Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 33 Why Are You Here


At the same time, in the corner of Fuyuki City, a young girl was sobbing with exhaustion and walking slowly.

“Really …! What the hell is going on …!” The girl yelled furiously.

There was only one person who would do that in such a situation.

Who else beside Olga Marie?

“The command room exploded. When I woke up, I’m already here. No matter how loud I shouted, no one responded, and I can’t contact Chaldea. How did I end up in this kind of situation?”

Olga Marie shouted really loud, “Lev! Where are you!? Even Lev is disappearing! Anyone who hears me, please respond! I don’t want to stay in this place! Come and pick me up!”

Olga Marie wasn’t the only one there, there was a white thing sticking on her ankle.

“It hurts!” Olga Marie shouted again.

“Fu!” Unexpectedly Fou clung on her leg.

Fou kept clinging and bumping on Olga Marie’s ankle.

“I know! I know! I’ll keep going! Don’t hit me again!”

Olga Marie cried.

“What exactly is this guy? Is it an animal? Or a monster? Why does it appear here? And why is it so fierce to me!?”

Even if Olga Marie was the director, she didn’t know Fou.

“Are you the unique creature rumored to stroll around in the Chaldea? Then you should obey my orders! Chaldea is mine! Since you stay in my property, you should be obedient … It hurts!”

Fou was crying while clinging on Olga Marie.

“Fu … Fufu …!” Fou just shouted at Olga Marie.

Poor Olga Marie, even though she a well-known magus, she was being bullied by such cute animal.

“Really … I’ve had enough …!” Olga Marie cried.


At this moment, Fou stopped bullying Olga Marie, as if it found something, screaming in some direction while running.

Seeing this, Olga Marie panicked.

“Wait … wait! Don’t leave me here alone!”

So Olga Marie quickly caught up to Fou.

As a magus, Olga Marie was an aristocrat, proud, and self-righteous. Due to the pressure of her work, she had a short temper. Still, actually, she was quite a nice girl. She just didn’t like to owe the favors of others. She was so stubborn, very fragile, and timid. Olga Marie was in her twenties, maybe because of all the pressure from her family and her work as a director, sometimes, she became very annoying.

“What a shame, where’s her usual self-righteous and supreme attitude?”

When such sarcasm words passed into Olga Marie’s ear, Olga Marie was panic.


At the same time, Fou leaped into the arms of a young girl with a pleasant cry.

“Fou, did you want to come along with me?”

The girl holding a giant shield was surprised and hugged Fou, who was leaping towards her.

Beside her, a teenager wearing a Chaldean uniform looked at Olga Marie with a smile.

“Ro … Rozen!” Olga Marie suddenly became a little embarrassed.

“Yo, my great director, where is your usual bravado?” Rozen said with a smile.

Olga Marie’s expression was changed.

Because …

“Why are you here !?” Olga Marie became irritated.

Of course, what made Olga Marie even more furious was Mashu’s appearance.

“What’s going on with you? Mashu!”

Olga Marie was shocked.

The fantastic magic wave flowing from Mashu’s body told Olga Marie that the girl in front of her has turn into a servant.

For this reason, Olga Marie could only thing.

“You didn’t even know about that, and you still call yourself a Chaldea’s director?” When he said this, Rozen didn’t show any respect.

Olga Marie couldn’t say a word.


Mashu pulled Rozen’s sleeves and shook her head at him.

“Huh?” Rozen didn’t say anything furthermore.

It was the former director, Olga Marie’s father, who did the sixth experiment with Mashu as a subject experiment, not Olga Marie herself.

Olga Marie inherited Chaldea and became the director, but it has been only a few years.

In this regard, Olga Marie didn’t seem to care about her.

“Firstly, explain to me about the condition.”

By that chance, a group of three people plus one animal was formed and left to enter a building.

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