Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 133


In the ward, Lin Tian woke up. His closed eyes had not yet fully reacted. Everything in front of him was still vague. Smelling the pungent smell of potion in the air, Lin Tian immediately reacted. He should be in a hospital right now. Only a hospital would have such a pungent smell of potion.

‘It seems that I fled to the Marine base. I don’t know what the smelly old man will do when he sees me like this. He will definitely be very angry though.’

 Lin Tian thought with a wry smile.

Who would have thought that Doflamingo was more decisive than he imagined? After discovering Lin Tian’s identity, he sent someone to kill Lin Tian without the slightest hesitation when he came out after unable to do so in the bar. He valued himself so much that he actually sent his three strong subordinates.

He was so badly injured. ‘Heavenly gold’ would be completely out of touch for him now. Let alone participating, he couldn’t even stand up.


A surprised sound came from Lin Tian’s mouth. He moved his index finger lightly. Lin Tian found that he didn’t find the powerless feeling in his imagination. Instead, his whole body was full of strength. His arms could move freely.

‘I don’t even feel any pain in my body. I suffered so many injuries. That many wounds on anyone’s body would feel so painful.’

“What happened when I was in a coma?” Lin Tian thought with surprise in his mind.

It wasn’t that he didn’t need clothes. Lin Tian just wanted to take a look at what has changed in his own body.

The sound of “clang“; an object falling to the ground, echoed in the empty ward.


At this time, Lin Tian found that besides himself, there were other people in this ward.

Looking to the side, an iron water cup fell on the ground. It moved towards his bed and stopped rolling right there.

Sweeping his eyes upward, a shallow blue cloak appeared in front of his eyes, followed by a long blue wavy scroll like the sea’s cyan.

Lin Tian didn’t know the rest because the girl was facing her back. He couldn’t see her specific face clearly. Judging from the bumpy figure, one can guess that she must be a beauty, and of course, this is a killer from the back.


Just before, Ain was absent-mindedly sorting things out. She was thinking in her mind all the time; when Lin Tian would wake up, what should she say and how to face him.

‘I knew I should have rejected Vice Admiral Tsuru’s command! …He wouldn’t be able to see me if I just hid for a while. I want to go out right now, but can’t!’ Ain thought nervously.

Lin Tian’s surprised sound immediately awakened Ain. Ain didn’t understand what to do, whether to stay or just go out and inform Vice-Admiral Tsuru and the others.

Finally, after struggling in her mind, Ain clenched her teeth, put down the white cloth in her hand, and was about to run outside.

Ain, who was extremely nervous, took a step. Her right hand accidentally bumped into another water cup. It fell directly to the ground with a crisp sound, and the water in the cup splashed all over the floor.

Her action was too depressing to watch. In the end, Lin Tian couldn’t bear his annoyance. “Hey, come on now…”

The nervous Ain heard Lin Tian speak. Before Lin Tian could finish speaking, she quickly lowered her head and turned around, not wanting Lin Tian to see her face. “Sorry, I was thinking about something just now. I accidentally knocked out this glass of water. I will pick it up immediately. I will also mop up the water on the ground.”

While talking, Ain took a few steps quickly, squatted down, and grabbed the slowly rolling glass.

Looking at this girl with her head down and her behavior full of panic, Lin Tian couldn’t help showing a strange expression on his face.

Why is her voice so fearful?’

Ain grabbed the water glass and was about to get up to go away when a question came to her.

“Excuse me, where am I now? And what time is it? How did you find me?”

Ain paused for a second. Then, one by one, she replied to Lin Tian’s questions, “It’s now around eight o’clock in the evening. This is the Marine base hospital. At that time, you fell from the sky and were sent to the hospital.”

After listening to the girl’s answer, Lin Tian finally had an understanding of the matter. It seemed that he must have shocked many people.

“Thank you. It must be hard for you to take care of me all this time here.” Lin Tian smiled and thanked her.

“It’s okay… It’s okay! This is just my duty. If there is nothing wrong, I will go out first. There are other patients around who need me.”

The nervous Ain couldn’t help lying to leave quickly.

In an instant, when Ain stood up, Lin Tian swept his eyes. He finally saw the face of the woman with her head down. She was indeed a beautiful woman, with big piercing eyes, a trace of panic, a beautiful face, a lavender top, and a pair of short shorts.

“Thank you then.”

“It’s okay!”

