Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 7 Six Marine Styles


Under the bright white moonlight, the earth seemed to be coated in silver.

In such a world without industrial pollution, Lin Tian was standing on a wasteland under the moonlight.

In the silent night, the faint sound of wind and insects’ noise coming from all directions, Lin Tian thought he was in that primitive jungle in this kind of environment.

At this time, Lin Tian wanted to close his eyes to feel the breathing of all things. Suddenly he felt a wind approaching him.

Lin Tian’s eyes opened, and he popped four Death Orbs directly backward while his body rolled to the side.

The Death Orbs had been the name Lin Tian had just given to the black balls he had ejected.

Once this powerful black ball exploded, several meters around it would be wholly destroyed, symbolizing death.


Four explosions came from behind him, caused intense fire and waves of air.

When Lin Tian thought he was safe, a fist appeared before his eyes, changed direction, and hit his head.

When Lin Tian looked up, he saw that Garp was standing in front of him with one fist raised, looked at him.

Lin Tian rubbed his head. He didn’t have a good thing to say, “You stinky old man, always sneak and attack me at every time.”

“Little brat, how did you aware of my sudden attack,” Garp asked curiously.

Just now, Garp used ‘Shave’ to attack Lin Tian. He quickly rushed towards Lin Tian. After that, his next move was to punch Lin Tian with his mighty fist.

But unexpectedly, he was discovered by Lin Tian and catapulted four powerful little balls at him.

“I actually didn’t understand what was going on, I seemed to hear a lot of voices just now, but I suddenly felt a different sound coming from behind. But I didn’t expect it to be you!”

Garp said unconcernedly, “Forget it. I don’t have anything to do with it anyway.”

Although Garp looked don’t care, he was shocked by Lin Tian’s talent in his heart. From Lin Tian’s words, Garp had understood that Lin Tian had touched the threshold of Observation Haki. As long as he possessed an opportunity, Lin Tian would awaken Observation Haki.

But looking at this situation, Lin Tian had comprehended it unintentionally. If Garp told him now would still create a psychological burden on him, it was better to naturally let him take its course.

Garp didn’t forget his purpose, “Bastard, what do you want to learn.”

“There’s no need to say it. Of course, it’s the Six Marine Styles,” Lin Tian said.

The ‘Six Marine Styles’ were divided into six moves. They were the Lunar Step, the Finger Lance, the Barbra Kick, the Shave, the Paper Draw, and the Iron Block. It was a physical technique for surpassing the limits of human physical ability.

Iron Block: The durability of the body you have trained to be strong will make it as hard as iron. Even bullets and swords couldn’t penetrate it.

The drawback was that you couldn’t move freely when using the Iron Block. The principle was to speed up the blood flow and make the muscles harder.

Paper Draw: You could use your whole body to dodge an attack directed at you by changing the airflow created by your opponent’s movement.

Lunar Step: Jumping and kicking in the air to change the trajectory before falling. With this aerial movement body technique, you can launch attacks from the air without leaving your foothold.

Barbra Kick: You don’t kick at the enemy to deal damage, but rather, you kick at high speed to create a vacuum.

Finger Lance: Gather all the power of your body on your index finger and use your hardened fingers to deliver a lightning strike.

The fingertip has the attack power of a bullet and can easily penetrate the body.

Simply put, the Six Marine Styles was a combination of constant training and a unique technique of power generation. It could make the human body do some superhuman movements.


It was not easy to get Garp to talk about all of this in one breath.

“And what I’m going to teach you now is the ‘Shave’ that is often used in the Six Marine Styles, whether it’s attacking or dodging.”

Lin Tian asked, “So do I have to keep running like those navy soldiers on the training ground?”

Garp shook his head and took out two black cloth bags, “Since it’s devil training, how can it be like those marine soldiers.”

“I filled these cloth bags with special metal, and each bag has these fifty pounds. From today you will tie these two cloth bags on your feet, and you not allowed to take them off.”

Under Garp’s supervise, Lin Tian finally began the first training since he came to this world, and this was the beginning of Lin Tian’s path to becoming a powerful marine soldier.

