Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 33


Hearing this voice, Shakky and the others were shocked and quickly searched for the voice source.

The four of them immediately looked in different directions several times, but there was no one in the bar except themselves, and they were instantly terrified.

To hide without being seen in the slightest, this person must be a devil fruit user, and he must have overheard all of our conversations. No matter who this person is, now that he knows our secret, this isn’t good!

“Who is it? Come out quickly?!” Shakky randomly aims the gun, and Hancock silently prepares to use her abilities to kill the person who overhears their conversation.

As soon as Shakky finished speaking, she saw a figure slowly appear in front of her.

When Shakky saw the figure clearly, Shakky was very shocked in her heart. This was the Marine Soldier that Shakky was most worried about.

Lin Tian, who she thought had left the bar, was now in front of her, and he had heard everything they talked about.

At the same time, there was regret in Shakky’s heart. When Lin Tian pretended to be leaving earlier, she already sensed something was wrong.

But seeing Lin Tian was too young, Shakky underestimated him a little. She didn’t expect Lin Tian to return to the bar this way.

When Hancock saw that before her was Marine Commodore Lin Tian, ​​she immediately realized that it was the end.

She realized that Lin Tian had figured out her plan. If Hancock and the others let him go and report the Marine, the three sisters would indeed be captured and returned to Mary Geoise.

This man must die! Thought Hancock with determination.

‘Sweet Wind Breeze’

Hancock put her hands together and formed a ‘heart’ with her finger to attack Lin Tian, ​​from her finger emitted a pink ‘heart’ light, and it hit Lin Tian directly. Seeing Lin Tian being hit by his attack, Hancock smiled.

Shakky also let out a sigh of relief. She still believed in Hancock’s beauty. Even a Marine Commodore would be knocked down and turned to stone, and they will remain safe.

When the pink light hit Lin Tian, he felt strange in an instant. A strange power shot out towards his body, and at the same time, his body quickly started to harden.

Lin Tian quickly bit his lip, the severe pain woke Lin Tian up, and his body’s strange power quickly disappeared.

Hancock was surprised to see Lin Tian didn’t turn to stone. With a shocked expression, Hancock shot another ‘Sweet Wind Breeze,’ which Lin Tian broke in the same manner.

“How could he not become a stone after being hit by my sister’s ‘Sweet Wind Breeze’ ?!” said Marygold with an expression of disbelief.

Lin Tian smiled slightly and said, “Looks like your abilities are of no use to me.”

Hancock was an arrogant and narcissistic person. Seeing Lin Tian not falling for her beauty, she was very upset.

“Your figure is indeed the figure of the most beautiful woman in the world. How can someone not be interested in the beauty of your body.” Lin Tian said with great pride.

‘Kissing Gun’

Hancock touched her lips with her finger, created a small pink heart-shaped bullet, and then shot it towards Lin Tian.

Seeing that Hancock was still trying to attack him again, Lin Tian immediately reacted. He used spatial power to protect his palm, then he parried the heart-shaped bullet and smashed it head-on.


Lin Tian quickly moved to Hancock and blew her up with a punch.

After spending years at Mary Geoise, Hancock must be quite familiar with Six Marine Style. Her body suddenly bent down to avoid Lin Tian’s fist.

‘Aroma Kick,’ Hancock propped her hand on the ground, her long beautiful legs sweeping straight to Lin Tian’s waist. ‘Shave’

Lin Tian dodged from Hancock’s foot, which was sweeping dangerously.

Lin Tian looked at the table beside him. Hancock’s kick turned it to stone. Lin Tian wiped the cold sweat on his head in fear and secretly thought: “Fortunately, I endured it with spatial power, and I didn’t touch it directly.”

Lin Tian smiled seductively: “You are wearing red on the outside, and you are wearing purple on the inside.”

“You perverted kid!” Marigold and Sandersonia whispered. And there was a hint of resentment on Shakky’s face.

Hancock could not tolerate the insult from Lin Tian, and she shouted: “Insolent! Prepare yourself, I who is as beautiful as this goddess will not forgive you. My two sisters and I will destroy you!”

Seeing that their older sister’s attack had not worked, Marygold and Sandersonea joined her older sister and attacked Lin Tian.

It was a pity that the two were just ordinary people, and Lin Tian stopped them midair.

For the capable Hancock, Lin Tian had to try his best, or else he would become a stone if he weren’t careful. But Lin Tian still resisted his attacks, and he didn’t like hurting beautiful women.

Seeing his sister trapped, Hancock used her ‘Aroma Feet’ again to attack Lin Tian.

It was a pity that Lin Tian’s ‘Shave’ was too fast, and Hancock’s attacks had always been avoided.

“Damn, as a man, can you don’t run!” said Hancock angrily.

Lin Tian stopped, gasped for breath, and said, “As long as you don’t use … your ability to turn people to stone, I won’t run away.”

Hancock’s attacks continued to force Lin Tian always to use ‘Shave,’ and it exhausted him a lot.

Lin Tian, ​​who was constantly dodging attacks, was the most to be harmed. Hancock’s devil fruit ability was too strong, and Lin Tian couldn’t approach her at all. If he made a little mistake, he would become a stone.

Some of the powerful attacks couldn’t be used, and it would destroy this bar so it will attract the Marine’s attention. Lin Tian didn’t want Hancock and the others to be captured by the Marine.

At this moment, Shakky felt hurt that her table and bar stools had turned to stone. It had just been bought by her and was made of good wood, which was very expensive.

‘Captive Arrow’

Hancock touched her lips with her finger, creating a large pink heart-shaped balloon.

Lin Tian saw that Hancock was not using her feet again. She looked like she was blowing a balloon.

Then Lin Tian said with a smile: “Beautiful girl, I think you have shown too much information about yourself. Isn’t that too much?”

Hancock became furious when she heard Lin Tian’s words. If the anger was equal to one meter, Hancock’s anger was already as big as the sun’s circumference.

“Wow, that looks like a dangerous attack!” Lin Tian saw Hancock pull the large pink heart-shaped balloon’s backside and then shoot many pink arrows towards Lin Tian.

Facing such a large scale attack, ‘Shave’ would be ineffective, and Lin Tian could only hold back. Lin Tian pressed his hand to the ground and shouted: “Spatial Barrier.”

With Lin Tian as the center, a circle quickly emerged from the ground, and it rose to form a semicircular shield, protecting Lin Tian from Hancock’s attack.

“Dangdangdang…” Many pink arrows hit Lin Tian’s shield, making a loud sound. Under such a powerful attack, Lin Tian’s shield didn’t move at all.

As all the arrows in Hancock’s hand were fired, all the hit objects turned to stone. Except for the spatial barrier that Lin Tian created.

Hancock wasn’t satisfied with her attack earlier, and she rushed over to attack Lin Tian again. Lin Tian stopped joking when he saw the bar going into chaos like this.

Avoiding Hancock’s ‘Aroma Kick,’ Lin Tian took the opportunity to grab his hand and grab hold of Hancock’s body. Sitting on the stone chair, then he placed Hancock’s body on her lap, lifted Hancock’s skirt, and raised his right-hand high.

Shakky, Marigold, and Sandersonia were dumbfounded by Lin Tian’s actions, especially when Lin Tian lifted Hancock’s skirt.

The same thought occurred to the three of them, “What will he do to our big sis?!”

Feeling that Lin Tian was lifting her skirt, ​​even Hancock, who was so arrogant, felt embarrassed at this time. Too many thoughts were in her mind, and she didn’t know what to do.

Seeing Hancock’s face flushed red, Lin Tian’s hand moved.


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