Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 129


Under Lin Tian’s full punch, Lao G flew out like a cannonball. 

Directly mark several hundred meters far in midair, the ‘peng’ sound from hitting the ground with a loud noise, arousing a large cloud of smoke, his life and death were unknown. 

Lin Tian, who punched with all his strength, was also very weak at this time, but an attack came quietly.


Diamante rushed toward Lin Tian. He raised his rapier and waved his backhand forward. It was another powerful sword aura, possessing enormous lethality, and moved towards Lin Tian waved away. 

Seeing the sword aura coming, Lin Tian’s complexion changed. A powerful punch from before was not without a price. He now couldn’t handle that. Lin Tian turned his body as hard as possible, trying to avoid this move, but now that it was too late to avoid, the sword aura still hit Lin Tian. 


Sword aura swept across. A splash of blood splashed in the sky. Under the moonlight, it was so red as crystal clear and near-transparent, like a single ruby floating in the air. 

After a few steps backward, Lin Tian stopped and stared at Diamante and Gladius in front. He was breathing heavily in his mouth, his forehead was covered with cold sweat caused by severe pain, a huge wound appeared on his chest, and blood kept flowing out. 

Although that Lao G’s physical competition was only a moment, but at that moment, they collided who knows how many times. The physical exertion was much greater than imagined. 

‘Especially this wound on the chest hurts me more severely. If the bleeding is not stopped, my physical strength will gradually decrease. ‘

With these two enemies in front of him, how can Lin Tian have time to stop the blood?

‘It seems that I can’t fight anymore… If I want to find a way to run away- not possible. Lin Tian thought to himself. ‘

“This kid has been injured by my sword aura. His battle strength must have dropped a lot. Let’s do it quick.” Diamante whispered. 

“Yeah.” Gladius nodded in response. “I stepped forward to distract. You must seize the chance to kill the little demon.” 

As soon as they finished, Gladius rushed to Lin Tian first, and Diamante quickly set off to follow. 

Seeing that it was Gladius that rushed up, a hint of vigilance flashed across Lin Tian’s face. His arm exploded after the move just now.

Lin Tian can already guess that Gladius can cause explosions from all parts of his body. How this kind of person will attack; once he gets close to being caught by others, he explodes. Then, there was a more powerful Diamante beside him.

Just when Lin Tian was thinking about what to do, Gladius had already bulled himself. He carried the sky-splitting sound into Lin Tian’s face with a punch. 

Lin Tian also showed no weakness. He clenched a fist with one hand and greeted him with all his strength. 


Gladius was knocked out by Lin Tian instantly. 

Gladius, who was knocked out, in the process of retreating, an explosion came off of his arm.

Just now, Lin Tian had already thought of a way to deal with Gladius. If Gladius wanted his whole body to explode, he had to inflate his body first. This process took a long time for a battle. 

With his own speed and strength, he can completely put a safe distance before Gladius explodes.

Along with a scream, a sharp rapier pierced Lin Tian’s eyes from the left. The white blade was glowing with a cold glow, which can bring up the sky-splitting sound when it passed through the air. It can be seen that it is sharp.


Lin Tian shook his hand towards the void. The black sword hilt instantly appeared in Lin Tian’s hands, and the black sword blade quickly emerged from the hilt.

The backhand laid across his chest, and with a clang, the two long swords, one black, and one white, collided. The blades trembled, and the sound of the swords was deafening.

As Diamante’s strength increased, his rapier that had been blocked once again exploded with great power. Rushing towards Lin Tian, the sword’s blade accompanied him. It made ‘chi chi’ rubbing sound. 

Lin Tian grabbed his sword forcefully. And the white rapier slanted in the direction, scratched Lin Tian’s waist, and stabbing it into the air.

His move failed. Diamante turned the rapier in his hand and slashed at Lin Tian’s waist. This time his rapier was too close. It would be difficult for Lin Tian to avoid it. 

The sharp blade cut Lin Tian’s waist, but it was not the sound of the blade slashing flesh and blood, but the sound of metal clashing.