Every day during the day, Lin Tian exercised the Six Marine Styles, and at night it was time to be abused. Every night, Lin Tian would fight Garp, and after every fight, Lin Tian would be beaten to death by Garp.


The training periods passed so quickly and horribly, spring and autumn came and went, and Lin Tian had stayed in this world for a year.

Under Garp’s devil training, Lin Tian exercised the Six Marine Styles during the day to improve his physical abilities. And at night, he fought with Garp, developed his abilities continuously.

With a year of training, Lin Tian’s battle prowess had increased rapidly. The ‘Shave’ and ‘Iron Block’ of the Six Marine Styles had been mastered, and now at the Lunar Step, he had touched the threshold.

At the same time, Lin Tian’s body shape was also getting stronger step by step, and now Lin Tian’s physical strength was much stronger than a year ago.

Lin Tian was still incredibly skinny in the past, but now his body was covered with muscles, and his body had grown much taller.

He was also developing his Devil Fruit abilities, and every day he trained with one of the strongest men in the Marine, and it’s thinking of new moves.

Lin Tian’s progress was extremely fast. Not only did he make a few new moves, but he even fused the Six Marine Styles with his Devil Fruit ability.

‘” Boom.”

Lin Tian, who couldn’t dodge, took a hard punch from Garp.

But with Lin Tian’s current strength, how could he be Garp’s opponent? Lin Tian couldn’t even put up a resistance and was always knocked out.

Lin Tian created a soft spatial barrier behind him to stop his knocking momentum.

And by used ‘Shave’, he instantly dodged a blow from Garp.

The moving Lin Tian created dozens of Black Balls around Garp and blocked Garp’s back paths.

That wasn’t all. When Lin Tian stopped in the air, three Spatial Barriers had formed and shot towards Garp.

After these two deadly moves were ready, Lin Tian quickly formed semi-circular Spatial Barriers around Garp, blocked him off.

To prevented Garp from breaking through the Spatial Barriers, Lin Tian maintained it from a short distance.

The first was the Black Balls’ explosion. Still, this powerful force was blocked by Lin Tian’s Spatial Barriers from inside.

Such a powerful force could only be unleashed in a semi-circle. When Lin Tian created these moves, he could imagine how much lethality it would cause.

And the followed move was three Spatial Barriers. Lin Tian instantly divided this semi-circle into six pieces of Spatial Barriers. Those were Spatial Blades.

This was the deadly power, Spatial Blade. The Spatial Blade could cut the space. In other words, if the Spatial Blade cut the space where the object was, not the object itself. By being cut by the Spatial Blade, the object was not in a different space.

So theoretically, there was nothing in the world that the Spatial Blade couldn’t cut through.

But if it was a dead object, there wasn’t much power to change the object’s position, and when space naturally recovered, the dead object would still return to its original state.

But living things can’t, and when the body reunites, the trace of pieces would bleeding, and the living things will die.

However, the Spatial Blade’s attack speed was too slow, so a capable enemy might imagine how much resistance there would be to cut through space.

With Lin Tian’s current strength, the Spatial Blade threw out at full strength was an ordinary dagger’s size.

And it would take a long time to charge. In a real battle, the current Spatial Blade would not be of much use.

So when Lin Tian saw that the Spatial Blade did not cause any damage, he was busy releasing the Spatial Barriers, creating ‘Shave’ and retreating rapidly.

But it was already too late. Garp broke the Spatial Barriers with a single punch. With high speed, he caught up to Lin Tian and countered with a cross-kick.

‘Iron Block’

But the ‘Iron Block’ alone could not sustain Garp’s attack.

Lin Tian was smacked backward by Garp’s kick, creating dozens of meters long gully on the ground. Garp’s kick didn’t hold back, directly smacking Lin Tian, who couldn’t even stand up in battle.

“Stinky brat, good progress, you already able to destroy my clothes,” Garp unwearied his shattered cloak and slowly walked from the side.

He spat out a mouthful of blood. Lin Tian thought helplessly, “This stinky old man is too powerful. I’ve only been able to hurt his clothes after making so much progress in a year. But I couldn’t even withstand a single kick from him.”

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