Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 8 Preparing The Goods


“Bastard, this is the 238th time you’ve lost to me, hahahahahaha…”

Saw that Lin Tian was once again defeated, Garp couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Tian was convinced and said, “You’re a stinky old man. In real fighting, you’re stronger than an Admiral. How could I possibly beat you?”

“Boom,” Garp hit Lin Tian’s head with his love-iron punch.

“Bastard, don’t make so many excuses, you’re the only one who still wants to beat me, and you still need to practice for a few decades.”

Garp said that Lin Tian was still not good enough on his lips, but secretly he was shocked by Lin Tian’s talent. After a year of devilish training, the improvement of Lin Tian’s strength was truly shocking.

The current Lin Tian had mastered all Six Marine Styles, and at the same time, Lin Tian’s development of his Devil Fruit abilities had progressed tremendously.

Lin Tian’s real strength should now be comparable as Marine Captain, and that battle just now was not Lin Tian’s real strength as Lin Tian was still restricted by hundred pounds of sandbags strapped on his legs.

While being shocked by Lin Tian’s progress, there was also worry that came with it. After one year lived together, Garp understood that Lin Tian didn’t have much strong sense as the ordinary marine soldier.

Lin Tian had his own view of good and evil, and he had his own view of judging someone in Lin Tian’s mind.

Garp also clearly understood the Marine’s dark side. So Garp was afraid that Lin Tian would betray the Marine one day if he were disappointed by the Marine, and a genius, this powerful standing against the Marine was a massive threat to the Marine.

“Forget it, and it’s still early to worry about. It’s useless to think so much” Garp shook his head, banishing those unnecessary thoughts from his mind.

Garp looked at Lin Tian, who was rubbing his head and cursing quietly at the side. Garp had a sincere smile on his face. In this one year together, Garp had already treated Lin Tian like his own grandson.

“Stinky brat, your strength hasn’t improved much in the past half a month or so,” Garp commented on Lin Tian’s strength as usual.

Lin Tian eagerly asked, “Yes! Stinky old man, what’s going on, even the portion of my training hasn’t decreased in the past half month, why isn’t my strength improving.”

Lin Tian was also very anxious and worried about his strength not improving in the past half a month.

Garp said with a serious face, “You improved your strength too quickly some time ago. That caused your foundation is unstable, and you’ve encountered a bottleneck”.

After Garp reminded him, Lin Tian now recalled that this was indeed the case. The strength in front of himself was simply one day at a time, it was like riding a rocket, and it was normal for his foundation to become unstable.

When Lin Tian realized the seriousness of the problem, his face was solemn, and he asked, “Then is there any good solution?”.

There is!

“Right now, you are stuck in an unstable foundation, so the best thing to do is to stop this training and encountered the real life and death battles to integrate what you’ve learned. Only in real life and death battles can stimulate one’s potential.”

Lin Tian nodded thoughtfully, the method that Garp said was indeed the most suitable and effective for the current self, but it was also the most dangerous.

Garp looked that Lin Tian didn’t answer for a long time, then he thought that Lin Tian was afraid and wanted to retreat from the danger, “What, are you afraid?”.

“No, I was just thinking of what I should bring.”

Garp was shocked at first, followed by a loud laugh, “Hahaha…that was my stinky brat.”

“That’s it, brat. Come down to the dock yourself tomorrow morning and prepare your stuff, so you don’t die easily then”.


By dragged his weary body, Lin Tian arrived at the room he was set to. It had been a year in the Marine Headquarters, and although Lin Tian’s battle prowess was comparable to a Captain, Lin Tian’s rank was now only a Captain because of his lack of battle achievements.

Although there were many people of such rank in the Marin Headquarters, there were not many remote places with immense power.

But a single room was still available.


Lin Tian walked into the small room that belonged to him, not even bothering to switch on the lamp. Lin Tian directly laid down on the bed.

Over the past year, he had slowly wonted himself into this world. In his previous life, he was just an orphan and didn’t have any relatives.

Therefore, Lin Tian had nostalgia for his previous life, and now Lin Tian was already in his heart and saw himself as a different person in this world.

He had also stayed at the Marine Headquarters for a year and hoped to make his way to the Grand Line at first, but Garp wouldn’t let him. Now was his time to leave. Lin Tian felt a bit reluctant.

After lying down for a while, Lin Tian also started to pick up the goodies. After searching for half a day, he searched out a backpack and stuffed a few changes of clothes in it, and put a permanent magnetic needle.

After placing these items, he looked at the backpack that looked empty. That time Lin Tian realized that he didn’t have anything to put in it and laughed.

He took down the sword that was hanging on the wall. This sword wasn’t like the other sword in this world; the swords in this world were not suitable for Lin Tian. Lin Tian didn’t want to use a sword like that.

There were not only elite marine soldiers gathered in the Marine Headquarters. There were also many an expert forging here.

After all, with such a massive army, there was no telling how many weapons they would have to use every day.

So Lin Tian had found a famous forging master, who knew Garp. Lin Tian asked him to forge a special weapon, that was a sword from his previous life.

As a result, that master, who had been saved by Garp back then, heard that it was the weapon Garp’s apprentice wanted. He took out all of his family’s heirlooms, and he spent more than a month forging an extremely sharp sword.

But then, Garp figured out that he made the sword with too many efforts. In the end, he was beaten up by the angry Garp and had to lie in bed for a few days before he could get out of bed.

The sword was over a meter long and ten centimeters wide. The head of the sword was pointed, with a double-sided open blade that was so sharp that it could be said to cut iron like bamboo.

With carried the sword behind his back and taking a last look at his room, Lin Tian gently closed the door and headed outside.

Although the sky was still dimming now, some marine soldiers had already woken up and were exercising on their own in the Marine Headquarter yard.

Lin Tian carried a backpack on his shoulder and slowly walked down the road. As the port wasn’t far from where Lin Tian lived, Lin Tian didn’t take much time to reach the port side.

Garp had already waiting at the port, and the marine soldiers who were coming and going were continuously carrying essential supplies to the ship and a substantial amount of ammunition.

This time Garp could be prepared to go out for quite some time. Of course, some things that were not easy to resupply had to be brought more.

In the Grand Line, where the pirates were rampant, the Marine also did not have many safe and reliable supply points.

“Hey! Stinky old man, are you deliberately trying to trap me at this rate of transportation? I’m afraid it will take until noon to finish the transportation!” Lin Tian was very dissatisfied and said.

Last night Garp let Lin Tian go back so late and then made him get up too early in the morning. Harmfully, he had only slept for two hours last night and still has no spirit.

Garp smiled and said meaningfully, “It’s just so slow to move. That’s why I want you to come this early”.

Lin Tian carried a large box in one hand and looked at Garp not far away with an angry face.

“Dang, this stinky old man told me to get up so early to be the porter.”

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