick document, Lin Tian had a general understanding of the entire Heavenly Gold incident now.

The whole Heavenly Gold incident made such a big noise because Doflamingo was behind it.

I don’t know that Doflamingo used conditions to impress Kaido of the Beasts, one of the Four Emperors, be dispatched in the New World. Of course, the pirates of the New World who were anxious about the world’s chaos will join in. Marine Headquarter had to go to New World to suppress Kaido of the Beasts, and only Marine Headquarter was qualified to fight the Four Emperors.

It is exactly this time the Marine Headquarter did not escort Heavenly Gold this time, but the news was leaked out, and the person who leaked that out was Doflamingo.

That’s why there are countless pirates around here. Whether they have the suitable strength or not, they come to Korod. Everyone wants a fish in troubled waters.

And this time, it was Doflamingo who invited many pirates to the summit to discuss. Doflamingo might be preparing to gather these poor pirates to form an alliance to compete with the more powerful pirates and get a share of the heavenly gold this time.

Such detailed and specific intelligence is only available to a low-key but powerful person like Goodritt. However, this information left Lin Tian extremely puzzled. He couldn’t guess what Doflamingo’s true intentions were.

It stands to reason that Doflamingo actually used a method to contain the Marine Headquarters in the New World and created such a good opportunity. You should know it alone, so you can swallow it alone.

If there is no Marine Headquarter, the Donquixote Pirates is very likely to be swallowed. However, why did Doflamingo send this news so that everyone will join in and get a share of the pie? Moreover, it also made the Marine more vigilant, and will definitely find a way to mobilize all the forces that can be mobilized to protect the heavenly gold.

Isn’t everything done by Doflamingo will be wasted with his own action?

It must be a very high price to get Kaido of the Beasts to take action. Paying such a big price and spreading the news, what is Doflamingo thinking? There is also the current gathering of these pirates to form an alliance. This is not a superfluous act. Even the pirates with bounties of hundreds of millions will accidentally die in this competition for the heavenly gold. What’s more, there are certain different pirates. In front of the true powerhouse, the solution is only an instant matter.

Lin Tian thought for a long time but couldn’t figure it out. People who are a little normal about these things will not do that. Besides, Doflamingo is an extremely smart person, how can he do such a stupid thing? What exactly did Doflamingo do for? What is his purpose?

This question has been answered in Lin Tian’s mind…

The “clang” sound of collision between a steel and a human forehead were so loud in the silent path.


Followed by a scream.

Lin Tian bent down, holding his forehead with both hands, and made noises from time to time in his mouth.

Looking up at the street lamp in front of him and the deep pit above him, Lin Tian immediately smiled bitterly, thinking that he was so absorbed in his thinking that he didn’t even see such a big street lamp.

Turning his head and looking around, Lin Tian suddenly found that he was lost. He just thought about things and didn’t pay attention to the road. He didn’t know how he got here.

Damn, where’s this? Only a few street lights are still on, not even a house is open…”

Lin Tian looked up, even in the windows upstairs, except for a few, the rest was darkness. Everyone had already fallen asleep.


Although these sounds were very small, Lin Tian still noticed it. He raised his ears, and listened quietly. Lin Tian only discovered where the voice came from.

These noises came from the street lamp that Lin Tian bumped into. Lin Tian looked closely and found that there was only a little iron sheet left in the knocked out deep pit long ago, just in front of it. Lin Tian didn’t notice it at random.


With the sound of this sound, the last piece of iron sheet was also broken, the street light fell down, and the bulb on it was instantly extinguished. Not only on the street lights, the entire road’s lights were extinguished, and the windows with the lights on were also plunged into darkness.

pi li pa la…!

A group of blue electric sparks appeared above Lin Tian, and the whole street lamp slammed towards Lin Tian.


Lin Tian dodged in time. The street lamp hit the ground and made a huge noise, so loud in this silent night.

Suddenly, an object flew over the sky and slowly fell from the sky. Because it was too dark, when the object was about to fall to the ground, Lin Tian could see clearly what it was. However, Lin Tian was really stunned when he saw this thing clearly. Because this thing was too awesome, and for fellow males, it can be described as an ultimate weapon.


This thing is a bra, and maybe it was thrown down from that window…?

“Fuck, which bastard below cut off the power?!”

A man stretched out his upper body from a window, extremely angry, and kept cursing.

“Which bastard did it?! Get out! Get out so I can see you! I’ll make it painless!”

The man cursed for a long time, but still no silhouette came out, and then he returned to the house.


And outside of Korod City, Lin Tian was standing on a wasteland, panting heavily, the scene just now really made Lin Tian helpless.

Who would have thought that someone was still there so late, and he just happened to lose the electricity?

Turning back and looking towards Korod in the dark, it was like a beast that devours humans, but so many people rushed in desperately.

Thinking of this, Lin Tian couldn’t help but laugh at himself. How could he not laugh? Although he only stayed for one day in Korod, Lin Tian’s experience in there felt so long and colorful.

Doflamingo, Dragon, Bear, Uncle Teng, the old man, Goodritt…

Although the strength of these people is not at the peak of the world, they are not far behind. It’s usually hard to see such a person, but today there are so many gathered in Korod. It seems that this ‘heavenly gold’ will definitely become a rarely seen battle.

Finally, Ai Siqi appeared in Lin Tian’s mind for some reason. As soon as he left this time, he would leave Korod tomorrow. I am afraid it will be difficult for the two to see each other again.

‘Hey! Begone!’

He turned around, but he still had an uneasy mood.

The breeze caressing her cheeks, the bright glazed starry sky, and the intermittent worms, the breeze swept across the prosperity with her slender fingertips, watching the grass sway gently with the wind.

Staying on the sea all day, Lin Tian has to forget the scenery, especially the sounds of insects. It has been a long time since he was so relaxed.

This is why Lin Tian didn’t rush back faster, but walked back slowly, in order to experience this beautiful night scene. But, Lin Tian has to face the smelly old man’s Iron Fist when he gets back. Lin Tian lost all the happy mood.

Lin Tian was walking slowly. After taking a step, Lin Tian suddenly stopped, motionless. In an instant, Lin Tian stomped with one foot, his speed increased sharply. He moved towards the side to hide.


A huge explosion occurred where Lin Tian stood just now, blowing up countless flying stones, leaving only a large pit several meters in place.

Fortunately, Lin Tian dodged in time. Otherwise, such a big explosion would be enough for Lin Tian.

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