Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 169


No. 35 Sabaody Archipelago, Lin Tian silhouette has appeared here!

Lin Tian was strolling on the street, his eyes glanced from the side to the side hotel from time to time, observing some of the surrounding scenery and the crowds. But Lin Tian was thinking about what was that just now secretly, and Lin Tian felt very unhappy because it was so close…

‘Such a good opportunity is in front of me. If I really acted, there will be an event that shocks the world tomorrow.’

A World Noble went crazy due to disfigurement and accidentally killed his big brother by mistake. This kind of news will surely shock the world.

Unfortunately, he can only think about it now. That male World Noble survived without any damage to his fur, which made Lin Tian very unhappy.

Initially, Lin Tian looked at the three World Nobles in front and was very upset, so he secretly shot. He was taking advantage of everyone’s attention to move a few stones to the feet of the female World Noble.

At that time, everyone’s eyes were on World Nobles, even though no one would pay attention to their feet in normal times, let alone those World Nobles. —You can just walk normally, but instead, they ride on people’s backs. This kind of extremely arrogant and despotic rubbish, will they walk on their own? The answer is no.

So, the female World Noble tripped over a stone and fell directly to the ground, just blocking the way of the slave captain. She was taken aback and quickly evaded. But, one was careless and didn’t stand firm. She fell directly to the ground and knocked the World Noble beside her to the ground.

And that female World Noble’s face was actually scratched by a stone, and her ugly face was disfigured again. This, Lin Tian did not expect. Who would have thought that she just hit the stone on her own?

What happened next made Lin Tian shocked. Sure enough, the family was full of weirdos and rubbish, venting the anger and pain in their hearts by killing people at will.

At that time, Lin Tian realized that this was an excellent opportunity to fish in troubled waters. Then there was the next scene. The female World Noble fell down again, and then the muzzle was facing back for some reason, and the trigger was pulled.

Lin Tian’s secretly controlled them.

I thought I could use this opportunity to kill a World Noble in secret, so even if the World Government finds something wrong by then, with that many people, they wouldn’t be able to find who did it.’

But I didn’t expect that the win from the stone and the defeat are also from the same stone. When the gun fell, it hit the stone and missed the shot, which made the male World Noble luckily live.

He missed this golden opportunity.

Although I did it very secretly, I am afraid that it will be discovered soon.’

After all, a few stones appeared on the road for no reason. That is a very puzzling thing, let alone stepping on it twice. How can there be so many coincidences in the world? This is why Lin Tian left immediately after failing.

Grrll grrlll grrlll~

A scream of the stomach was clearly transmitted to Lin Tian’s ears. He lowered his head, touched his hungry stomach with both hands. His face was exposed with the color of hunger. From morning till now, Lin Tian hasn’t eaten anything. He just drank a few glasses of water. This is because he felt hungry for so long.

He can’t help but look up to the side to see if there is anything that can satisfy his hunger, but there are hotels everywhere on this side, and there are some restaurants, but there are no roadside stalls like that on the street.

35 Sabaody Archipelago is also known as Hotel Street. Apart from hotels, it is also a hotel. Most of the crews who live here are waiting for Mariejois to pass.

[*TL note: 35: Antonio’s Graman is here along with hotels for people who have permission to pass through Mary Geoise.]

Looking at the hotels and restaurants nearby, Lin Tian thought for a while and let it go. If it were a street stall, he would still eat to fill up his hunger. But, as for the restaurant, he didn’t want to eat there. Besides, he must wait.

Anyway, it’s not far from there. Thinking of them, Lin Tian couldn’t help showing a trace of nostalgia, knowing that he hasn’t seen them for two or three years.


Suddenly, a beautiful back flashed in front of my eyes, his eyes instinctively swept slightly, as if there was a familiar feeling, Lin Tian’s face changed slightly.

‘What about this person? I feel familiar, but I can’t remember who it is.’

He hurriedly lifted my head, trying to find the back figure, but there are so many people in this street. Lin Tian just didn’t pay attention to it for a little bit, and that beautiful back figure has disappeared.

Lin Tian hurriedly stood on tiptoe. His eyes moved towards the surroundings. First, of course, they wanted to find the silhouette among the crowd. But, after scanning around, he still didn’t find the silhouette.

It stands to reason. Now it’s only more than ten seconds that the back has passed.

Is there any alley on this side? If not, that person should still be on the road. Why did she disappear after a glance? I couldn’t find her after I scanned around.’

‘Did I see it wrong?’

