Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 194


As Marine headquarters, Marineford’s alertness and response speed are not comparable to anywhere else.

After Lin Tian learned of the death of his close friend Roberts, the surrounding Marine soldiers quickly reported Fleet Admiral Sengoku. After all, only the Marine Fleet Admiral could handle this kind of thing.

At that time, Sengoku was discussing the promotion of Lin Tian to Marine Headquarter with the other three Marine Headquarters. Needless to say, Kuzan, as a friend of Lin Tian, of course, agreed.

Even Akainu, who has an upright character but is cruel and unreserving in all manners, agrees with this. —Because Lin Tian is similar to Akainu in some respects; ruthless and cruel to kill countless pirates.

But Lin Tian is different from Akainu. Lin Tian does things to the wrong people and has his own standards of measurement in his heart. Only those who deal with the poor and evil will do so, while Akainu insists on absolute justice and cannot tolerate a trace of evil.

Although Kizaru doesn’t have a deep friendship with Lin Tian, the two are still friends. With the addition of Kizaru’s character, seeing everyone agree, he doesn’t care about disagreeing.

As for Fleet Admiral Sengoku, this is what he proposed. However, at this moment, Lin Tian knew about Roberts’ death, and this news came to them…

Immediately afterward, the shock that came and Lin Tian’s roar made the Marine bosses present each look ugly, with a cautious look on their faces.

Sengoku slapped both hands hard and made a bang. The glass on the table fell to the ground, resisting his anger, and whispered, “What’s the matter? Hasn’t it been the order? Roberts; the death of Rear Admiral must not be known to Vice Admiral Lin Tian. I will explain it myself at that time.”

At this time, the silent Marine Admiral Kuzan said: “It should be when Lin Tian arrives. They collided because, for some reason, Vice Admiral Lin Tian arrived early.”


Sengoku hit the table again, angrily said: “How can I not be notified of such a major event? What is the Marine staff doing?!”

“As a Marine Vice Admiral, it is generally difficult to get their position. I am afraid that the General Staff did not expect this to happen. After all, I just learned that he was here.” Kizaru, who did his best and talked funny, was also very heavy.

Everyone understands that Lin Tian knows what consequences this will cause. Otherwise, Fleet Admiral Sengoku will not issue the seal of the entire Marine headquarters. Everything is just to prevent Lin Tian from knowing.

Akainu lightly hammered down the chair and whispered: “Now Vice Admiral Lin Tian already knows about this. It’s useless, and we might as well consider what the consequences will be. With his extremely strong friendship, he will do whatever it takes.”


Sengoku sighed, stepped back, rubbed his brows, and looked helpless and tired. It is precisely because of this that Sengoku can issue the order.

Lin Tian is indeed too famous in the Marine, and even a little more than Fleet Admiral Sengoku. Many Marine soldiers are full of admiration for him, as well as being their goal of progress.

And Lin Tian has a very good relationship with many Marine senior generals. Many Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals are friends with Lin Tian and have been helped by Lin Tian. Even the Admirals are the same, and the best relationship is with Admiral Kuzan.

Kuzan does not know how many meals Lin Tian owes. Every meal is a favor. Not only Kuzan, but most Marines have owed Lin Tian favor.

At the same time, many of those old people are also very optimistic about Lin Tian, like Zephyr, Vegapunk…, these people are very familiar with Lin Tian.

Especially Zephyr, he recognizes Ain as his god-granddaughter. Lin Tian and Ain’s relationship; the Marine knows. And the old man of Vegapunk even treated Lin Tian as a confidant, called him a little friend all day long, and finally, there was the bastard Garp, who was Lin Tian’s teacher.

Therefore, if Lin Tian does anything, it will be a big shock to the entire Marine headquarters. Even if Sengoku doesn’t know what the consequences will be, it must be unbearable.

“Those bastards, obediently and honestly, staying with Mary Geoise and living a comfortable life is enough. Do you have to fucking go out and do evil from time to time? Usually, Marine Headquarters turn a blind eye, but now they even have Rear Admiral die in their hands.”

Sengoku scolded in his heart. ‘Do you want to know how bad this incident has had on Marine Headquarters? All the senior generals in Marine are in danger, impetuous, and fall into wind and rain.’

Thinking about it, Sengoku was so angry that he patted the table again. The table could no longer bear it; one after another cracked all over and collapsed.

Looking at the broken wooden table on the ground, Sengoku asked, “Let’s talk about it. What should we do to deal with this matter?”

“Lin Tian has too much influence in the Marine, I think he should be arrested first, and then it depends on the situation,” Akainu said solemnly.

Kuzan immediately rejected Akainu’s proposal: “No! Lin Tian’s battle strength is very strong. Let’s talk to Lin Tian first to see what he says, and then make a decision.”

Hmph,” Akainu coldly snorted and hammered the chair. “It’s because he has a strong battle strength, so he must be caught. Otherwise, if something happens, it will be too late. A trace of evil has been wiped out.”

“I won’t agree!”

