Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 128


Seeing that Guradius hadn’t suffered much injury, Diamanti, who remained in place, was relieved.

Just now, Diamante used the ‘Army Bandera’ to turn the entire ground into a trembling-like cloth fluttering in the wind. That’s why the sword that originally pierced the chest suddenly sank and pierced Gladius’s abdomen and caused no fatal injuries. 

One hit is impossible, plus Diamante and Lao G, who have already arrived, if they stay here, they will be surrounded by them. 

Just when Lin Tian was about to retreat, Gladius had already grabbed Lin Tian’s arm abruptly. 

‘Does he want to…’

A bad idea appeared in Lin Tian’s mind. 

In a blink of an eye, Lin Tian knew that he was wrong and saw that Gladius’s arm kept swelling like those ground.

Lin Tian secretly said in one’s heart, ‘it’s not good! If I guess right, these two arms might explode like those on the ground, but now I’ve been caught and can’t escape-‘

“BLACK FEATHER ARM ARTILLERY” Gladius’s looked at Lin Tian, who was struggling, with a fierce smile on his face and angry roar from his mouth. 


Two huge explosions occurred from Gladius’s arm, and Lin Tian’s silhouette was instantly obscured by these violent explosions. 

Diamante, who had rushed to more than 20 meters away, could not open his eyes by the violent airwave, but smiles unconsciously appeared anyway. 

‘Faced with such a powerful explosion at close range, even if the kid’s ability is strong, he will definitely suffer a lot of trauma, so the probability of killing this kid is much greater.’

Diamante didn’t realize that with the battle with Lin Tian, his opinion of Lin Tian was changing drastically. —From the disregard and disdain in the front to the slight attention in the back to the fear and uncertainty now.

The breeze blew, and the smoke quickly dispersed. This time, Lin Tian’s figure did not disappear. The three looked at the scene before them, very shocked, and their eyes showed a little bit of fear. 

Lin Tian received the strong explosion frontally, but there was no new injury on his body. Even the clothes were the same as before, without the slightest increase in holes. 

“How… how… how… how can it be?” Gladius said vaguely. 

Gladius knew the power of the explosion the best. In order to cause the most damage to this little demon, the formidable explosive power just now was more than ten times stronger than when he usually used it in battle.

‘Even a Marine battleship would be destroyed by this explosion. Is this kid that strong…?’

“Little demon, under such an explosion, the price you pay won’t be low. I’m afraid the injury you’re currently suffering is not light.” Lao G, who is so sophisticated and understood, explained Lin Tian’s true situation at this time.

Hearing Lao G’s explanation, Diamante and Gladius instantly understood. If there were any, the three of them would have been dealt him a long time ago. How could he be injured so easily like this? 


When Lao G said the words, Lin Tian, who had not spoken since just now, suddenly spurt a mouthful of blood, and the ruddy face is here. After the mouthful of blood sprayed out, he turned pale instantly. 

Just as Lao G said, Lin Tian could not avoid the strong explosion and paid a lot of price. It’s just the damage was not on the outside but within the body. Lin Tian had been enduring everything. He created a false impression that he didn’t receive the slightest harm. 

Gladius’s move did hit Lin Tian completely unprepared. Lin Tian didn’t expect him to not only make objects explode but also make his body expand and explode. 

Being hit by such a powerful explosion, all the defenses would have to suffer unclear injuries.

“Fortunately, my injury is not bad. But the one next to you is, right? It’s worth the pay.” He slowly extended his hand, wipe off the blood from the mouth, and watch Gladius, who moved together just now.

Although his huge abdominal wound was treated in time, a lot of blood was still shed. 

Initially being attacked and injured by this little demon’s sneak attack, Gladius was upset. But now, that Lin Tian said that, he felt angry in his heart. 


[TL note: Punc Hair (パンクヘア Panku Hea): Gladius inflates his hair, transforming each strand into sharp needles, which he then fires at his opponents, made more dangerous by the paralyzing agent they are coated in. In the Viz Manga and FUNimation subs, this is called Pop Hair.]

Gladius’s scalp swelled into a small ball, and there was an explosion. The strong shock wave generated by the explosion on the head of the scalp shot high towards Lin Tian. Hundreds of powerful hairs with formidable power have breakneck speeds, and in a blink of an eye, appeared in front of Lin Tian.

Just when these hair strands were about to approach Lin Tian, they suddenly stopped, hanging quietly in midair. 

Under the moonlight, these hair strands reflected light like liquid, and Lin Tian’s eyes flashed with silky light.


