Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 155



Seeing Tsuru’s surprised face, Doflamingo’s face became full of triumph, “Of course, you Marine has been applauding me all the time. I gave up a great price to persuade Kaido, one of the Four Emperors, to throw the New World into turmoil and attracted the Marine battle strength into there. —In spreading this news to attract pirates from the first half of the Grand Line, and with your Marine Headquarters character, you will not miss this good opportunity to promote ‘justice’. You will definitely draw enough talents to destroy these pirates….”

“…..But New World involves Marine forces, and the Marines who want to eliminate pirates and protect the heavenly gold will definitely use this method of luring the tiger away from the mountain so that I have a chance to take action. Marine and pirates fought there, but here I sit back and become the fisherman who sweeps the benefits. How about it, Vice Admiral Tsuru? How is my plan?”

Compared to Doflamingo, even Tsuru, who is Marine’s chief staff, is so shocked that she was speechless. Whatever it means, Doflamingo is just too good, or Marine is too rubbish.

The dignified Marine Headquarters was actually played by a Pirate. They thought they were good, but they had been obediently and honestly following other people’s scripts. So the plan that they are proud of is already expected. —If this news reaches the headquarters, she doesn’t know how much trouble it would cause.

For Doflamingo, he knows himself that he is a demon, and he will not let this opportunity pass. This kind of thing will be spread by him, and the Marine’s face will be lost thoroughly.


“Didn’t expect that the entire Grand Line, Marine, and pirates are played by this Pirate.” Ivankov was surprised when he heard these conversations.

Although Lin Tian and the others did not speak, they were as shocked as Ivankov on. They didn’t expect that this shocking thing in the world was Doflamingo’s plot. Even Marine’s plans are Doflamingo’s plot.

You must know that even Lin Tian always thought that Doflamingo knew the plan through the Marine spies, but who could guess that all of this was actually in the Doflamingo plan? Lin Tian didn’t know he should praise Doflamingo’s cleverness or be terrified.

Presumably, we must deal with people like Doflamingo. You can only use people who don’t play cards according to common sense because then, he won’t even know what you are thinking.


She suppressed the shock in her heart and asked, “Doflamingo, since you know that Marine does not have the strength to escort the heavenly gold, why do you want to publicize the news? This will make things more troublesome. Let’s talk about this. What is your purpose? People like you will definitely have a purpose that they can achieve by themselves.”

Clap, clap, clap!

 Doflamingo clapped his hands and praised: “Worthy of Vice-Admiral Tsuru, the headquarter chief staff officer. Everyone only thinks that my goal is heavenly gold. A few people will guess that I have other goals….” But when Tsuru thought Doflamingo was going to give a reason, Doflamingo changed the topic, “Vice Admiral Tsuru, you think you can ask me these things here so you can delay time and wait for the Marines to arrive?”

“What?” Tsuru’s face was shocked.

Next, Doflamingo said something that shocked Tsuru even more, “Vice Admiral Tsuru, if you’re delaying time, why wouldn’t I delay time too? I can’t carry these things alone.”

A wave of waves rang out, and the shocked Tsuru quickly moved towards where the sound. She saw a huge Pirate ship slowly driving out in the dark, and the Pirate flag of Donquixote Pirates above was waving with the wind.

A Pirate Ship suddenly appeared and surprised all the Marines. Except for a few Marines who continued to rescue the other Marines, the rest of the Marines took up their weapons and waited. Then, the muzzle slowly began to rotate, aiming at the Pirate Ship.

With an order from Tsuru, the Marines will launch the most violent counterattack.

But Tsuru, who knows the strength of Doflamingo, understands that if the Marines do something, Doflamingo will definitely not be watching it. It will be difficult for the Marines here to stop Doflamingo.

In this way, this Donquixote Pirate Ship passed through the Battleship that was sunk by Doflamingo just now. Therefore, it is just and honorable to enter the Marine encirclement and head towards the ship where Doflamingo is standing on.

As Marines saw this scene, the anger in their hearts can be imagined, but Vice-Admiral Tsuru did not order. The Marines could only stand obediently.


Propelled by the sea, the transport ship and the pirate ship collided with a bang. A group of pirates quickly fastened the two ships together with ropes.

Not long afterward, a large group of pirates walked off the pirate ship, led by a number of Donquixote Pirates cadres, followed by pirates who were not weak in one punch, and smiles appeared on everyone’s faces.

This is no-nonsense. The heavenly gold is right in front of you. So much wealth is placed here quietly, just waiting to be taken. As for the Marines here, they have not paid attention to it.

In their opinion, these Marines hadn’t done anything. If they did do something, they wouldn’t mind sending them down to the sea.

“Doffy, Young Master, Captain!” a large group of people shouted in unison with different names.

Trebol, who looked like a sloppy and disgusting man at the same time, glanced at this huge transport ship, “Doffy, your plan is really good. You can get the gold without much effort.”

