Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 131


The powerful shock wave set off a fierce gust of wind, carrying countless gravel, and the sudden appearance of bullhead glowed with cold light, sweeping in all directions.


[TL note: Corrida Glaive (闘牛コリーダグレイブ Korīda Gureibu?, literally meaning “Bullfighting Glaive “): Diamante uses his sword and flattens it to reform and fold it in the form of a bull’s head, effectively forming a stylized mace, which he uses to strike his opponent.]

The airwave was catching up, and Diamante’s figure propping up a cloak in front of him, blocking himself.

The cloak might look extremely soft and light, but it is made of hard steel. It just turned into a cloth-like cloak by Diamante’s Devil Fruit power.

Lao G, on the other side, also stopped. Because his own speed was too fast, there was a ‘chi-chi’ rubbing sound between the soles of his feet and the ground, accompanied by sparks.

Lao G didn’t turn around to resist but glanced at the figure in the smoke and dust and then put his eyes on the sky.

“Cough cough cough!” 

After coughing out mouthfuls of blood, Lin Tian stopped.

The cost of evading Lao G just now was not small. He suffered a lot of internal injuries. And Lin Tian forcibly used his trick, ‘Star Rain’, which worsened his injuries.

In midair, Lin Tian stood at an altitude of several tens of meters. He wiped the blood from his mouth, carefully watched everything that happened below. Although the bottom was covered by the smoke and dust caused by the explosion and Lin Tian’s attack, he himself didn’t know what happened there. But Lin Tian still did not dare to relax his vigilance. Lin Tian couldn’t help but feel that his trick “Star Rain” still could not solve these three people.

At this time, Lin Tian used a trace of energy to observe the injuries on his body.

These were the worst injuries that Lin Tian had suffered in the years since he first stood on the Grand Line. He might really die this time.

“xiū xiū xiū.”

Several expanding gray stone balls appeared from the heavy smoke. They moved towards the sky to Lin Tian.

“Sure enough, these three people are fine enough to keep attacking me…”


Several Death Balls appeared in front of Lin Tian and directly greeted the stone balls. A series of loud noises and sparks from the explosion made Lin Tian’s pale face flush red. To block this attack, Lin Tian did not stay in place but immediately turned around and flew towards the Marine base. Since the three of them were still fine, he could not stay any longer.

Anyway, he was not their opponent. Not now. Not to mention the situation now is perfect for him. Lin Tian is not the kind of person who will not retreat.

Lin Tian was about to turn around, and a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Lin Tian. It was Lao G.

“What-” Lin Tian was surprised.

‘How could Lao G get here?

Lin Tian was afraid of being sneak attacked by three people. That’s why he deliberately stayed at the height of tens of meters from the ground. How could he be here in such a high place?

A flash of light flashed in his mind. Lin Tian immediately reacted.

‘It’s those swelling stone balls!’

Lao G blackened himself. Then, with the help of those stone balls and while blocking the figure, he could reach such a high place.

“Kid, it’s too late to understand. Take my last trick, Seal of G!”


Under Lao G’s move, Lin Tian’s body became like a meteorite. He moved towards the ground and fell heavily. Lao G immediately changed his body to its original shape after using that move. This really his last and strongest move.

Lin Tian, who fell to the ground, barely controlled his fingers to arrange several layers of space shields to cover the entire battlefield.

Then, he imprisoned himself. But Lao G’s speed was too fast, and his kinetic energy was too great. Once the barrier was touched, it broke. Lin Tian could only continuously cast imprisonment on himself.


Lin Tian understood that if he really fell to the ground, he would really be finished. Diamante and Gladius were down there, prepared for him. Once he falls to the ground, a series of fierce attacks are waiting for him.





Five shields. Four was smashed in an instant. Every time the shield broke, that powerful kinetic energy transformed into a more powerful force and transmitted to his chest in an instant.


Lin Tian finally hit his last defense. There was a burst of cracking sounds like glass shattering. But it ended on his last shield. Lin Tian immediately sighed in relief.


A few meters wide of sword aura cut away the thick smoke, moving towards Lin Tian like a sharp arrow.