Lin Tian couldn’t help but think secretly in his heart, but after thinking about it, Lin Tian didn’t think that he would be wrong. His eyes hadn’t gotten so bad.

Suddenly, Lin Tian’s eyes slanted. Just at the corner of the alley in front, he saw that silhouette beside him, walking into the alley. Lin Tian quickly moved in that direction.

 In this packed crowd, Lin Tian’s thin body, like a flexible fish in the water, moved towards the woman’s direction.

Without sending a few seconds, Lin Tian has already come to the place where she found the woman, but at this time, the woman is gone. Lin Tian glanced quickly, without much thought, moved towards the side alley.

Walking through a corner, the silhouette of the woman appeared in front of her. The woman had reached the end of the road and was about to enter the next corner.

Lin Tian hurriedly shouted: “Hey! Hello, do we know each other?”

When the woman heard Lin Tian’s shout, her figure was obviously stopped, but immediately stepping into the corner, the speed increased a few minutes, and suddenly disappeared in front of Lin Tian.

Seeing this, Lin Tian’s body flashed, appeared at the corner in an instant, and he rushed to chase after her.

“Come… this is a special product specially produced by West Blue. It is very rare. A thousand Belly.”

“Everyone, take a look, take a look. I have all good things here.”


Looking at this lively long street, Lin Tian patted his head. Facing the dazzling sunlight, constantly scanning the to-and-fro crowd on the street, looking for the silhouette of that woman.

He thought he could catch up with his own speed, but Lin Tian didn’t expect that the corner was not an alley but another prosperous street.

There were crowds everywhere. As soon as the woman entered here, Lin Tian quickly followed, but there were too many people, and Lin Tian was too short. Squeezed by people, the woman immediately moved away. She vanished before his eyes.

Therefore, Lin Tian stood alone by the street. Unfortunately, after looking around for a long time, he still didn’t see the woman’s silhouette.

From the scene where he called the woman, and the woman paused, Lin Tian had predicted that that woman must know him, and he also knew him. However, Lin Tian did not admit his mistake.

It’s just that this woman should have known him a long time ago. He can’t remember who she is for a while, but since this woman knows him, why did she deliberately avoid him and not let herself be seen by Lin Tian?

‘Is it my enemy? That’s why she deliberately avoided me? But it’s not right. I have never been an enemy of beautiful women.’

For beautiful women, Lin Tian is very good.

After thinking about it, Lin Tian feels that she still can’t figure it out, so she can’t think about it. However, if it is related to herself, she will come out one day and talk about it.

For Lin Tian’s words, Lin Tian never spends time thinking about things that he can’t figure out.

Anyway, I can’t figure out what I can do even if I think so much.’

He looked up and looked at the huge number of 13 above. He realized that he had arrived at the destination without knowing it. This is also luck!

[*TL note: 13: Shakky’s Rip-off Bar is here]

Holding his head back with his hands and humming a little song from his previous life, Lin Tian discerned the direction and walked towards the street direction. The place he was looking for was on the street.

Compared to the hotel street just now, there are a lot more people on this street. There are some crew members staying there. The No. 13 islands, the illegal zone of Sabaody Archipelago, also has many bars. Some wicked people also gather recreational facilities.

The shops on both sides of the street are mostly weapons stores, pharmacies, and bars where the general population gathers. These various things are sold on this street.

In the illegal zone of Sabaody Archipelago, you can buy anything as long as you have money. It is also a large gathering center of the Underground World.

Along the way, Lin Tian’s eyes kept moving towards the shops on both sides and glanced.

Suddenly, Lin Tian stopped and looked at a bar with a smile on his face. This time the destination finally arrived.

Shakky’s Rip-off Bar!

Yes, this bar was opened by Aunt Shakky. Since their parting on Sexon Island, Aunt Shakky and Rayleigh came to live in Sabaody Archipelago. Until now, one of them is still open, and Rayleigh became a coater.

It stands to reason that for characters like Dark King Rayleigh, you should stay away from the Marine Headquarters, but Rayleigh, despite his identity, just went straight to live in the nearest place near the Marine Headquarters.

Perhaps, this is the Haki that the legendary Dark King Rayleigh should have, the Haki who dares to face the Marine Headquarters, as a legendary Pirate.

This time, Lin Tian stayed at Sabaody Archipelago for one day, mainly to meet Aunt Shakky and Rayleigh. It has been two years since they were separated in Sexon Island. He didn’t know what they are up to now.

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