Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 36


Seeing Rayleigh just staring at him without making any particular movement, Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief.

If Rayleigh suddenly attacked Lin Tian, ​​he wouldn’t be able to counterattack. Rayleigh is a legendary pirate. With his current strength, Lin Tian was definitely not his opponent.

But Lin Tian believed that one day he could reach as strong as Rayleigh or even surpass him.

“I happened to come to this bar to eat and unexpectedly met a legendary pirate like you,” said Lin Tian.

Rayleigh lifted the glass of water he had been drinking with a slight surprise on his face, “I didn’t expect there would be a Marine boy at my bar either.”

“Don’t underestimate Lin Tian. Even though he is still a child, he is called the most potential genius warrior in the Marine, and he is now a Commodore,” Shakky explained to Rayleigh from the side.

Hearing Shakky’s words, Lin Tian showed a wry smile on his face. Lin Tian didn’t want this title. Sometimes being famous made him tired, and it was also very dangerous.

I’m afraid that many pirates will start to notice me. As long as I behaved as I pleased, the title that Marine was given would disappear by itself, and at that time, I got my own title and was known throughout the world.

“Oh, really?”

Now Rayleigh looked at Lin Tian curiously.

About Lin Tian, known as the most promising Marine Soldier in Marine history, Rayleigh also felt very familiar.

All this because of the propaganda methods employed by the Marine. In just one day, Lin Tian’s name could be recognized by many people around the world.

Lin Tian was also the only Marine Hero Garp disciple who was promoted from Captain to Commodore in just a year, and several pirates with hundreds of millions of bounties died at his hands. For Rayleigh, who is a pirate, of course, he has heard many rumors about Lin Tian.

What Rayleigh knew, Lin Tian would never forgive the evil pirates. He would decisively kill these pirates.

‘Don’t expect you to have the composure to continue living in this world,’ were the words that pirates uttered when they heard rumors about it.

Rayleigh had always wanted to see him, but the Marines kept their secret too tight, and there was no photo of Lin Tian’s face circulating.

But when he saw Lin Tian today, it was hard for Rayleigh to imagine that those things and words would come out of a child who looked harmless.

“It seems that the Marine bastards don’t brag about this matter. The little Marine Soldier in front of me deserves that title,” Rayleigh thought to himself.

Lin Tian said emotionally: “I really didn’t expect that the legendary pirate Silvers Rayleigh lived peacefully in a bar for years after his existence was hidden.”

“Hey …” Rayleigh sighed, “No way, this man is old, his youthful passion has long since disappeared, and now he just wants to live a relaxed life.”

Lin Tian narrowed his eyes and looked in disbelief. It seems like people like you will never be a helpless old man. Even Hancock looked at Rayleigh with an expression of disbelief on her face when she heard him.

Seeing Rayleigh talking intimately with her husband, Hancock felt irritated at that time and said angrily: “Rayleigh, you have to be honest if what you say is not true!”

“Older sister!” Marigold and Sandersonia felt very bad when they heard their older sister’s rude words.

Rayleigh could only smile wryly as Hancock exposed the truth about him. But Lin Tian looked at Hancock with admiration in his eyes.

Feeling Lin Tian staring at her, Hancock flushed red, touched her chest, and quickly gasped, “He’s looking at me … Does this show that he’s really in love with me? This is … a feeling of love !! !!!”

“Young man, as a Marine Soldier, will you arrest me?” Rayleigh looked at Lin Tian and asked in curiosity.

Lin Tian felt speechless to answer Rayleigh’s question. If I am stronger than you, I will definitely arrest you. Even though Lin Tian was confident in his own strength, he still wasn’t sure if he could beat a legendary pirate-like Silvers Rayleigh.

“Of course, if you are willing to accompany me to the Marine Headquarters as a prisoner. But don’t blame me if the food at Marine is not good. At least it’s still edible.”

Even though he couldn’t beat Rayleigh physically, at least he could still make verbal attacks.

