Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 39


At this time, the street outside the bar was very busy. There were countless heavy footsteps.They were not hawkers who used to mutually shouting at each other, they have all disappeared, and the rows of shops that were usually open at night are now not engaged in buying and selling.They were countless Marine Soldier. The streets, rooftops, and some shops were full of Marine Soldier, and their eyes were fixed in one direction on a bar.On the building’s roof across Youyuan Bar, a Vice-Admiral was standing on the edge, watching Youyuan Bar. Next to him were several officers at the Commodore level and above who sat together.If ordinary people saw this sight, they would be shocked. There were Vice-Admiral to Commodore officers all standing and standing by here. Now they were just looking at a bar that looked unremarkable.The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian looked away, looked at a Commodore, and asked: “How are the arrangements and evacuations here?””Everything has been done. The people within a mile centered on this bar have been evacuated by us, and we have deployed soldiers at every intersection, and no one can escape.”Hearing the Commodore’s report, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian smiled wryly, “I’m not afraid of others running away, but I’m afraid how many people will survive the G-7. After all, he’s the legendary pirate Silvers Rayleigh.”#Note: I would like to shorten Marine Seventh Branch to ‘G-7.'”Vice-Admiral, although Silvers Rayleigh is great, he will not stand against us simultaneously. Here we have a lot of elite troops from the G-7”, said one Commodore arrogantly.Regarding the arrogance of a Commodore, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian and several Rear-Admirals showed a hint of contempt on their face. They all had the honor of having fought Silvers Rayleigh head-on. He had such strong fighting power; these people still remember him.Even though they were now Vice-Admiral and Rear-Admiral of the Marine Headquarters, they still could not underestimate a problem related to Silvers Rayleigh, even though the G-7 troops also helped.A pirate legend Silvers Rayleigh’s level no longer wins by numbers.Seeing all Commodore who had never fought with the legendary pirate, they looked like frogs in a pond, who didn’t know how vast the ocean was. The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian wondered whether he should kick these morons out of the G-7. If these fools provoke the legendary pirate, it will bring destruction to the G-7.”Even though Silvers Rayleigh is very strong, our luck is not bad this time. We have Marine Hero Vice-Admiral Garp, who happens to be supplying supplies on this island. With Vice-Admiral Garp here, our chances of winning are much greater.”Thinking that Vice-Admiral Garp was also on their side, many of the Marine Soldiers in the G-7 became calmer.The combat power of Vice-Admira Garp is indeed very strong. At that time, Vice-Admiral Garp managed to chase Roger, the Pirate King, until he was cornered. From the story, it can be seen that Vice-Admiral Garp’s fighting strength is comparable to that of Silvers Rayleigh.Just in case, the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian ordered: “Call a slave from below to face me.”On the side, the Marine Soldier responded responsively, “Sir, yes sir!” and then he ran downstairs and carried a middle-aged man.”Tell me about the current situation. If you lie a little, then you will die.”………”Shit! I thought he was a good person. I saved him once, and I never thought that he would betray us.”Seeing the man on top of the building, Lin Tian punched the wall in anger. That man was the man Lin Tian had saved earlier.”Lin Tian, do you know that man?” Shakky asked.Lin Tian looked at Shakky and the others, who also had angry expressions on their faces. He suddenly thought of something and asked, “Do you guys know him too?”Shakky nodded and looked at the man on the roof being interrogated by Marine, with a heavy expression on her face.That man knew a lot about us, and if he told the Marine about us, we would be in grave danger.”That man is one of the slaves of the World Nobles who ran away with Hancock and her sisters. He used to come here to drink at night, and he also knew Hancock and the others. This guy does know a lot about us and the bar. this.” Rayleigh was quite indifferent about the course of action the man would take, treason or not. He had been a pirate for years, so he already knew something like this would happen.Rayleigh had seen too many views of betrayal, exploitation, and conspiracies. Because of that, Rayleigh felt bland towards things like that.Marigold and Sandersonia were also furious, “This bastard, even though we’ve known each other for a long time.””How dare he deceive this beautiful woman, and I will not forgive him.”Seeing the road outside surrounded by numerous Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian showed a hint of worry on his face. Lin Tian, who was very familiar with Marine strategy, understood that the entire army from the G-7 was coming.Although the G-7 was not the most powerful fighting force in the Marine, their combat strength was not weak, with one Vice-Admiral, five Rear-Admirals, and many Commodores. The entire G-7 troop was sent to this bar.They mobilized their entire army, not for Hancock and her younger sisters. If they mustered their whole army, they would have faced off against a very powerful pirate. Only Silvers Rayleigh can create a Marine Branch to mobilize their entire army.”The Marine really didn’t underestimate my presence in this bar. They sent a whole G-7 army around this little bar.” Knowing that he had to face thousands of Marines, Rayleigh did not show the slightest worry on his face. This was not arrogance but absolute faith in his own strength.As an intelligence agent, Shakky’s observations and insights were much intense than ordinary people. Even though all the Marine Soldiers were already on the spot, they only surrounded the bar, and they didn’t attack at all. This made Shakky feel so weird. Shakky couldn’t believe that all these Marine Soldiers were here to visit his little bar.Seeing the Marine facing the enemy, Lin Tian said emotionally: “I didn’t expect the Marine to act so quickly. We just finished discussing our plan here, but the Marine is already surrounded and ready to ambush very quickly!!!”After being a Marine Soldier for a long time, this was the first time for Lin Tian to see a Marine moving so fast. Often several auxiliaries armies came when the problem was resolved.Hearing Lin Tian’s annoyance, Rayleigh glanced at Lin Tian, then laughed, “Hahaha …””Marine Headquarters has very high hopes for Commodore Lin Tian. Now he is on my side, who is a great pirate—and also surrounded by the Great Marine Army. If news of this broke out, what expressions would the Marine Elitists have? “Compared to Rayleigh’s laugh, Lin Tian could only smile wryly if this matter was spread.I am worried about that smelly old man. He will be the first one who won’t let me go. Besides, if that old smelly old man was so nice to me, even if I wanted to leave Marine right away, he will definitely let me.After hearing laughter from the bar, the Marine Soldiers outside immediately became alert before starting operations today.Everyone already knew that the person they would be facing was the legendary great pirate Silvers Rayleigh.The Vice-Admiral and the others who had been informed immediately turned and stared at the bar. But after waiting for a while, there was no movement, and the Vice-Admiral quickly let out a sigh of relief.Then he asked the nearby Marine Soldier: “How soon will Vice-Admiral Garp be here?””Vice-Admiral, according to the information Vice-Admiral Garp just sent, they are already on their way here, and they are expected to arrive in 30 minutes.””How can you two be able to laugh in a situation like this. If you don’t act seriously, we’ll all be in danger.” Seeing Lin Tian and Rayleigh still not joking, Shakky had to remind them of this matter’s seriousness.Seeing that Rayleigh and Lin Tian still didn’t understand the seriousness of the situation now, Shakky explained: “Didn’t you guys see there are many Marine Soldiers outside? They are on standby around us but still not attacking. If I’m not mistaken, they must be waiting for someone who can handle Rayleigh. “Hearing Shakky’s conclusion, Rayleigh and Lin Tian frowned. Now only one person who can handle Silvers Rayleigh is heading there.And that person is Marine Hero Vice-Admiral Garp!

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