Under Lin Tian’s control, these hair strands burst out faster than before, showing a burst of color.


The three knew that the hair strands were poisonous. Seeing the hair flying in the opposite direction, they quickly moved towards and avoided. 

“What kind of Devil Fruit did this little demon eat? How come he has so many tricks?” Lao G said solemnly. 

Gladius echoed his voice, and it was him who had the deepest experience of Lin Tian’s experience abilities. “Yes. Black long sword, stealth, object control, flight, that kind of strange defense, we don’t know if there is anything else.”

“That doesn’t matter. This little demon is unusual, then so what? The explosion just now must have disturbed the Marines in the Marine base. Time is running out. Don’t keep your hands. Let’s go together. This mission to Doffy is very important. We must not let him down.” 

The other two looked at each other, nodded. 


Seeing the three people rushing forward, a heavy color flashed across Lin Tian’s face.

These three people were going to go together. The real fierce battle will come. 

He stretched out his hand, fumbled in his arms, took out a small white pill, opened his mouth, and swallowed it.

Don’t underestimate this pill. On the black market, this pill is worth tens of millions, and it’s still priceless. The same thing is that you get what you pay for, and medicine efficacy is remarkable. 

‘Although I feel distressed, now is the time to use it.’

‘Now or never.’

As soon as the pill entered the mouth, it melted into a liquid and slipped down the throat into his chest. Lin Tian immediately felt a refreshing breath flowing through his body, and the pain immediately disappeared. At this moment, Lin Tian’s pale face also revealed a touch of rosy. 

Shooting and blasting!


Faced with the attacking three people, Lin Tian’s eyes flashed with excitement. It hadn’t been a long time since such a bloody battle.

He leaped gently, kick forward with his right foot, and a light blue light wave was emitted from his toes. 

‘This is not over yet.’

More than ten black balls popped out of his fingertips. Lin Tian played ten of them in a row.


A series of loud noises, thick smoke, and dust wall straddles the two sides. 

A spinning silhouette penetrated the smoke and dust, attacked Lin Tian with extreme speed. Without stopping, Lin Tian rushed forward. At this time, the brave meets on the narrow road and wins.


The two figures slammed into it with an invincible aura like a streamer.

A dark fist, a strange G-shaped fist with extremely strong formidable power, mixed with this sky-splitting sound, hit the opponent. 


Lao G had been immersed in physique for many years. Although he was old and his body might not be able to keep up, but it was still comparable to Lin Tian, who has only studied for three years.

[TL note: Jio-Ken is a martial art style that allows practitioners to utilize strong and speedy attacks such as fists and kicks in their old age. The user’s physical body becomes so strong, they are not affected by physical pain. The user can also utilize qigong to store up their energy from youth for future usage.]

Especially, he just created countless afterimages before. Even if Observation Haki is opened, his opponent can at most evade.

Because Lin Tian can’t keep up with Lao G’s speed, the physical difference between the two is a bit big. Lin Tian hit past the afterimages, and Lao G’s fist has already fallen on Lin Tian. Lao G flashed in different places like a teleport, disappearing immediately after the fight and reappearing on the other side. His every move hit on the joints.


[TL note: Fushi Bushi no Itami (不死武士の痛巳 Fushi Bushi no Itami, literally meaning “Pain Snake of Undying Warrior” ): While in Yotsu no Kamae, Lao G jumps forward and strikes all of his opponent’s joints before landing behind his opponent.]

However, Lin Tian was not that bad either. Inheriting Garp’s tremendous strength, his every punch was very powerful. 

The two were evenly matched. Their bodies were constantly flashing, and each collision caused huge movements and destructive power. Lin Tian didn’t use the Devil Fruit ability either. Both parties used pure physical skills, but the formidable power was not weak at all. 

Lao G evaded Lin Tian’s fist dangerously close, and his right fist changed direction and beat Lin Tian’s chest. 

Seeing Lao G’s change of move, Lin Tian didn’t panic. Instead, a smile appeared on his face. Lin Tian was beaten by so many punches and waited for this opportunity. 

With a fist, it turned fist into a claw, from top to bottom like an eagle claw, and grabbed it deeply into Lao G’s shoulders. The intense pain was transmitted to the brain, making Lao G stop. 


Lin Tian was waiting for this opportunity. The right fist, which had been charged for a long time, carried invincibility, and the air was twisted under this powerful punch.

The fist hadn’t come close yet, and the fist’s winds around the fist blew on Lao G’s panicked face, marking several scars.


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