Kizaru didn’t say a lot about the Kuzan and Akainu. He just shaved his nails on the side and looked at them with a smile, “Okay! You two, stop arguing. I have already decided. Let’s rush there before talking.”

In the end, Sengoku alone decided.


Only then came the present scene. When Lin Tian led the woman and Ward out, there was a Marine outside, and countless Marine soldiers surrounded the house.

The busy street had long been empty, and it was covered with countless Marines. Even the roof on the side was filled with countless Marines. The Marines even put the powerful naval guns of formidable power pointed on the house.

Not only is the arrival of countless Marine soldiers, but at this time, all the senior generals in the Marine headquarters are also here. Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the three Admirals, Vice Admirals, and more than a dozen Marine Rear Admirals. As for the rest of the Marine officers, there are countless.

It can be said that, except for some necessary Marines, all Marines have come here. Tens of thousands of Marines have surrounded this place, and they have come for Lin Tian.

When they saw Vice-Admiral Lin Tian, many Marines were immediately relaxed. For the Fleet Admiral Sengoku to suddenly gather all the elite Marine Headquarters and surround this place, they thought a Great Pirate broke into the Marine headquarters.

Now that Vice Admiral Lin Tian comes out, they presume that the pirate should have been wiped out.

The marine jolly said,

“No wonder it’s Vice Admiral Lin Tian. Pirate is resolved so quickly. With Vice Admiral Lin Tian there, we don’t need to act.”


But at this moment, Lin looked up to the sky and laughed. After a few seconds, he stopped laughing, with an angry expression on his face. He angrily retorted with a smile.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, I didn’t expect you to see me and actually dispatched the entire Marine Headquarters. But then why didn’t we see our Fleet Admiral Sengoku come out to maintain justice, only to shrink in his own office?”

When Lin Tian said this, Sengoku’s face turned blue for some time and turned white, so ashamed. But Sengoku couldn’t help it.

Sengoku hadn’t quarreled with the Five Elders because the opponent was World Nobles. So instead of complaining to them, Sengoku came to Lin Tian.

[*TL note: The Five Elders are a group of the highest-ranking Celestial Dragons that make up the head of state for the World Government. They essentially hold the greatest authority over the entirety of the world; the only exception being the mysterious sovereign Im whom they answer to. Their influence over the World Government and its military is paramount and limitless, including command over the Marines, Cipher Pol, and even the Seven Warlords of the Sea prior to their abolishment, making them one of the main antagonistic groups of the series.]

Even if Sengoku would do that, there is no way. Just because they are World Nobles, and they are called World Nobles, and no one in this world can judge them.

After taking a deep breath, Sengoku said with some guilt: “Lin Tian, there is something behind this matter. I don’t need to say more. You should know better than me that those people are not something we can move.”

What Sengoku said, Lin Tian certainly understands, but Sengoku has done too much. Instead of publicizing this matter, he hides it and prevents Lin Tian from knowing it.

“Really? Our Fleet Admiral Sengoku really worked hard. We used our subordinates to die and put them on the negotiation table as a bargaining chip.”

Lin Tian didn’t care about Sengoku’s face at all, there was no mercy between the words, and the irony was undoubtedly exposed. After staying in the Marine for so long, he knew some secret things about the Marine.

Feeling the suspicious eyes of countless Marine soldiers around, Sengoku’s complexion was so ugly. He didn’t expect Lin Tian to reveal the darkness in Marine like this.

Sengoku: “Lin Tian, are you sure you want to do this? Have you thought about how Garp feels after knowing it? You have stayed in the Marine for ten years, and you should know that if you do this, what kind of impact it will have.”

What Sengoku said, Lin Tian didn’t really care. Once he did it, he would really not be able to look back, he would also embark on the opposite of World Government, and his life would take a huge turn.

It is conceivable that Roberts was the first one to talk to himself. He was the one who was a scapegoat for himself and almost threw himself to save his life during the battle… a miserable death.

The scenes reverberated in front of Lin Tian. How could Lin Tian endure this? Since the world is so unfair, it is up to him to do justice for Roberts.

Lin Tian stretched out the right hand slowly and removed the Marine cloak behind him. The right hand grabbed it and let it droop naturally. The cloak flew with the wind, and the word justice appeared in front of countless Marines.

Seeing this scene, all the faces of the Marine are shocked below.

As for the generals, who are Lin Tian’s friends, their faces are not only shocked but also deeply worried.

“Fleet Admiral Sengoku, thank you for taking care of me for so long. Today I must seek justice, and please help me say sorry to Garp.”

“Lin Tian, do you know what you are doing? Give me the cloak, and I will pretend not to see it.”

At the last step, Sengoku still didn’t want to give up Lin Tian. Lin Tian was too important to the Marine, and Sengoku doesn’t want to see Lin Tian walk towards the opposite.


The Marine cloak that the word justice is written on instantly shattered into countless pieces. They moved towards all directions under the blow of the sea breeze. Lin Tian has already demonstrated his determination by action.

“Even if World Nobles is called a god, today I will go against heaven and slaughter that god.”

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