Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 97



Lin Tian pulled out a long black sword and accurately blocked the enemy’s sudden sneak attack. 

From a glance, the one who held the sword was just a grey-haired old man, but his deadly eyes and tall body betrayed the assassin’s actual age. 

“Kid, our goal is just this little girl. You’re just an outsider. You have nothing to do with this girl.” This assassin saw Lin Tian’s action earlier. He realized that Lin Tian is no ordinary man. He would have to spend a lot of time killing this kid. 

When that powerful expert reaches him, he would have no chance of killing the girl. So, this assassin wanted to use words to make Lin Tian go away. But this assassin obviously misunderstood. Lin Tian was not the kind of person who was greedy for life, fears death and just escapes. 

Lin Tian didn’t say much. He flipped the long sword in his hand and sent several sword lights to attack the assassin. Even if Lin Tian didn’t know Ai Siqi, he would have stood up and helped out in this kind of situation. Not to mention his very shallow relationship with Ai Siqi. How could he leave Ai Siqi?

When Lin Tian was about to hug Ai Siqi and attack him, the assassin quickly backed up a few steps, avoiding Lin Tian’s attack.

Suddenly he noticed something crawling up his leg, making him unable to move even a little bit. His body was slowly descending into the ground. 

Looking down, it turned out that the ground on which Lin Tian was standing just now has become a swamp and was trapping his legs. 

“Ability User. He’s an Ability User.”

Before Lin Tian could do anything, several powerful clay balls shot out from the swamp while another assassin appeared slashed powerfully towards him. 

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian immediately realized that the assassin was talking just now not only to persuade Lin Tian to retreat but also to attract Lin Tian’s attention. 

He trapped Lin Tian for an instant and sent out two powerful assassins to attack Lin Tian. These two assassins cooperated almost perfectly.


With a wave of his left hand, a space shield enveloped their attacks, stopping the earth balls in midair.

However, it was not over yet. Lin Tian suddenly waved the Black Sword in his right hand. The Black Sword turned into a black round shield, blocking the slash. 


A powerful explosion sounded. Several escaping pedestrians were blown away instantly, knocking down countless people and killing them without letting them know what hit them.

This explosion also exposed Lin Tian and Ai Siqi’s location.

The guards who were looking for them in the crowd quickly moved closer to them but there were still some remaining assassins.


Among the crowd, there was a group of people who neither ran away nor approached. They just stood quietly and watched the situation develop.

“Young Master, the crowd is too chaotic right now. Do we want to catch that girl? If we use that girl as a hostage, we will definitely get 1,000,000,000 Berries. We can move our plan forwards a lot with that much.

“Yeah.” several other people on the side echoed. 

“No, it’s not that simple here.” A trace of bright light flashed in the man’s eyes, “I’ve only seen some tiny fish here. Those large ones have not come out yet.” 

“Now that the experts on both sides are gone, we’re still waiting?” 

“Young Master, do you want to wait until later to move?” a man speculated. 

The man said meaningfully, “No, I won’t make a move. This whirlpool is not so easy to enter.” 

“Why? The scene is so chaotic currently, is it not a good opportunity?” 

“Stupid!” the man loudly shouts, “Since this girl has been found, there’s not a chance anymore.”

“Yes! Yes!”


“OPEN!” Lin Tian loudly shouted. A powerful force repelled the mud on his feet. 

But under the control of the Ability User, countless waves of earth rose from the ground. Lin Tian and Ai Siqi were buried in an instant, leaving only a ball made of earth in their place. 

Seeing these two people trapped, the secret assassin showed a sneer. Encased in such soil, the two people inside will die painfully within a few seconds. 


A loud shout sounded from the earth ball. Followed by a shockwave, the whole earth ball burst open. 


The earth ball’s defense is extremely high. It can’t even be blasted open by a large cannon from the outside. Not to mention bursting it open from the inside. 

Countless hard clods exploded out in all directions. With lethal power, they shot towards the fleeing crowd outside. 

Looking at the sky full of dirt, everyone’s faces were covered with horror. They rushed forward for fear that rocks would hit them if they fell behind. 

