Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 15


Lin Tian was relieved to see Carly’s agreement.

Because there was one more thing that Lin Tian hadn’t made clear to Carly, and he didn’t know that she would agree or not, the Marine would still send troops to the island to eradicate the pirates.

Since the warship came to the island, it meant that the island’s secret was already known.

The person who discovered the problem with the island was Vice-Admiral Garp, and even that Marine Captain could not conceal the matter.

If the Marine Headquarters knew that the pirates dominated on that island for half a year, they would definitely send the marine soldiers to the island.

After all, if the collusion between the Marine scum Captain and the pirates were revealed, it would be a huge blow to the Marine’s face. The Marine Headquarters would not let this happen, so from today, these pirates have been dead.

If the Marine Headquarters sent the marine soldiers, that was not easy to collaborate with but only worked for justice, and they would only prioritize killing the pirates.

At that time, the Marine could put the destruction of the pirates in their hideout in order to destroy these pirates. The Marine Headquarters would not care about the residents in pirate’s hands; the Marine Headquarters would completely abandon those residents.

Now that Carly agreed, it was the best thing that could have happened in Lin Tian’s opinion. Although he couldn’t guarantee that everyone would safe, Lin Tian was still quite confident that most of them would.

“Do you need me to do anything?” Carly asked. After deciding to rescue everyone, Carly wanted to do her part. Carly couldn’t sit here by herself.

Lin Tian shook his head, “What’s coming next is all related to the battle. You can’t help much. When the time comes, it will drag me to the riot, so just stay in your house.”

Seeing Lin Tian risked himself, Carly felt annoyed. You Lin Tian is not necessarily as old as me, how come you can go to fight, while I was just sitting safely in my house.

In some ways, Carly has the potential to be a strong woman. In the beginning, how would she pretend to be an adult to face Lin Tian?

And Carly also has been alone to take care of his sister. She was too young to support a family.

“Without me, you will not know where the pirates are hiding, and you will not know how to find the rest of the pirates’ hideouts.” Carly laughed lightly.

When Lin Tian heard Carly say that, he came to his senses. If he didn’t have Carly to show him the way, he wouldn’t be able to find it until tomorrow by himself.

“Sorry, Carly, I didn’t mean to belittle you, but you’re not a combatant. And you have something more important for you to do in the future, that’s why I won’t let you come with me.”

At first, Lin Tian really didn’t hope for Carly to do anything, but she did have something important to do when she thought about it. But if she came with Lin Tian, she wouldn’t be able to make it in time to hide.

Carly should always stay with her sister so that the two siblings won’t be in danger and things will be done.

Hearing Lin Tian’s apology, Carly’s mood improved a lot, and her small mouth mouthed, “That’s more like it.”

Lin Tian smiled bitterly, took out the flare gun he was carrying, and put it on the table.

“This is a flare gun. This was supposed to be used by me to inform the marine soldiers on near here. But now, if I launch this flare gun, not only the marine soldiers will find it, but the pirates will find it as well. And then the pirates will be ready, and your father and the others will be in danger”.

“So the thing you can do for me is. I’ll write a letter, and you will take this letter, use my small boat, find a Marine ship, and deliver it to Vice-admiral Garp. The marine soldier up there will know what to do then”.

Carly took the flare gun and took a look at it carefully. Although Carly was not very old, she was actually brilliant. Carly understood Lin Tian’s thoughts immediately, although a little reluctantly, Carly also knew that this matter was crucial.

If Lin Tian didn’t send a message to the marine soldier, they would think something had happened to Lin Tian.

There would be follow-up troops on the island, and then things will be complicated.

Lin Tian wrote down what had happened on it, wrote his plan on it, and how the marine soldiers should cooperate.

After putting the envelope in place, Lin Tian handed it over to Carly. After telling Carly the Marine ship’s location and some things to pay attention to, Lin Tian asked Carly to wake up his sister and prepare to dispatch this letter to the Marine ship.

Carly knew that the pirates would send people to patrol the streets from time to time, so Lin Tian decided to escort them out just in case.

He also needed to take the sword he had hidden in the bush anyway and was afraid that carrying a sword on his back would attract too much attention. Since the next step was to fight, so the sword should be taken as well.

On the empty street, with only two or three street lamps still on, the three of them headed to the coast.

The little girl took Lin Tian’s hand and asked curiously, “Big brother, where are we going?”.

Lin Tian smiled and rubbed the little girl’s hair, “Now, you and your sister have to go to the Marine ship to tell them to rescue your father.”

The little girl moved away from Lin Tian’s hand and muttered, “Don’t touch my head, or I won’t grow taller.”

Lin Tian laughed happily and asked Carly, “Carly, did you know that these pirates send out false distress signals to lure incoming ships?”.

“No. These pirates would love to come here without a ship, so why would they deliberately lure these other ships?

When he heard Carly’s words, Lin Tian’s thought tightened. The people on their own came here because of that distress signal, and since pirates didn’t make that signal, then who did it? Then who did it, and why did this person do it.

If neither the pirates nor the town’s inhabitants had sent the distress signal, then a third party was on the island. And this third party has been behind the scenes.

“It seems that this island has some big secrets that nobody knows.”

“I’m not sure that I’m going to be able to do anything about it,” he said. I’m not sure who the third party is, but I’m sure it’s behind the pirates and the marine soldier.

I would like to have a mantis to catch the cicada and a yellow sparrow in the back. But sometimes, the roles of hunter and prey can be switched at any time. Who is the hunter and who is the prey is still not certain?

Lin Tian and the others were lucky and didn’t meet a single pirate. Although Lin Tian didn’t think that the pirates in the town could stop him, it was sometimes good to avoid unnecessary trouble.

When he arrived at the first place where he had landed, Lin Tian handed the letter to Carly and whispered a few words in Carly’s ear.

I saw Carly’s face change dramatically and put the letter away carefully, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring the letter and the words.”

Looking at Lin Tian, Carly bit her lip and said with concern, “But… you should also be careful, if what you say is true, save yourself first.”

Lin Tian smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I’m powerful. Even if I can’t win, I can still run away.”

Seeing the two figures of Carly and her sister disappeared from his eyes, Lin Tian went to the bush and took out his sword.

The next step was to face the pirates and the third party hiding behind the curtain. Having this sword would increase Lin Tian’s battle power, and he would felt more confident.

Lin Tian stood on a tall building. He looked down on the whole town and muttered, “Okay, let’s find out how many crocodiles in this calm waters.”

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