Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 153


In the transport ship, Lin Tian looked at the treasures piled up in front of him with a look of surprise, and the Revolutionary Army soldiers next to him were the same.

A golden light pierced their eyes. Looking around, they could only see the several golden hills more than ten meters high. There were golden lights everywhere, flashing blind people’s eyes. —This transport ship is loaded with some gold treasures, most of which are specially smelted gold nuggets, and a few are the kind of exquisite gold products. Although these are few, the specific value is far greater than those gold nuggets.

After living for so long, Lin Tian has never seen such a scene in the photos, let alone seen it in reality. Even the billions of Berry he obtained on Sexon Island are not shocking. You can hardly imagine what you feel with a small pile of gold appears in front of you like this.

Looking at this mountain of gold, Lin Tian moved his gaze to the side. On the side, there were some gems, pearls, precious jewels, etc. Although the quantity was not as much as gold, it was more than one meter tall when stacked, and the value was not lower than those of gold.

Lin Tian asked in a low voice: “How is the statistical result? What are the specific data and value of these gold and silver Treasure Items, and how much is it worth?”

Hearing Lin Tian’s inquiry, the Revolutionary Army soldier on the side quickly reacted, picked up all the records just made in his hand, and replied to Lin Tian.

“Because some gold is inlaid with gems, pearls, and jewels, we only counted a rough quantity. This transport ship is mainly loaded with treasures, of which gold weighs more than tens of tons. The value is more than 10 billion Berry. There are about two tons of gems, about one ton of pearls, which is almost 10 billion Berry, and there are some other treasures that are worth less than dozens of Berry.” Pushing some of the fallen glasses, the Revolutionary Army soldier continued: “In total, we got more than 30 billion Berry on this transport ship.”

“S…” Hearing these data, the people present couldn’t help being shocked, more than 30 billion Belly, what a shocking figure.

No wonder that when the news came out that the Heavenly Gold was not escorted by an Admiral, the entire Grand Line went crazy about it, and countless pirates gathered in Korod. —Because this wealth is really too big, enough to make people go crazy, even a little bit can make people satisfied for life.

‘One transport ship has so many. How much wealth is there if there are two transport ships?’

When they think of this sentence, everyone can’t help but breathe in the cold air again. If every ship is like this, then there must be at least sixty or seventy billion Beli. What a fortune.

Thinking of this, everyone couldn’t help showing a hint of excitement. With such a large sum of money, not only can the Revolutionary Army’s financial crisis be resolved immediately, and it would be enough for the next few years. The Revolutionary Army will usher in explosive growth.

Lin Tian didn’t have that kind of excitement. For Lin Tian, who had seen the shipping list of the heavenly gold, he knew that the ship should be rich with all the heavenly gold.

The other transport ship is basically loaded with some unique things of the major member countries of the World Government. After all, World Nobles cares about enjoyment. If they want that many treasures, it is of little use besides seeing. Everyone thinks that World Nobles needs money to buy many things in this world, but in actuality, they just “take it” directly.

“Sure enough, all the treasures are on your transport ship.”

A voice came out of thin air, which surprised everyone. Everyone quickly picked up their weapons and turned around, looking at the back with vigilance, only to see a group of silhouettes slowly walking from outside the gate. Seeing the people clearly, everyone was immediately relaxed, put down their weapons, and there was a hint of joy on their faces.

As soon as Dragon and the others came in, they stopped and looked at the treasures with stunned expressions. This scene was all expected by Lin Tian and the others. They did not interrupt it because they were the same just now.

After a while, Ivankov said with an unhappy expression, “Straw Hat baby, didn’t expect your luck is so good, you chose the transport ship with the most treasures.”

He was bitter because the transport ship he chose was empty. But, at that time, he saw that the defense was so strict and thought that ship was real.

For the three of them, only what Dragon found was real. But, of course, what Dragon found are only some special products of the participating countries. The most important thing is only those Devil Fruits, and there were some things that they could not understand.

However, the things they saw here can even make Dragon startled. Although there is a guess about how much wealth the Heavenly Gold is in his heart, he didn’t expect this much.

“Didn’t expect, among us, Lin Tian has gained the most from here.” Dragon said with a slight smile.

“Luck, luck, good luck, that’s all.” Lin Tian touched his head, saying with a smile: “However, let’s ship these treasures out now. The longer we stay here, the more dangerous.”

Dragon nodded, “That’s why I brought everyone except the other transport ship over here. I anticipated that you might not have enough manpower.”

Leaning over, Lin Tian pointed to the piles of gold and silver treasures behind him: “Then, let’s move. But be careful when moving. These things are very dazzling.”

