Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 66


Seeing a Red Line hundreds of meters high in front of him, Lin Tian couldn’t hide his amazement, even though he had already read the detailed notes about Red Line in the Marine Headquarters documents.

But all he saw was a series of sentences that were less shocking than seeing them with his own eyes.

The Red Line is a land shaped like a ring around the earth that intersects the Grand Line. The Reverse Mountain at the top is the connecting route between the two. Even though the Reverse Mountain was very high, this Mountain had to be passed by all pirates who wanted to enter or exit the Grand Line.

Apart from the Grand Line, another ocean area is divided into East Blue, South Blue, West Blue, and North Blue. Pirates came from various seas from the four seas, and if they wanted to enter the Grand Line, they had to climb the Reverse Mountain, which was above the Red Line.

“Huh?” Lin Tian faced Ander behind him and asked: “Why can’t I see Reverse Mountain? Don’t we have to pass through Reverse Mountain to enter one of the Blue Seas?”

Ander replied: “We are just entering the Red Line area now. So it will take a while to get to Reverse Mountain.”

“Oh, I see.” Lin Tian turned his gaze back to Red Line.

Lin Tian could already see it up close. This whole land was red, without any other color. The top of this land is hundreds of meters above sea level. All over this cliff that was hundreds of meters high, several emerald green plants grew on it.

The sea’s continuous swift currents caused waves up the Red Line to the Reverse Mountain peak.

After watching Red Line for so long, Lin Tian felt bored, and he no longer felt anything that made him even more amazed. After all, this was just high ground that was red-colored. Naturally, people would get bored after seeing it for so long.

However, the situation didn’t let Lin Tian feel bored any longer. Carried by the swift current, pushed by the sea breeze, the battleship quickly approached the Red Line, and Lin Tian could gradually see the Reverse Mountain.

A colossal mountain shadow appeared in front of Lin Tian. As the battleship got closer, the Mountain’s shadow became bigger and clearer. Lin Tian couldn’t describe the words seeing such a vast mountain, and he could only be amazed and shocked. The large Mountain is between the heavens and the earth, and you won’t be able to see the whole figure because it’s too big; you can only see the thick mountainside.

Reverse Mountain’s height was unknown. To reach the top, you need to go through the clouds above the slopes of the Mountain. Although Lin Tian had never seen the Himalayas directly in his previous life, it seemed that the height of this Mountain was not that different.

The Red Line and the Grand Line are giant rings that intersect, and they have intersection lines that connected.

Reverse Mountain, also known as Mount Livas, is a mysterious and dangerous mountain and is the Blue Seas trail entrance.

In Reverse Mountain, five pathways were connected, it had a waterway that flowed in and out of four directions, and water flowed down four channels to the top of the Mountain.

The four routes connect to four different marine areas: East Blue, South Blue, West Blue, and North Blue. And the last line is a line that connects all the lines of the four seas to the Grand Line.

There are four entry lines from the five lines and one exit, meaning you can only enter from the exit route to enter the Grand Line, and the position after entering is the starting point of the route.

Reverse Mountain is the starting point of the Blue Seas route and is also commonly thought of as the end of the Blue Seas route because the other side of Reverse Mountain is the end of New World.

The ends and starting points were on either side of Reverse Mountain. This Mountain is arguably the most iconic object in the world. So far, no one has been able to reach its peak. Just by entering the Grand Line and staying inside, you can get parts of the world.

And the ocean behind Reverse Mountain is Laugh Tale, an island that holds treasures of wealth, fame, and power in the world of One Piece.

On the other hand, the world’s greatest secret is also buried there.

As Luffy said, this is a mysterious mountain.

“Hey, Lin Tian, ​​are you that surprised?” Ander stood and looked at it, his face filled with surprise.

“Yes.” Lin Tian nodded and replied, “How could such a peak come into being? This world is truly mysterious.”

“Yes! Even though I have seen it many times, I still can’t stop being amazed when I see this Reverse Mountian.”

At this time, the other Marine Soldiers also saw this vast Reverse Mountain, and their eyes were shocked. No matter who, no matter what position you are in, you will definitely be surprised when you see this Reverse Mountain.

Seeing the rushing current under the ship, Lin Tian felt a little confused, even though the boat could go against the current. But it also depends on the environment. You said that with a wooden sailing ship propelled by the wind, you could rush to this not so high Reverse Mountain.

Even though this is only a comic book world, things like logic don’t work here, but this kind of thing is absolutely impossible. It’s just like a weird dream.

Oh! No, this can’t be said to be a dream. Ordinary dreams can still come true and can be logged. I don’t know what to describe when I write it. I am speechless. I had written so much before Lin Tian asked.

Lin Tian asked, “Commodore Ander, how do we get to East Blue? If you don’t tell me, we will immediately enter the boundary.”

Seeing the direction Lin Tian was pointing, Commodore Ander said to himself: “How is this possible, Lin Tian? Your joke is not funny at all”.

Call! Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief.

“Then how are we going to East Blue? There is no wind on the two barriers flanking this Grand Line,” Lin Tian asked suspiciously.

Commodore Ander smiled faintly. “Yes, it should be all over the Blue Seas. We can go any direction.”

“Could it be … we are in the Calm Belt area ?!” Lin Tian wasn’t sure of his conclusion, so he asked in a flat tone.

It looks like it’s true!

“Hahaha…!” Lin Tian couldn’t help but laugh when he heard Ander’s words, “Commodore Ander, your joke is not funny.”

There is no wind in the Calm Belt, and the whole sea level is very calm there. This environment is very disadvantageous for ships that the wind must drive. To move a ship in this area, we have to rely on our own power to row the ship.

But this is not the real problem. The Calm Belt area is a Sea King’s lair, and many Sea Kings are living there. It isn’t easy to get out of this area.

Since there are old people who smell, we don’t have to worry about Sea Kings, but our ships won’t be able to withstand so many Sea Kings attacks. If the ship is destroyed, we will all die, let alone someone who ate a Devil Fruit.

Ander said sternly, “This isn’t a joke. We are in the Calm Belt.”

“Uh …” Lin Tian didn’t know what to say.

“Dr. Vegapunk has added a sea stone lying on the hull of Marine warships so that the Sea Kings will consider this warship as part of the sea so that the Marines will be able to pass through the Calm Belt safely. This is the advantage of our warships.”

If the person doing this research is Dr. Vegapunk, then this method is sure to work. That old man was considered a scientist who had various scientific achievements 500 years ahead of current technology. This must be something the old man made when he felt bored.

“But have any battleships tried it?” To be sure, Lin Tian asked a question.

Ander shook his head, with a hint of concern on his face. “No, our ship is the first to be installed, so we are part of the test object of this method.”

“Is it true that no one has tried it yet? I’m not sure about this method. The old man’s experiments also fail many times.”

“We have no choice but to advance through the Calm Belt.”


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