Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 154


On the deck, Tsuru turned her head back from time to time and looked at the four transport ships behind her. Her premonition was getting stronger and stronger.

“Ain, how about it? Is there anything wrong with the communication on the transport ship?” He turned around and asked.

“No, everything is normal. Nothing is wrong.” Ain hastily replied. —knowing that Lin Tian is on the transport ship, Ain has been helping Lin Tian cover-up.

Just when Tsuru turned his head, her eyes were not surprised but were immediately tightened. A look of shock appeared on her face.

Ain saw Vice-Admiral Tsuru’s expression, immediately curious, at what Vice-Admiral Tsuru saw, and looked back. She saw that one silhouette was under the light of a white moon in the sky. Flying at their fleet.

As an old rival for many years, Tsuru recognizes this person as Doflamingo at a glance. Although the distance is far away, Tsuru can feel the dark aura of Doflamingo, which makes people very uncomfortable.

Before Tsuru could inform the rest of Marine’s defense, those observers above have discovered the Doflamingo’s silhouette. The high alarm sounded, several searchlights were turned on, and the entire sea was illuminated by this strong light.

All the lights on the battleships that had been turned off were turned on, countless Marine soldiers rushed out of the cabin, and the cannons began to turn their muzzles.


But when he heard this attack coming from the sky, the Marine soldiers were immediately stunned and couldn’t help but look up. Sure enough, there is a silhouette rushing towards them from the sky.

Got it! The attack came from the sky, and the cannons turned a fart. All the Marine soldiers raised their guns to the sky, and a series of gunfire sounded, shaking in the entire sea.

Although they don’t know if they can hit someone by shooting indiscriminately above, this is the only counterattack that the Marines can take out.

Tsuru, who was calm, did not immediately direct these Marines to counterattack because Tsuru knew Doflamingo’s battle strength and attack methods. This method of shooting into the sky could at best cause a little trouble for Doflamingo.

Tsuru quickly took out Den Den Mushi in her hand, which was used to contact Kuzan. Only Kuzan in the Marine can defeat Doflamingo.

“bru bru bru bru, bru bru bru bru …Da”

“This is Marine Vice-Admiral Kuzan troops, may I ask…”

Tsuru didn’t have time to listen to this nonsense here, so she interrupted directly and said eagerly: “I am Vice Admiral Tsuru, and quickly notified Kuzan to come and support me. We have been attacked here.”

“What! Vice-Admiral Tsuru has been attacked. I will notify Vice Admiral Kuzan immediately.”

Looking at Den Den Mushi, who was hung up in her hand, Tsuru looked at Doflamingo in the sky again. She could not help but smile. —Two years ago, she could still chase the entire Donquixote Pirates. But in the past two years, she’s getting older and older, and her battle strength has also begun to decline. Doflamingo’s strength has grown rapidly since he entered the New World. Now he is no longer her opponent. She can only rely on help.


Marine’s big movement shocked the Revolutionary Army who was just about to flee. They thought they were discovered by the Marines. All Revolutionary Army couldn’t help taking up weapons and preparing for battle.

Immediately afterward, they all saw the Marines pointing all the searchlights at the sky and shooting continuously into the sky. Everyone discovered that someone had attacked the Marines from the sky.

As for the silhouette of the sky, everyone was curious about who was so powerful that he attacked Marine from the sky alone.

Dragon and the others saw the silhouette clearly, and a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes. This person was actually the man they confronted within the bar, Doflamingo. How did he know that the real Heavenly Gold is here?

Lin Tian was not at all surprised at Doflamingo’s arrival, but a smile appeared on his face because he had already guessed that Doflamingo would be here.


In the sky, Doflamingo waved a transparent silk thread casually, shredding all the oncoming bullets, and dived down. He muttered to himself: “A group of humble and weak people think they can deal with me with this ordinary bullet?”


[TL note: Overheat (Ōbāhīto?, literally meaning “Excess Whip String “): Doflamingo shoots a thick rope made of condensed strings from his palm and whips it at the target. Overheat’s range can go from the sky of Green Bit all the way to Dressrosa, a distance of many kilometers, and is strong enough to cut through a building at that range. The anime has an added effect of the whip, exuding high amounts of heat, causing it to glow a fiery orange and steam. In the FUNimation subs, the first time it was used, it was called Overheat, but the second time (in the same episode), it was called Excess Whip String. Going forward, the former name is exclusively used. The FUNimation dub exclusively uses the first name.]

Doflamingo stretched his palm back, and dozens of silk threads suddenly spewed out of his palm. These intertwined to form a string column, and his palm stretched forward rapidly, hitting the nearest Marine Battleship.

The powerful string, carrying sky-splitting sound, glowing with red light rays, was so dazzling in the dark. This is the phenomenon that the string is too fast and rubs against the air rapidly.

Seeing this, Tsuru, who knows this formidable power, quickly said: “Hurry up.”

But suddenly, from top to bottom, the string cut diagonally into the Marine Battleship. —The huge body of this tens of meters wide Battleship has no limit at all, and the string directly penetrates into the sea.

