Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 51


“That is normal if Marine Soldiers surrounded the pirates?” Garp said happily.

Garp remembers that he was besieging him when he met Rayleigh, so Garp is in a good mood right now.

Compared to Garp’s delight, Rayleigh looked a little displeased, his eyes rolled, and said sarcastically: “Really? I just remembered that you seemed to have surrounded us many times in the past, but you never seem to have succeeded at all.”

Regarding the ‘we’ in Rayleigh’s words, Garp knew very well that it referred to the Roger Pirate Ship Crew. At that time, he surrounded Roger and his group several times until they were cornered.

But whenever Roger and his group didn’t know what to do, there would always be a change at the last minute, and they managed to run.

Therefore, an incident like this has always been a regret in Garp’s heart. When Rayleigh said this in public, Garp naturally felt unhappy.

“Yes, but this time, Rayleigh, you have people you have to protect. So, you won’t be able to run away from me this time.” Garp said triumphantly.

Of course, Garp was just talking. Garp knows very well Rayleigh’s strength. He wasn’t sure he could catch it himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have let her run away many times.

Hearing Garp’s words, Rayleigh’s heart suddenly sank a little. If he were alone, he definitely wouldn’t be afraid of Garp, but now that he had so many people to protect, it would be very troublesome if Garp was planning to catch them.

“If you make it here, it means the G-7 is not strong enough to stop you,” said Garp doubtfully.

Even though he was sure Rayleigh would understand what he meant, but he was still worried that Rayleigh would not slaughter the entire G-7 Unit. Garp still felt a little concerned for the safety of the G-7 Unit. So, to be sure, he said that.

Rayleigh immediately understood the meaning of Garp’s question, and he replied, “Of course they are not strong enough to stop me. I paralyzed them.”

But Rayleigh emphasized his tone in the last sentence. That means telling Garp that his request has been fulfilled.

So, you can’t stop me.

Hearing Rayleigh’s answer, Garp and the Marine Soldier who surrounded Rayleigh and his group were relieved. Garp did not inform Rayleigh of his request to the G-7.

When the Marine Soldiers under Garp’s command saw Rayleigh coming here, they were worried about their comrades in the G-7 Unit.

Garp immediately understood the implication of Rayleigh’s answer, but now that there were so many Marine Soldiers in front of him, if he just let Rayleigh go, it would be too much.

“So, this is Lin Tian’s teacher, Vice-Admiral Garp?” Hancock looked at Garp shyly and thought: “If he was Lin Tian’s teacher, wouldn’t he also be my teacher? And like Lin Tian, ​​I should call him teacher …”.

Sandersonia asked Shakky: “Shakky, is he Lin Tian’s teacher that you are worried about?”.

“Yes!” Shakky said solemnly, “I didn’t expect that he would actually come. We are in a bad situation right now.”

Knowing Garp’s fighting strength, Shakky looked worried as she looked at Garp. Garp’s fighting power was so strong, and he seemed determined to catch them. It would be difficult for her and the others to leave.

Marigold looked confused, “Even though this Vice-Admiral Garp is powerful, Rayleigh will not be beaten easily.”

“It’s not like that!” Hancock suddenly woke up from her thoughts, “Now we are near Rayleigh, and that means we will be a heavy burden for Rayleigh.”

Shakky nodded. She was worried about this, and now she can only wait for how Garp will catch her.

“Rayleigh, I advise you to turn yourself in. Now that so many Marine Soldiers surround you, it is very difficult for you to escape.”

Seeing the besieged Rayleigh, a trace of joy crossed the Marine Soldiers’ faces. If they could catch Silvers Rayleigh, it would be a great honor.

They didn’t even dare to think of such a thing at ordinary times, but now Garp was with them, so it wasn’t impossible to catch Rayleigh.

From Garp’s words, Rayleigh could also hear Garp’s worries.

It wasn’t easy to let these Marine Soldiers let them go.

While Rayleigh was thinking about getting past Garp’s crew, he suddenly discovered that Lin Tian had disappeared from him and was hiding behind. Suddenly, Rayleigh thought of a good idea.