Before Lin Tian finished speaking, Ain turned around and walked behind in a panic.

Seeing that Lin Tian didn’t find her out, Ain immediately sighed in relief. But there was a trace of disappointment on her face. He couldn’t recognize her with that close distance. It seemed that she had been forgotten.

“Stop!” A heavy voice suddenly echoed behind her.

Being so loud in the quiet ward, Ain was startled. Ain didn’t know what to do.

Before Ain had enough time to engage in fierce psychological struggle, Lin Tian had already helped her make a choice.

“Carly, what the hell is going on?!”

The heavy voice came from behind again, and the tone was full of incomprehension, surprise, blame… various emotions were wrapped in it.

Hearing that she was recognized, Ain also knew that she could not hide. She turned around. She expressionlessly looked at Lin Tian, but those eyes still did not dare to look at Lin Tian at all. Her eyes kept hiding.

“This patient, you must have recognized the wrong person. My name is Ain. I have never heard of Carly. I think you got the wrong person.” Ain gritted and spoke. A trace of determination flashed across her face. She stared directly at Lin Tian’s deep eyes.

“Really?” Lin Tian lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking. Suddenly he lifted his head with a trace of anger on his face, looking at Carly. “I understand the situation very much. Although I was seriously injured, my eyes are not blind and my mind is not broken. Am I wrong, Carly?!”

In the last two words, Lin Tian roared. Roaring out of his confusion and anger, as well as the pain in his heart.

Lin Tian hadn’t recognized Ain as Carly before. It was true that Carly had changed a lot. She has completely changed her hair, face, and clothing. All are drastic changes.

This change made Lin Tian not react. What made Lin Tian angry most was that she knew her identity, but she pretended not to know herself.

“Lin Tian, there are many people who look the same. It is possible that you have identified the wrong person. I am not Carly. My name is Ain, an ordinary Marine.”

Lin Tian laughed, “The same person? Ain? Since you’re a Marine, how can you call me that way? Only acquaintances would call me that way.”

“Lin Tian… Commodore Lin Tian. It’s just that I made a mistake. Actually…”

Unfortunately, Lin Tian had long understood that this person was Ain. Before Ain could say anything, Lin Tian waved to interrupt. “In the past three years, what have you experienced Carly?”

Comfortable sea breeze came out of the sea. The blowing windows squeaked, and the white curtains were also dancing with the wind. The sea breeze’s speed did not decrease. It crossed Lin Tian and blew towards Ain. The sea-blue color hair flutters in midair.

In the entire ward, the two of them were silent like this.

Lin Tian now wanted to know what Carly had experienced and how she became like this.

Under Lin Tian’s gaze, Ain’s head became lower and lower. Ain was not afraid of Lin Tian’s eyes. She just didn’t know how to face it.

“Carly was dead back then. And now only Ain is alive. Marine Ain.” Ain said in a low tone. Anyone can hear the sadness in that tone.

“Say it. What happened?”

Although he knew there was something unspeakable in Carly’s heart, Lin Tian still forced some things that a girl should resist. He must understand everything that happened.

“I have said it. I have said that Carly is dead. This means that I have no relationship with you. We are just strangers. Now it is only a relationship between superiors and subordinates, Commodore Lin Tian.”

Ain’s tone suddenly became anxious for some unknown reason, with a hint of anger and sarcasm.

Hearing the sarcasm in Carly’s tone, Lin Tian showed a trace of puzzlement in his eyes. Does it have anything to do with him? But ever since the farewell, he had been wandering on the Grand Line and never returned.

Lin Tian said calmly: “In my heart, no matter what you’ve become, you are still the same Carly.”

“No, people will change. That Carly has also disappeared, now there is only a reborn Ain.” After thinking about it, Carly clenched her silver teeth, as if a girl was losing her temper, and said unconvinced: “And… and what rights do you have that I need to tell you everything? You… I am not yours.”

After finishing speaking, Carly took a quick peek at Lin Tian. But it was a pity that Lin Tian didn’t have any expression on his face, so Ain couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed, but it disappeared from his face in an instant.

“You said, I don’t have any rights to know, Carly?” Lin Tian took out the jade pendant that Carly gave him. He pressed forward step by step.

“Don’t force me, Lin Tian. Really, please, don’t force me” Carli’s eyes were filled with tears, making Lin Tian felt very distressed.

This girl had endured things that she shouldn’t have in her heart.

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