Diamante was startled. But at this time, Lin Tian held the Black Sword with the invincible momentum, from top to bottom and from himself.

He had to hurriedly drew a sword to block, revealing the waist covered by Armament Haki under the clothes, filed a clump. The powerful reaction force was transmitted through the sword body to the hands of both parties, and the arms of both parties trembled uncontrollably.




A series of steel clashes were accompanied by a number of fists intersecting, which blasted the air. 

The series of exquisite sword moves were issued from the hands of the two. One after another, sword auras clashed, emitting from the tip of their swords, creating a powerful destructive power. The ground under the sword techniques of the two people was covered with gullies that who knows how deep it is.

Gladius, who wanted to help, was forced by these sword auras to not approach. But this does not mean that Gladius has to watch here all the time. Without taking any action, Gladius’ body flashed. 


Diamante roared angrily. The rapier in his hand was about to pierce Lin Tian’s head. But, in a blink of an eye, Lin Tian was enveloped by countless sword shadows.

Faced with the sword shadow that was piercing rapidly, Lin Tian didn’t change his face. His body kept flashing, and Diamante almost stabbed him every time. 

After trying to pierce so much, Diamante had to withdraw his sword. It was useless to stab, and it would only waste energy. 

“I didn’t expect you little demon! Not only are you not weak in physical skills, but also strong in swordsmanship! Worthy of being the most promising genius in Marine’s history.” Withdrawing his rapier, Diamanti looked forward.

In fact, he was shocked. This little demon can catch up with Lao G in physical skills. Didn’t expect to be excellent in swordsmanship too. And to add all of that, Lin Tian’s terrifying Devil Fruit ability. Knowing that this little demon was only thirteen years old, and they have all kinds of experiences for decades. It will not be long before they will be caught up by this little demon.

After two years, three years, or even ten years later, how powerful this kid is; he is likely to reach the level of an admiral, or even…’

This is not good news for all the pirates, but today is an excellent opportunity. Diamante was determined to kill this little demon even if three people are seriously injured. 

Lin Tian smiled, did not discuss this topic, but asked. “You may not be able to kill me, and I may not be able to kill you. In this case, then we should take a step back and stop.” 

‘I know my own situation. I’ve used all my battle strength out. Due to the continuous bleeding from the chest wound, my physical strength has dropped very severely.’

 If he continues to fight, he will be the one to be finished first. 

But Diamante has made up his mind to kill Lin Tian today. How can he agree with Lin Tian’s suggestion? 

Without saying much, Diamante raised his rapier in his hand and sent out a sword aura to show his answer. 

“If this is the case, let’s fight!”

Lin Tian seemed like he let go of all restrain. Of course, facing someone who wants his life, Lin Tian roared. With his left hand grabbing towards the void, the same black sword appeared in his hand. The two black swords in his hand smashed the sword fiercely into pieces.

“Boy, do you think two swords can beat me? I will show you my true strength.”

Seeing Lin Tian taking the initiative to attack, Diamante’s tone was very disdainful. His eyes were indeed extremely cautious. 

This time, Diamante didn’t use normal swordsmanship. He held the long sword and flicked it. Yes, he did it. That incomparably hard blade, fluttering like a cloth strip when Diamante shook it, immediately entangled the two black swords in Lin Tian’s hands. And the sword’s blade was like a snake, unfolding irregular movements. It was difficult to predict its specific direction of action. 

Lin Tian released his swords and fisted towards Diamante’s abdomen. Obviously, Lin Tian wanted to attack to take back his swords.

But for some reason, Diamante didn’t shrink back but stepped forward instead. Lin Tian suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart, but now he couldn’t retreat. 

Skrt! Skrt!

As soon as the long sword was drawn, Lin Tian had two more blood marks on his shoulders. These two blood marks were very deep, and the white bones could be seen through the wound.

Lin Tian’s dark fists also hit Diamante’s abdomen. Under Lin Tian’s powerful power, Diamante spit out a mouthful of blood. 

He couldn’t even hold the rapier in his hand and flew out, but there was a smile on his face. “Do it.”

A figure flew out of the grass.

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