Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 31 Absolutely


A few minutes later, Rozen and Mashu left the tower because it was too dangerous for them to stay there.

Mashu and Rozen looked at each other and felt awkward.

“That … Are you okay, senpai?” Mashu asked.

“…… I’m okay, no problem.” Rozen said.

“A … Are you feeling okay with that body?”

“This is fine.” Mashu answered.

“That’s … That’s good.”

“Yeah …”

After a brief conversation, those two were silent. Mashu wanted to break the silence, but…

“What happened to you.” Rozen asked Mashu in a calm tone, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but Mashu, you have indeed become a servant, am I right? “

Rozen wanted to confirm it first.

If that was true, Rozen could send his magical power into Mashu and could use a command spell on her.

That meant…

“You signed a contract with me as a servant, right?”

Mashu nodded.

“I did form a contract with senpai, and I get the servant’s power, but I am not a normal servant.”

Mashu paused for a while and said.

“I become a demi-servant.” Mashu explained.

When Rozen heard Mashu’s explanation, a bitterness shrouded on his heart.

“… Is that so …?”

Demi-servant was an artificial servant created by humans.

Although the so-called servants have inhuman power and could fight for the master, they were the heroes, legends of the past. All of them had unique dreams and beliefs. But the fact that they were serving under someone called master, was a bit unreal, but it was all possible thanks to magic.

But servants are being who possessed their own will and ego. They might betray their master, disobeyed the command, and even harmed their master, so their master won’t use the command seal.

Sometimes there will be cases where the servants killed their master to prevent them from using the command seal.

The command seal was the absolute command but could only be used three times. The command seal was to force the servants to obey the master’s command.

Chaldea worked hard on that magic so it could be integrated with their heroic summoning system. However, Chaldea’s command seal didn’t focus on dominating but specialized in supporting.

Abandoning the absolute command, the command seal strengthened and healed the servants. It worked out nicely.

Of course, if the command seal was already used three times, the masters couldn’t force the servants to follow their orders.

However, Chaldea’s command seal was different, when the masters already used it three times in one day, the command seal will restore on the next day. So, in other words, Chaldea’s command seal was able to be restored every day.

However, if the servants won’t obey the instruction and must be forced to submit by using a command seal every time, it will cause great trouble when it came to battle.

And Chaldea wanted to solve the fact that the servant needed a lot amount of magical power to maintain their existence in this world. So, they came into a conclusion to…

“Combine humans and servant …”

That was right.

Combining human and servant, that was one of the experiments that were already ongoing more than a decade ago, the 6th experiment of Chaldea.

“By merging with the heroic spirit, the experimental body not only obtained the servant’s power, but it does not need to consume magical power. It is more effective and convenient. Demi-servant.”

Rozen looked at Mashu with bitterness in his heart.

“Is the experiment completed now?”

The demi-servant experiment started more than ten years ago, but it has not been successful so far.

Rozen did not expect that the experiment would be completed under such circumstances.

Mashu said, “After all, I existed for this purpose.”

Rozen couldn’t help but clenched his fists after hearing Mashu’s word.

Mashu was one of the subject experiments, Mashu’s existence in Chaldea only for that reason.

“Really … damn …!” Rozen clenched his fist and could not help but cursed Chaldea.

After that, Mashu’s warm hands held Rozen’s fist.

“Please don’t be angry, senpai.”

Mashu gently held Rozen’s fist with her hands.

Her face showed a warm smile.

“I didn’t think there is anything wrong with this.”

Mashu’s words echoed in Rozen’s heart.

“At least, now I have the power to protect senpai, and I can fight with you as your servant. I’m so happy.”

Mashu was not lying, and she was very grateful to obtain such power.

“I’m grateful for the new me.”

Mashu smiled at Rozen.

However, that girl didn’t know that her smile made Rozen felt distressed.

“She was happy? Don’t joke around.” Rozen thought.

Rozen remembered Mashu’s eyes earlier, Mashu’s eyes described fear.

“I’m happy Mashu can fight with me side by side, but on the other hand, I fear that one day I will lose her.” Rozen thought.

Rozen held Mashu’s hand, and he resolved in his heart.

“I won’t lose her no matter what…”


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