After discovering that that person was Vice-Admiral Garp, Lin Tian hurriedly lowered his head and stood still, afraid the Marine Soldiers would notice him.

After finding that everyone was watching Garp and Rayleigh, Lin Tian slowly stepped aside, took advantage of their interest, and hurried away.

Looking at the wooden box nearby, Lin Tian showed a hint of joy on his face. As long as he was hiding behind that wooden box, he could use his Devil fruit powers to disappear from the Marine Soldiers’ eyes when they weren’t paying attention.

Just when Lin Tian thought he would succeed, suddenly his collar was pulled by someone from behind.

What made Lin Tian panic was that before he could react, his face was exposed. When Rayleigh removed his mask, Lin Tian knew that he would be caught this time.

Seeing Silvers Rayleigh suddenly grabbing his partner and then removing the mask on his face, the Marine Soldiers looked confused.

“Could it be that Rayleigh, feeling that now was the end of his journey, as he prepared to fight here all out?”

But in an instant, Marine Soldiers dismissed this unrealistic idea from their minds.


When the Marine Soldiers saw the face of the man whose mask was removed by Rayleigh, the Marine Soldiers looked shocked. Even Garp was no exception.

Of course, Shakky and the others were the same, and no one expected that Rayleigh would reveal Lin Tian’s identity all of a sudden.

Seeing the people who were stunned, Lin Tian barely smiled and greeted him, “Well, I’ve been away for a long time, and you guys seem to be having fun.”

“Rayleigh, you stinky old man, you tricked me and took me hostage !!” whispered Lin Tian, ​​his tone full of anger.

When Rayleigh grabbed onto him, Lin Tian realized that Rayleigh would most likely take him hostage so that Garp would release them and let them go.

Rayleigh sneered at Lin Tian, ​​”Do you think I’m done utilizing you? Now I’m going to take you hostage, and no one will think that you helped us get here.”

Seeing Commodore Lin Tian being caught by Rayleigh, the Marine Soldiers couldn’t believe their eyes.

“This person is Commodore Lin Tian. How could Commodore Lin Tian be in Silvers Rayleigh’s group ?!”

“Stupid …, I can tell by looking at the situation, it looks like Silvers Rayleigh caught commodore Lin Tian!”

“Yes, surely Silvers Rayleigh caught Colonel Lin Tian on purpose, and he would use him to threaten Marine Headquarters.”

“I didn’t expect Rayleigh to be someone like that.”


“Garp, now the most potential Marine Soldier in the Marine who is your disciple, Lin Tian, ​​is now in my hands. If you don’t let me go, then I won’t guarantee his safety.” Rayleigh threatens Garp.

After speaking, Rayleigh was afraid the Marine Soldiers would not believe him and raised his right hand to Lin Tian’s neck and clutched him hard. Lin Tian’s face immediately flushed red.

“Ahem …” Lin Tian whispered: “Rayleigh, don’t hold me too hard. I’m a little out of breath.”

“Sorry, I didn’t pay attention!” Rayleigh quickly loosened his right hand, letting Lin Tian breathe.

Seeing that the situation had changed dramatically instantly and that his side had gone from threatening to being threatened, Commodore Ander didn’t know what to do.

He asked Garp: “Vice-Admiral Garp, now that Rayleigh has captured commodore Lin Tian, what should we do?”

Garp barked: “What else can I do? Of course, save Lin Tian and catch Rayleigh.”

What made Garp angry wasn’t that Rayleigh caught Lin Tian, but that Lin Tian was actually in Rayleigh’s group.

Garp, who was very experienced, could instantly see that Lin Tian, ​​who was being held hostage by Rayleigh, helped Rayleigh.

He was the only Garp’s disciple. Garp had high hopes for Lin Tian, ​​hoping that Lin Tian would become the strongest Marine Soldier, and Lin Tian lived up to his high expectations.

But now, he has become friends with the legendary pirate Silvers Rayleigh, so Garp must be disappointed and angry.

After Shanks influenced his only grandson to become a pirate, his beloved student is even friends and helps Silvers Rayleigh.

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