The shocking thing is that these rocks were suspended in midair. They became motionless. Lin Tian is not a heartless killer, he didn’t want innocent people to lose their lives because of his fighting. 

The smoke cleared…

The scene where Lin Tian hugged Ai Siqi’s silhouette gradually appeared in front of everyone. There was a gleam of light in his eyes, Lin Tian stared at one silhouette in the crowd carefully. Then the murderous aura ripped out from him, pointing directly to the silhouette.

Feeling this strong murderous aura, a trace of horror appeared on the assassin’s face. This kid’s murderous intent was actually stronger than him. How many people did this teenager kill? 

Knowing he was discovered, the assassin turned and ran. The assassin understood that he was not this kid’s opponent and the kid might kill him if he stayed any longer. 

The assassin wanted to escape but he had to beg Lin Tian for his life because the stones in midair, under the control of Lin Tian, gathered together and formed a giant lance. 

Lin Tian extended his hand finger lightly and the lance attacked the sword-wielding assassin who was also preparing to escape.

The assassin pulled out the long sword in his hand, quickly swung out one powerful slash after another to cut the whole lance into pieces.

But, no matter how much the man cuts the lance, under Lin Tian’s control these broken stones could still kill the man. 


The man took a deep breath and the long sword in his hand spun quickly, forming a huge air current out of thin air, blowing away all the stones. 


The man looked at his long sword that fell on the ground. His eyes flashed with puzzlement. How could his sword be on the ground? And why is the body standing by the side feel so familiar? He looked slightly up. There was no head on the body. The man’s eyes finally showed his realization. It was his own body.


Putting away the huge black round blade, Lin Tian didn’t even look at the dead assassin and pursued another assassin who fled into the crowd. 

Lin Tian stopped just a few steps after chasing because someone else had already taken action. He didn’t need to chase anymore.


A sword flashed.

The escaping assassin split into two halves instantly and fell to the ground with a scream.

Retracting the rapier in his hand, Uncle Teng leapt light and came to Lin Tian’s side. Seeing that Lin Tian and the Young Lady in the arms of Lin Tian were fine, Uncle Teng was immediately relaxed. 

“Young Lady, how are you?” Uncle Teng looked at Ai Siqi, who was tightly wrapped in Lin Tian’s arms and asked softly. 

Hearing the familiar voice of Uncle Teng, Ai Siqi parted away from Lin Tian’s arms and looked at the corpses that were strewn everywhere with a trace of fear in her eyes. 

Forcibly suppressing the fear in her heart, Ai Siqi asked: “…Uncle Teng, what’s going on?

If Lin Tian hadn’t tried to save her and stayed by the side just now, she would have died. Ai Siqi felt that she needed to understand what happened. 

“These are the enemies of Master. They knew that Young Lady sneaked out. So, they hired many assassins to kill Young Lady.” 

Uncle Teng didn’t want Ai Siqi to understand too much, so he just condensed the story down to a few sentences. 

Lin Tian knew that this matter is not that simple. There must be a huge game behind this but it was all done in secret. 

The easiest way to understand this is to notice that those four powerful black-clothed persons did not appear at this moment. Clearly, there were many things still hidden in the dark. 

“Young Lady, it’s great that you are fine!”

The manager passed through many layers of people and finally saw that the Young Lady was fine. His heart that had raised to his throat finally fell back to his chest again. 

Seeing these guards who arrived late, Uncle Teng showed a trace of anger on his face and yelled at them. “What are you doing?! You’re all late!”

Hearing Uncle Teng’s reproach, the manager’s head was sweating like running water. He didn’t even dare to wipe it, so he quickly explained. “Yes! The crowd just now was really chaotic. The scene was very crowded, so we arrived a bit late.” 

Uncle Teng had something else to say, but Ai Siqi took a few steps and came to Uncle Teng. She said firmly. “Forget it, Uncle Teng! They’ve done their best, so don’t blame them.” Hearing the Young Lady speak for them and Uncle Teng stopped his following sentence.

But at this moment, the man in a suit next to the manager suddenly exploded into motion…

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