There was a sound of wooden planks breaking, and the entire Battleship began to shake. Then, slowly rising in the middle, sinking slowly on both sides, and finally sinking into the sea.


Looking at this blow, both Marine soldiers and the hidden Revolutionary Army soldiers were shocked. It destroyed a huge Marine battleship in one blow.

Although Lin Tian was not shocked, he was also cautious despite being far from Doflamingo. As for Dragon, Kuma, and the others, they were expressionless. They can easily do this kind of thing, even more easily.


Shocking all the Marine soldiers with one hand, Doflamingo couldn’t help showing a smug smile on his face, gently standing on the main mast of the transport ship.

Under the high collar, he scanned all Marine soldiers and suddenly saw Marine Vice-Admiral Tsuru on the deck and said with a smile: “Vice Admiral Tsuru, we haven’t seen each other for a year! Why haven’t we seen each other for a year? At first glance, I feel that you became much older. By the way, Vice Admiral Tsuru is so old, and the Marine still sent you to perform such an important task. Isn’t there anyone else in Marine Headquarters? Such an old lady was sent out instead.”

Seeing that this Pirate is so arrogant, he dared to insult Marine in front of thousands of Marines. Many Marine soldiers couldn’t bear it and aimed directly at Doflamingo and pulled the trigger in their hands.


Dozens of gunshots sounded, Doflamingo smiled slightly, his body flashed slightly, and all the bullets were perfectly avoided.

Raising his right hand and pointing his finger at the Marine soldiers who fired had cruel smiles at the corners of their mouths. “I hate this kind of person the most. When I speak, I’m interrupted by these guys…!”

A group of thin threads pierced through the heart of one of the Marines at a very fast speed. The white thread took the Marine soldier and knocked all the Marine soldiers around.


Tsuru looked at Doflamingo as being so supercilious, and her heart was raging, “Doflamingo, I haven’t seen you in a year, you are still the same as you are, ferocious and supercilious.”

In response to Tsuru’s scolding, Doflamingo was not angry but smiled triumphantly on his face, as if it was an admiration for him. Then, he disconnected the thin line of his fingers, disdainfully said.

“For these ants, the word ‘cruel’ doesn’t exist. It should be said that I helped them get rid of their lives. If you want me to say, Vice Admiral Tsuru, you should go back and retire. The battlefield is not suitable for you now.”


The tone and content of Doflamingo’s words made the hidden Revolutionary Army browse slightly wrinkle, and so did Dragon. “This pirate is completely a source of evil, a man who grew up with the help of evil and was born from evil.”


Tsuru frowned, “Donquixote Doflamingo, I am not here to tell you the old times. Let’s talk, what are you doing here and attacking Marine ships, isn’t it too arrogant”.

“No, no.” Doflamingo waved his fingers and said no in a row. Then, Doflamingo’s complexion changed, and he said seriously. “This is not arrogance. This is confidence. This is confidence in my own strength. As for the purpose of coming here, I don’t need to say more about it; you should understand it.”

Tsuru’s eyes shrank, and she thought secretly. ‘It seems that Doflamingo got the news. Otherwise, how can he know that the real gold is here instead of appearing on the battlefield.’

But what followed was full of doubts, knowing that the content of the plan was only known to the headquarters Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals.

‘These people are Marine Headquarters generals. How could there be Doflamingo’s spies in it?’

Tsuru couldn’t believe it.

She threatened: “Really? Doflamingo, are you sure you want to snatch the heavenly gold so that you will offend not only the Marine but also the World Government and the World Nobles? Do you think that under the anger of the World Nobles and the World Government, you can stay in this way for long? I am afraid that you will be chased and killed by the Marine before you use the wealth.”

Tsuru’s threat was not at all threatening to him.

“If I was really afraid of it, I wouldn’t have tried to snatch the heavenly gold. But when I heard the word World Noble,” Doflamingo had a smile that is hard to describe in words, “World Nobles, World Nobles, World Nobles……… Fuffuffuffuffu! World Nobles, what is a World Noble?” Doflamingo loudly said.

When this sentence was said, there was a strong resentment on his face.

In an instant, Doflamingo regained his peace. But this scene left a deep impression on Tsuru. She and Doflamingo had been in contact for many years, and she had never seen Doflamingo like this.

“However, Vice Admiral Tsuru, who chased me everywhere, now uses such simple threats to get me away. It seems the older the person, the timider they will become.”

Feeling the irony and disdain in Doflamingo’s tone, Tsuru couldn’t help but rise in anger. However, as Marine’s general staff, Tsuru still has strong control over her own mentality. So she suppressed her anger at once.

‘Now the most important thing is to keep Doflamingo in check and try my best to buy time so that Kuzan can come over in time.’

“Really, Doflamingo? With your strength, will you be able to stop the anger of the Marine, World Nobles, and World Government?”

Doflamingo coldly snorted and said: “I spent so much energy and planned for so long letting you Marine and those stupid pirates follow my plan and step by step towards the expectations in your mind. Just relying on the threats of the trifling World Government and World Nobles, you want me to give up like this?”

“What?” Vice-Admiral Tsuru cry out in surprise, said with an incredulous look: “You said that all this is your plan, and everything is going according to your plan.”

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