“Hahaha … interesting, interesting, it’s a very interesting answer!” Rayleigh heard for the first time.

“Unfortunately, I still want to work for the next few years. When the time comes, if I no longer want to do it, I will try to eat Marine food. Then, I will rely on you to take care of me.”

Hearing Rayleigh’s words, Lin Tian moved the corner of his mouth unnaturally, feeling that the old man in front of him only thought of Marine Headquarters like a tavern, and he also wanted Lin Tian to take care of him.

Think carefully. Silvers Rayleigh has a strong ability, and he just has to go whenever he wants to go. No one at Marine Headquarters can stop him.

Lin Tian said, “Really? I don’t think so. That smelly old man is still energetic now. Silvers Rayleigh, you are too confident.”

“Smelly old man? Who is the smelly old man?” Rayleigh asked in confusion. Nobody he knew was called the ‘smelly old man.’

Oh! Lin Tian patted his head, “That old smelly old man is Monkey D. Garp, and that stinky old man often said that you are an unpredictable person.”

“Garp that bastard? After all, I haven’t seen him since our captain was arrested.”

Speaking of this, Rayleigh was lost in memory. When the captain had not yet become Pirate King and found One Piece, he often encountered Garp and was often chased by him almost to despair, but in the end, he always escaped Garp.

“I almost forgot, what I know, you are that bastard Garp’s student, huh? How is that bastard now? I haven’t seen my old friend in years,” Rayleigh was eager to know how his old friend was.

Lin Tian thought for a moment and answered Rayleigh: “Not bad. In general, he has good teeth, a good stomach, a good body, good food, and lots of snacks, and he can live for many more decades.”

Although Lin Tian always referred to Garp as a ‘smelly old man,’ in truth, Lin Tian had great respect for Garp. Because Lin Tian knew that even though he was quite old, Garp could still take care of himself.

“Really? No wonder that bastard still has time to accept a student. Since you are bastard Garp’s student, you can call me uncle. But this bastard is very lucky. He has a good student and has lots of snacks. It really makes me jealous,” Rayleigh smiled and praised.

“Very well then, Uncle Rayleigh!”

After knowing that Lin Tian was a good student, Rayleigh’s attitude towards Lin Tian was much better, but this was also related to Lin Tian’s extraordinary performance.

As a 13-year-old kid, Lin Tian, who knew who this old man actually dared to face himself, he could calm down and manage the situation.

Rayleigh felt that he couldn’t understand the child’s mindset in front of him. At least if the child was himself, he couldn’t even behave like Lin Tian.

Seeing Rayleigh being so optimistic about Lin Tian, ​​Shakky’s eyes showed a hint of shock. Lin Tian was a very talented Marine Soldier, and she would be happy if he could get along well with Rayleigh.

After spending years with Raleigh, Shakky knows just how great Rayleigh is.

As vice-captain of the Roger Pirate King, Rayleigh had met so many strong people and geniuses that many people looked up to. Since the rise of the Pirate King era, the only pirate Rayleigh could praise for was Red Hair Shanks, one of the Four Emperors.

In fact, Rayleigh didn’t understand much about Lin Tian. The reason why he recognized Lin Tian was that Garp made him his disciple.

After many battles with Garp over the years, Rayleigh knew Garp well, and he was able to convince Garp to make him his disciple, which showed Lin Tian’s immense potential.

Beside him, Hancock was still imagining, her fingers continuing to draw a circle, “We’re married, should we have a honeymoon, but we haven’t had a wedding yet, so this shouldn’t be considered a wedding, but she’s all other people doing it. . “

Lin Tian was still very happy about Rayleigh’s praise. There weren’t many people in this world that The Dark King Silvers Rayleigh could praise.

“However, if I tell my teacher that Silvers Rayleigh is here, I’m afraid he will be very eager to come after you.”

“Forget it.” Rayleigh waved his hand with a reluctant expression.

“That bastard always wanted to catch me, but he never made it. If he found out I was here, and the two of us were fighting, the island would be in danger.”

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