Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 32


Exhaling smoke, Shakky chuckled and said, “Unexpectedly, you are that famous Commodore Lin Tian, ​ and you actually ate at my little bar.”

“There is a great bar manager here. This is not a small bar,” said Lin Tian with deep meaning.

The bar owner noticed something and glanced at the back door. Could this Marine Commodore find something?

If not, what purpose did he come here for?

Shakky can’t believe that Lin Tian came by chance.

If he came here for those few, that would be a bad thing. The child in front of me is not an ordinary Marine Commodore. But now I’m being dragged by him and can’t do anything about it.

Even though she was anxious, Shakky did not have the usual expression on her face and said calmly, “Really? I am only a bar owner, but not as strong as you said.”

“Oh, you underestimate yourself too much. That smelly old man admires you. That smelly old man says that only a few in this world can escape from him, except for the Pirate King Roger and also the owner of this bar in front of me.”

After a pause, Lin Tian said thoughtfully: “You can be said to be similar to Gol D. Roger in several ways.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s praise, the bar owner only smiled, and the bar owner still knew her own level very well.

When I met Garp at that time, Garp had just joined the Marine, and his strength wasn’t as strong as now, so I could run away from him.

Shakky shook the soot, pretended to smile, and said: “It was a very good time, now I am just an ordinary bar owner, I just want to open a bar and live a better life.”

Lin Tian deliberately looked at the back door, and he felt a slight vibration in the door. It indicated that someone was eavesdropping at the back.

It seemed that Shakky was doing something important right now, but she was bothered by Lin Tian’s arrival, ​​and he understood why the boss lady had just looked at the back door and wanted Lin Tian to leave immediately.

Seeing Lin Tian have a look, Shakky’s whole body immediately became tense, and a bad feeling appeared in his heart. Does this kid realize anything?

“Hey, I think it’s time to go …” Lin Tian sighed with regret on his face: “Originally I wanted to tell that stinky old man about you. But you’ve become an ordinary person, so I don’t have reason to arrest you.”

Seeing Lin Tian leaving, Shakky was a little confused. Lin Tian suddenly got up from his chair and was about to leave.

His expression was too innocent. This is too weird. Why did this Marine Commodore leave all of a sudden?

As for a reason, Lin Tian said that Shakky noticed it immediately. This kind of excuse would probably succeed in tricking ordinary people, but Shakky obviously wouldn’t just believe it directly.

Shakky didn’t guess wrong. Lin Tian didn’t just leave when he discovered that there was a secret hidden in this bar.

Lin Tian went through the bar door on purpose, then hid his figure with ‘Spatial Isolation’ and returned to the bar.

Not long after Lin Tian left, the door behind the bar opened, and three girls aged five to sixteen came out from behind that door.

These three girls walked together. Lin Tian felt his heartbeat fast after seeing the figure of the girl who came out. The girl who came out first was very beautiful.

It can be said that Lin Tian has seen the most beautiful girl in this world. Even if this girl compared with Carly, that girl still looked even prettier.

When Lin Tian looked at her, he felt enchanted. Fortunately, Lin Tian was quite resolute, and when he discovered that something was amiss, he pinched himself to recover his thoughts.

And what surprised Lin Tian the most was that when he saw this girl, he felt familiar, but Lin Tian was sure that he had never seen her.

Then there were two girls behind her, but both girls looked a little ugly. It must be said that they are a bit ugly. It seems like a pretty flower must have strong petals and stems to hold it tightly.

“Hancock! Marigold! Sandersonia! You all just heard what the Marine and I said.” Shakky heard the sound of the door opening and knew that the three girls had come out.

When Shakky mentioned the girl’s name, Lin Tian was surprised at first, and then there was a rainbow color in his eyes.

The extraordinary beauty made people fascinated. She was ‘Boa Hancock.’ She was known as the most beautiful woman in this world.

But how could Boa Hancock be here?

When I was at the Marine headquarters, I was confused when I found out that there was no Boa Hancock’s name in the Seven Warlord of the Sea data.

However, after Lin Tian tried to remember it again, that’s right, the current Hancock might still be a slave to the World Nobles, so I didn’t think about it.

It looks like Boa Hancock has just escaped from the Holy Land Mary Geoise, but why is she able to be with Shakky?

This sight made Lin Tian very confused.

Lin Tian didn’t know the full One Piece story in his previous life, so he didn’t know much about the characters’ basic stories.

If he read it in full, he would surely know that Boya Hancock had just escaped, and with Shakky’s help, she was hidden from the Marine.

The three girls nodded, and Hancock said, “Was that kid just now Lin Tian, ​​who was known as the well-known Marine Commodore?”

To Hancock’s words, Shakky blinked a little confused and asked: “That’s right! Have you heard the rumors about him?”

“Well, when we were slaves to the World Noble, we heard people talking about this kid,” Hancock explained languidly.

When she remembered her life as a slave at Mary Geoise, Hancock’s face grew gloomy. At that time, for the three sisters, it was like living in hell.

Feeling the change in the mood of the three of them, Shakky comforted: “Let the previous thing pass, now you have run away and safe.”

“Yes.” Compared to the other slaves who were still living in Mary Geoise, the three girls nodded. They were very lucky, and they were now free.

But thinking that there were many Marines in town, Sandersonea said anxiously: “But right now, the Seventh Branch Marine is capturing the escaped slaves of Wolrd Nobles.”

“Yes, we have to get out of here as soon as possible,” Sandersonea’s concern was actually Hancock’s sadness.

Now the Marine has blockaded the port and has sent many soldiers to investigate the island. The Marine captured many slaves like these three sisters.

Fortunately, the three sisters were secured by Shakky, the bar owner, and the Marine never found them.

But now, the Marine investigation is getting tougher. If they stay here too long, Shakky was worried that they would be found sooner or later.

Lin Tian’s previous arrival gave Shakky a bad feeling, “Well, a Marine Commodore like Lin Tian has come here. Now this place no longer guarantees your safety. We must leave as soon as possible.”

“But …” Hancock expressed concern, “Now all the ports on this island are under Marine’s control. It’s very difficult for us to get out.”

Compared to Hancock and her two sisters’ worries, Shakky was calmer. “It doesn’t matter. There are a lot of small boat crossings that the Marine don’t know about. We can go as long as we give the small boat owner some money.”

Hearing Shakky’s plan, the three sisters were very excited. They felt that they would succeed in escaping the Marine chase this time.

They are just waiting for the opportunity and the right route. As long as their identities were unknown to others, the Marine could not arrest them either.

“The plan is excellent, but now we do not have a good chance!” Lin Tian suddenly exclaimed.

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