Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 38 Confrontation Outside The Battle Field


When Rozen and Mashu were preparing to do their best to fight the invincible enemy, a silver-haired man in a combat suit, dark skin was standing on the roof of a high building looking at the scene from a distance.

It was Archer.

“Did they start fighting?”

Archer observed the scene with his clairvoyance.

“The opponent was that mad dog, fighting him is a bit tricky. Judging from her strength, the odds are zero.”

The statement was different from Rozen’s calculations.

That’s because, compared with Rozen, Archer was more familiar with Berserker.

There was another factor why Rozen had zero chance, and that was…

“The opponent is not one, but two. “

After he said that, Archer materialized a bow out of thin air.

Archer watched Rozen’s battle with Berserker from the sideline.

Berserker was like a wild beast on the battlefield who already lost all reason.

“As long as I can complete the task, whether it is assassination or poisoning, I will do it.”

With this mindset, Archer lifted the bow.

And then …

“Watch my movement!”

Suddenly, there was a sound from the sky, and a huge fireball crushed the ceiling.


Archer’s expression changed when the fireball crushed the ceiling.

The flame spread and almost reached Archer, but Archer successfully dodged it.

Archer was sure there was somebody else besides Berserker, Mashu, and him.

“Ah, it was really not my style to make a sneak attack, but in the end, I didn’t succeed at all.” With such a complaint, the mysterious man scratched his head.

Wearing a coat, holding a staff in his hand, and the green navy hair color.

That guy seemed to look older than Archer.

Looking at the man, Archer squinted his eyes.

“Actually, I ran out of magical power.”

That person was Caster.

“Relying on surprise attack method to kill Rider and Assassin successively, and now you are trying to kill me with such dirty move again?” Archer threw a sarcasm, but Caster didn’t care.

“This is just a matter of preference. I would rather face my opponent fair and square than resorting to this method, but if I have no chance of winning, I don’t have other choices. You will do the same, won’t you? Nameless Archer?”

Caster’s words could easily annoy people sometimes.

Archer, however, didn’t feel that way at all.

“Are you going to disrupt my party? You bitch!”

Archer’s hostility made Caster laugh.

“Did you get hit by Saber’s sword? Did you learn to curse someone now? You really are worthy of being that guy’s servant!”

Rozen would laugh if he heard this.

Earlier, when Rozen has just arrived in Fuyuki City, Archer suddenly attacked him without any warning, which really made Rozen puzzled.

But now, it seemed Archer got irritated because of a sneak attack from Caster.

“Obviously, the Holy Grail war is a battle where all the masters and servants fight each other. Now, all of the masters have disappeared. But you guys are siding with the servants you are supposed to kill. You guys are crazy.”

Caster looked at Archer, grinning slightly.

“Now, someone who can change the situation is here.” After he said that, Caster didn’t wait for Archer’s respond, he already turned around.

While those guys were dealing with Berserker, Caster already succeeded in defeating Lancer.

And that news made Archer angrier toward Caster.

Caster laughed at Archer. He told Archer to take the opportunity to kill the enemy in front of him.

Then, Caster raised the staff in his hand and pointed the staff at Archer, and stared. Archer’s eyes became full of rage.

“Lancer, Rider, and Assassin, that might cause trouble were already taken care of. If those guys kill Berserker, all that’s left is only Saber and you.”

“If six servants were already defeated, and I’m the last man standing, will the Holy Grail War be over?”

“It’s easy to predict the result, as long as you don’t interfere, Archer. “

Caster clearly said it on purpose, and Archer’s looked furious.

“Do you think those guys can defeat Berserker without any help?” Archer said.

Hearing that, Caster frowned, but the smile on his face didn’t disappear.

“If you are talking about strength, only Saber is comparable with that mad dog. But those guys have a winning chance if they use Noble Phantasm, right?”

“But how do you know if you don’t try?” For that reason, Caster appeared here.

“As long as you don’t interfere.”

Caster’s purpose was to kill Archer there and then. So Caster could talk with Rozen without anyone disrupting him.

Caster’s words made Archer realized there is someone he must protect, and Archer gradually disappeared and turned into particle.

Seeing this, Caster was relieved.

“Fortunately, that guy is very cautious. Otherwise, I will have absolutely no chance to win this battle.”

“Next …”

Caster turned his head and looked at the battlefield on the other side.

“Don’t let me down, even if I don’t know where that master came from.”

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