With a loud shout, black round blades of tens of centimeters long surrounded Lin Tian. The black round blade made one after another wind around Lin Tian. These rounded blades rotated faster and faster. Slowly, with Lin Tian in the center, a powerful tornado formed out of thin air. The thick smoke around was instantly blown away. The following situation was clearly presented in Lin Tian’s eyes.

Diamante was holding a long sword in his hand. He launched that attack with all his strength, but it also consumes a lot of energy. He was panting loudly. And Gladius stood on the side, standing where he fell. Around him, spots on the ground continued to swell, like a pot hanging on the ground.

If he fell to the ground, what awaits him would be a powerful explosion with Diamante’s attack on the side.

Unfortunately, Lin Tian was still suspended in midair. Their preparations were in vain.

“Hahaha…” Lin Tian said with a big smile: “Diamante, it seems that it’s not working anymore. You have to hit me for your trick to work.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s ridicule and the contempt in his words, Diamante immediately became furious.

If it hadn’t been for the kid to levitate at every turn and his annoying abilities, this little demon would have died long ago! Now this little demon dares to despise me?!’


Diamante flew up. And with a wave of the long sword, another powerful sword aura wave came. The two sword aura waves merged together, and their power increased several times.

“DARK BLADE STORM!” Lin Tian roared.

The tornado composed of the huge round blades greeted the sword aura wave.


 Where the two attacks passed, the atmosphere was torn apart as if two meteorites collided. Under the collision, one after another, lightning appeared between the two. The air was full of forces, making a series of cracks.

The powerful shock wave swept in all directions. Under this shock wave, the ground was scraped off layer by layer until all the soil on the ground was all gone, exposing the hard gray rock below.

Gladius, leaning on the side, was blown to the ground instantly, but he managed to grab a hard boulder in time and was not blown away. Looking at the battle between the two in the sky, there was a look of shock in his eyes.

“Diamante is one of the only three senior officials in the family. Among many cadres, his battle strength is extremely powerful. This little demon can actually resist him even after being seriously injured. How strong is this little demon…?”

As the sword aura wave and the tornado disappeared, the ferocious shock wave also disappeared.

With a puff, a mouthful of blood spurted from his mouth. Diamante couldn’t control his body. He moved towards the ground and fell down.

And Gladius, who was hiding by the side, watched this scene. Gladius’s complexion changed. He didn’t expect Diamante to also be defeated by this little demon. His body flashed, appeared next to Diamante, supporting Diamante to slowly fall to the ground.

At this time, Lao G, who was blown by the shock wave just now, did not know where he was at. He immediately hurried over, seeing the wounds on Diamante’s body.

“Bye, Doflamingo’s dogs! We’ll meet again someday.”

The three looked up. One silhouette was flying towards the Marine base in the air, barely able to see the silhouette. Lin Tian was waving at them.

Seeing this scene, the three were very angry. Gladius still wanted to catch up, but Diamante caught his arm.

“Don’t worry, that little demon was hurt more severely than I am. Although we couldn’t catch the little demon this time, his injuries were so severe that it would be hard for him to recover. Don’t let it bother us.” His speaking paused. And Diamante said gravely: “…Now what I’m worried about is that this little demon has escaped to the Marine base. His teacher, Garp, seeing his disciple hurt like this… I can’t imagine the anger in his heart. If we are in trouble because of this, it will have a great impact on our plan.”

“Yes…” Gladius said solemnly with his chin on his back: “Moreover, we were all injured and let the little demon escaped. How are we going to explain this to Young Master….”


Lin Tian held his chest with his right hand to stop the blood that kept flowing.

As Diamante said, Lin Tian was injured more severely than him. His chest was slashed by the sword aura again. A deep wound appeared. The most serious was his internal injury. In the collision, his ribs broke under tremendous force, and his internal organs were also stabbed.

In a rush, Lin Tian appeared above the Marine base. Seeing the Marine base below, Lin Tian, who had been holding on his eyes, finally couldn’t hold it.

Like a leaf, he fell towards the Marine base below.

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