“Hahaha……” Everyone laughed.


It was another ten minutes. Then, with the help of everyone, these hill-like treasures disappeared at the speed of the naked eye, visible until the last batch was moved.

“Finally finished moving. This is the first time I feel tired moving money.” Koala rubbed her sore arm and complaining. Obviously, for a weak little girl like her to move these things, she felt very dissatisfied.

Ivankov sighed: “There are tens of billions of Belly in the Heavenly Gold this year. But, over the years, how much money does the World Nobles in the Holy Land Mary Geoise have?”

“It’s so simple.” Lin Tian walked over to say with a smile. And in the eyes of everyone, he continued to explain: “Wait for the future. You won’t know; there may come a time when you, Revolutionary Army, attack the Holy Land Mary Geoise.”

“Yes…” Sabo answered, “This is a good note. When the time comes to attack Mariejois, I will see how rich those World Nobles are.”

“Maybe at that time, you may be shocked. So many years of wealth; even if the gold is used to build another Mary Geoise, it might be enough.”

The silent Dragon also joined in, “The times are changing. More and more people are pursuing freedom. One day, our Revolutionary Army will defeat this decadent rule.”


At this moment, in the sky of the bright moon, a figure was flying above, heading towards Tsuru. On the sea, there were also several pirate ships slowly approaching the navy.

Doflamingo, who was flying, looked at the moon in the sky and made a unique heart-shaking laugh.

“The Marines, the Marine headquarters, and those pirates are all played by me and in the palm of my hand. The Marine thinks they have a great plan to attract all pirates’ attention with fake heavenly gold. Also, those ridiculous pirates think they can get heavenly gold, while in fact, all this is just their fantasy. Everything is in my control. Regardless of Marine or Pirate, they think they have achieved their goals, but they are all played in the palm of my hand. In this heavenly gold incident, I will be the biggest beneficiary. Fuffuffuffuffu!

“Wait for me, heavenly gold!”


Seeing all these treasures being transported to the ship, everyone’s faces were filled with joy. However, when they arrived on this ship, all of these were already in the hands of the Revolutionary Army.

As long as you use the method just now to slip out slowly, the Revolutionary Army will benefit the most from the Heavenly Gold Incident. Not only did it cost no soldiers to obtain the Heavenly Gold, but also did not reveal a trace of identity.

With these treasures, the Revolutionary Army will have sufficient funds. Thus, in a short time, the Revolutionary Army will usher in explosive growth, both in terms of strength and influence in the world.

And all of this is because of the person in front of them, the Marine’s strongest genius, Lin Tian. And now, all Revolutionary Army soldiers’ eyes on Lin Tian looked with kindness. Those resentments against Lin Tian caused by the Marine and the World Government have also disappeared. Now in everyone’s minds, Lin Tian has been regarded as a partner, not as a Marine anymore. They have also recognized Lin Tian’s identity.

Of course, Lin Tian also felt the changes in everyone and was a little happy in his heart. Lin Tian could get the goodwill of the Revolutionary Army, but Lin Tian did not expect that this also has a different meaning to himself.

Dragon asked, “Is everyone here? Are all the treasures in place?”

A Revolutionary Army soldier quickly replied: “Yes, everyone has arrived, the wealth has been sorted, everything is ready.”

“Well, evacuate according to the method just now. Now is the last juncture. Don’t make mistakes in the last step of this success.”

“Yes!” everyone replied in unison, and they all rushed to their posts.

Looking at the front Marine Battleship, Lin Tian secretly said sorry to Grandma Tsuru in his heart. Lin Tian knew that if the heavenly gold disappeared thoroughly, this would be a huge earthquake for the World Government. He was afraid that his Grandma will be blamed by the Marine Headquarters this time.

In fact, Lin Tian prefers Tsuru to be blamed by the headquarters. Tsuru can also retire early. Not working in her 60s, nor fighting pirates on the sea. But Lin Tian knew that someone would top up for them in this incident, and that was Doflamingo.

The latest update from the Marine and pirates of the Revolutionary Army was that they only saw Donquixote Pirates but didn’t see their leader at all. After all, Doflamingo is the secret mastermind this time. So, in the Revolutionary Army, they focused on Doflamingo.

Since Doflamingo, who is the secret mastermind, is not on the battlefield, it is conceivable that Doflamingo must have known about Marine’s plan too.

How did he know the details? Lin Tian doesn’t know. Anyway, Doflamingo will spend a lot of energy just watching the battle between the Marines and pirates.

“Lin Tian baby, why did you turn back for no reason?” Ivankov asked inexplicably. Dragon and the others also looked towards Lin Tian with a puzzled expression.

“Just putting something in it.”

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