Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 50 Rune Magic


If Caster was really Cú Chulainn, an extremely famous legendary hero that no children didn’t know about him, then Archer was only an unknown little pawn compared to him.

Until 2018, even if Archer mentioned his real name to the world, no one could find his name from ancient legends nor myths.

The reason was simple.

Archer was not from the past but from the future.

“Originally, there is no concept of time in the so-called Throne Of Heroes.”

Whether it was past, present, or future, as long as one had a qualification to become a hero, their name would be engraved in the Throne Of Heroes.

In that case, of course, no one knew Archer in that era.

Archer was an unknown hero from a distant future.

That was probably the best way to describe Archer.

“As long as he can complete the task given to him, his name is not important for me.”

With that in mind, Archer stood on the top of the temple in that mountain. He used Clairvoyance to scout his enemies.

He saw a young girl who looked a bit anxious in an outdated noble dress. A sage with a disgusted look holding a wooden staff in his hand. A demi-servant holding a shield and a unique creature on her shoulder.

A young boy who seemed so fragile, but his eyes are full of fighting spirit.

Those four were rushing toward Archer.

“Are you joking with me?” Archer was surprised.

Archer has been waiting there since Berserker has been defeated by those guys.

“Now that the remaining servants have been defeated, it will only be a matter of time before the final battle.”

Archer thought, instead of launching a surprise attack, it was better to wait for the enemy to come closer.

Anyway, he had the advantage if the enemy came closer to him. He was able to monitor and launched an attack from the high ground.

Archer also destroyed the sewers around the mountain, so Rozen’s party couldn’t sneak in from the underground like last time.

“This time …”

Archer’s hand exuded a red light, forming a black iron bow, and he held it firmly in his hand.

Rozen’s party was able to detect Archer’s movement.

“Watch out!”

Mashu’s expression changed, and she raised her shield.

“Is it really the Archer we encounter before?”

Caster smiled, he seemed aware of Archer’s style.

“The opponent is an archer class, and he definitely doesn’t to come here.”

Olga Marie seemed to be prepared for the worst case.

“So …”

Rozen picked up Fou, who was standing on Mashu’s shoulder, gently, and put it on Olga Marie’s shoulder.

Immediately, Rozen looked at the mountain’s direction with a cheerful smile.

“Just act according to our plan and break Archer’s specialty!”

Rozen’s words made everyone around him smile.

Then there was a magical power surging out.

“What the…?”

Archer, who was prepared to shoot, suddenly stopped.

He saw the sudden change of Rozen’s party with his Clairvoyance.

“This is a secret move! Behold!”

Caster shouted, raised the wooden staff in his hand, and he was spinning it then knocked it to the ground.

With the loud sound, a shining rune appeared on the ground, struck by a wooden staff.

That was rune magic, which could be a substitute for magic circles and mantras. The effect of the magic will activate once the rune was engraved, it was the secret technique from Northern Europe.

It took Caster almost no time to activate magic, and in the next second, the ground struck by the wooden staff suddenly protruded, and tree roots were spreading.

As a successor of Rune Magic, Cú Chulainn was often called the Forest Sage when he was a magus.

Caster had mastered it to a certain degree, granting him access to various powerful effects such as the skills of True Magic and Clairvoyance, etc., but he couldn’t use it at the same time.

Now, Caster has exerted his aggressive attack style, sprouting the roots out from the ground, like a bridge, constantly extending toward the mountain.

Rozen’s party was sitting at the tip of those tree roots and approached the mountain with incredible speed as the roots sprouted. And in a blink of an eye, they almost reached the mountain.

“Don’t think you can beat me that easily …” Seeing the enemy approaching at an extreme speed, and hardly gave him a chance to flee, Archer launched an attack.

Since Rozen already had a plan laid out in his mind, he was prepared if Archer wanted to launch a counter-attack.

Suddenly, a giant ant appeared from the ground under Archer’s position.

“The fuck!”

Archer’s attack was canceled by the giant ant.

Caster launched an attack with his rune magic.

Stones were rained down upon Archer.

“Resorting to such cheap tricks like this!” Archer stood up, and while avoiding the stones, he turned his body and tried to kick a stone for his counter attack.

On the backside of the stone he kicked, a rune suddenly appeared.

By the time Archer realized the rune, it was already too late for him.

“BOOM!” The stone exploded.

The stone exploded like a bomb, turning into a heatwave that engulfed Archer.

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