The disgusting nose that was more than ten centimeters long praised: “Doffy, you are the man who wants to be the king.”

Doflamingo’s mouth bends, he waved his hand, “Trebol, don’t talk about me here. Don’t you think you should go first to see how much wealth Heavenly Gold is and then tell the good news to me?”

Hehehe, as you say, Doffy. Then I will go in first, and I will come out to tell you the good news later.”

After that, regardless of the Marine’s eyes outside, he directly led the pirates into the cabin to see what was there that shocked the world.

Seeing everyone entering, Doflamingo turned his eyes to Tsuru and found that Tsuru’s face was still extremely calm as if nothing had happened; a moment of puzzlement flashed immediately across Doflamingo’s face.

“Vice-Admiral Tsuru, didn’t you ask me why I’m doing this troublesome thing? Not enjoying the wealth of heavenly gold alone.”

“Yes.” Tsuru nodded, curiously asked: “Is the Joker ready to say it?”

Doflamingo admitted directly: “Of course, you don’t think this world has been a bit too quiet recently? Without vitality, one or two major events should occur to make the world shake again.”

Hearing Doflamingo’s words, Tsuru did not answer. She silently replied for a while: “Doflamingo, you are a stranger even to the pirates. Perhaps it is more appropriate to use the name scum on the sea. I regret it very much. Why didn’t I send a scum like you to Impel Down?”

[TL note: Impel Down, also known as the Underwater Prison (Kaitei Kangoku) or the Great Prison (Dai Kangoku), is a government-controlled stronghold in Paradise together with Marine Headquarters and Enies Lobby. It is the World Government’s maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals and pirates. It is located underwater in the middle of the Calm Belt and part of the Tarai Current.]

Although her tone is steady, everyone can hear the anger hidden in Tsuru’s words. Because Doflamingo said that the world is too peaceful… countless people have entered the battlefield for this shit. Innocent people died in this incident.

Hahaha…” Doflamingo laughed, coldly said: “Scum- in comparison, I’m just a person who doesn’t hide the darkness in my heart, unlike your group of Marines who think they are righteous every day. Those innocent ordinary people are just and kind on the surface. But there is darkness beyond me hidden in your hearts. Your kindness and innocence are just pretending to be humble in front of a powerhouse like me, and the darkness in the hearts of people who are weaker than yourself will be exposed. It is even more terrifying than I am now. So what’s the use of keeping a world full of lies and deceit?”

Doflamingo’s words shocked everyone. Whether it was the Revolutionary Army and the Marines in the dark, everyone didn’t know what to say.

Only Dragon said in a low voice, “This is a person who was born from evil and also grows up in evil, the fire of sin.”

Regardless of everyone’s shock, Doflamingo raised his fingers and knocked on his head, and said to himself: “Today I have said so much to you ants, but fortunately, you all have to be buried anyway. On this sea.”

After that, Doflamingo has a ferocious smile, his right hand turned into beast claws, and slightly lifted towards the Marines below.

When Doflamingo was about to attack, one silhouette rushed from below with extreme speed…

Standing on the mainmast, he eagerly said to Doflamingo: “Doffy, we were cheated. There is nothing in this transport ship. It’s empty. There is not even a silhouette of Heavenly Gold.”

“What?” Doflamingo looked angry, and the blue veins on his forehead were under anger. They bulged up, very scary, “Trebol, what is going on in the end?”

After hearing Trebol’s words, Doflamingo felt even angrier, and his whole body was filled with anger. Finally, he turned around and said to Tsuru, “Vice Admiral Tsuru, let’s talk about it. What’s all this? Why is there nothing?”

Hearing this, Tsuru showed a smile on his face. The reason was that she knew that only two of the four transport ships had something, and the other two had nothing. —Doflamingo chose the one that has nothing.

But Tsuru understood how it could be so simple to tell Doflamingo, shrugged, and calmly said: “How do I know that the transport ship is under your feet? We are only responsible for the transportation.”

Ehhhhhhhh… really?” Doflamingo smiled angrily and turned to Trebol and said, “Trebol, you send someone to the other three transport ships to see if there is any.”

“Yes, Doffy. I will go over and take a look myself immediately.” After Doffy reminded, Trebol reacted.

It is impossible for the Marine to waste such great efforts for a few empty ships. Otherwise, the Marine is really showy. Since it’s not on this ship, then it is likely to be on another ship.

Trebol turned and rushed down, called several cadres to lead a small group of pirates, sit on the small boat, moved towards the transport boat on the side rowed.

When she saw Doflamingo, she understood it immediately. A trace of disappointment flashed in Tsuru’s eyes. Tsuru was not at all surprised that Doflamingo could discover this. She would be surprised if he didn’t find it instead.

It’s just that it happened so quickly that the idea of delaying the time for this was shattered.

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