Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 36 Servants Without Masters


“That is a servant!?”

Olga Marie was holding the black wolf tightly under, and she fled with the black wolf.

“How can that thing be considered as a servant!?”

No wonder Olga Marie had such doubt because Chaldea has only been able to summon a servant three times throughout its long history.

But in Fuyuki city, there were servants everywhere they’re going.

“Didn’t I tell it before? When I arrived here, a servant attacked me.” Rozen tried to explain.

“You haven’t said it to me!” Olga Marie was angry.

Although Mashu already explained how did she has become a servant, she hasn’t described the one attacking her was a servant.

“Even if I didn’t say it, you should be able to guess that much by yourself!” Rozen said it without respect.

“That was because of the Holy Grail War.” Olga Marie realized.

Holy Grail War.

It was a ritual that was extremely rare in the magic world, and every magus called it a miracle among all magic.

The purpose of the ceremony was to get the Holy Grail.

It was a sacred relic that could grant any wish of its holders, and it possessed amazing magic.

The so-called Holy Grail War was a battle to fight over the sacred relic that could grant any wishes.

There will be seven masters participating in the battle, and with the power of rituals, seven heroic spirits with different classes will be summoned from the throne of heroes. They will fight each other until only one remained, and then the holy grail will appear.

Holy grail war was not a secret in the magus world, many aristocrat families knew about this.

And the first singularity took place in Fuyuki City.

Because …

“According to Chaldea, in 2004, Fuyuki City did hold a holy grail war.”

Olga Marie said it with a straight face.

“Are these servants summoned because of the holy grail war in Fuyuki City?”

Because of that, Rozen got attacked by Archer.

“Did they think I’m also participating in the holy grail war?” Rozen solved the mystery.

Every servant will think Mashu and Rozen was a participant in the holy grail war, and they easily got attacked because of that.

“If the Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City is still going on, of course, there will be servants in here.” Rozen’s way of thought was a bit different.

Because holy grail was able to grant any wishes like a miracle, Rozen was interested to learn about it, even Mashu learned a lot from Rozen. But Olga Marie was in a different league.

“Unexpectedly, Chaldea would attract the servants summoned in the holy grail war from every corner of the city …”

Chaldea’s heroic summoning system was perfected thanks to the holy grail in Fuyuki City.

Because of the holy grail in Fuyuki City, many magus learned how to summon a servant.

Chaldea’s Destiny was something that was improved based on Fuyuki City’s summoning system.

“If we want to help Mashu, we must pinpoint the Berserker’s master position.”

Marie thought even though Mashu already got the power of a servant, she knew Mashu didn’t have enough battle experience.

And if Mashu did not specialize in defense, maybe she got a chance to win.

Because of these circumstances, Olga Marie thought she must beat the master first.

“If its master is defeated, he won’t be able to continue fighting!”

Olga Marie could only choose this method because servants needed their master magical power to maintain servants’ existence in this world.

So when their master lost or got killed, servants’ existence will be gone for sure, unless they had a unique ability.

“That won’t work.” Rozen put salt on her wound and said, “If I’m not mistaken, the servants didn’t have a master at all.”

“Didn’t have a master?” Olga Marie was stunned.

“Don’t you realize after we arrive in this city, we haven’t met anyone yet?” Rozen said, “I already sent a group of bird servants to explore the town. They didn’t find any human.”

In other words, there were no living humans in Fuyuki City.

“I am afraid that what happened to this holy grail war caused the destruction of Fuyuki City and the disappearance of all human beings, which brought human history into extinction.” Rozen speculated.

The anomaly was the cause of servants to remain in this world even without their masters.

“So … What shall we do!?”

Olga Marie was helpless.

“Don’t make a sound! Let me think about it!” Rozen glanced at Olga Marie.

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