Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 55 The Dark Sword


“Vwooooom!” A sharp sound stung the eardrum.

The arrow imbued with tremendous power was launched at bullet speed, and with the roaring wind, the arrow was aimed straight at Rozen.

No one could predict that in this final decisive battle, but Mashu reacted and saved Rozen from the arrows.


The powerful arrows hit the ground, crushed the surface, destroyed the rocks.

The destructive power was so ridiculous.


“Fuck …!”

That attack surprised not only Mashu and Olga Marie but also Saber.

“What …!”

Archer himself was completely shocked and stunned, but for a different reason.

Archer, who could accurately shot the target from a few kilometers away, missed his target even though he shot from less than 100 meters away.

“What …!”

At this time, Archer felt a tingling sensation in his body. Archer missed his attack because Rozen’s Owl Servant went inside Archer’s body and disrupted Archer’s spirit core.

“You think I don’t know what you are trying to do?”

Rozen wiped the cold sweat dripping from his forehead and showed a very irritating smile to Archer.

“I won’t let you steal the momentum.”

After that, Rozen transferred a lot of magical power through the temporary command seal to Caster.


That was Caster’s magic from his homeland. It burned everything with its raging flame.

“Trace on!”

Archer also did not hesitate to use magic, and he created a shield to block Caster’s flame.

“I won’t let you hit our master again, asshole!”

Caster jumped onto the rock, spinning his staff, and stomped it hard on the ground.

“Try this on for size!”

Archer raised the black bow and launched his arrows.

“What the …!” The runes and arrows clashed and exploded.

At the same time, Saber was burning with dark magical power, and she launched a fierce attack on Mashu.

As if the blacksmith was forging the iron, every time the dark holy sword in Saber’s hand clashed with Mashu’s shield, it sparked.

The shockwave was like an invisible bomb that kept exploding from the clash between the holy sword and the shield.

Mashu could only try to stabilize her body to block Saber’s attack.

“If she uses mana burst so many times, won’t she run out of magical power? Since that move cost a lot of magical power!” Olga Marie said.

That was the benefit of the Holy Grail, which could provide endless magical power, keeping Saber’s magic at its peak performance, and she won’t exhaust her magical power no matter how much she used it.

Thanks to Chaldea’s system, for providing Mashu’s magical power and also Rozen’s magical power has been strengthened so Mashu could use the transient wall of snowflakes without worry.

“That being the case …” Seeing Mashu being attacked by Saber and losing her ground, Rozen did not hesitate to use magic again.

“Magic Summoning System! Evil Spirit Summon!” The evil spirits summoned, and it cost a lot of magical power.

Thanks to Saber’s instinct, she was aware of an incoming attack and she quickly avoided when the evil spirit was about to possess her.

“Are you kidding me!?”

Rozen shouted, then he manipulated the evil spirit and attacked again.

But that was a pity …

“Your cheap tricks won’t work on me.”

Saber’s agility was only D-level. After the reinforcement of mana burst, Saber could move so flexible.

“Then, I won’t show mercy.”

The temperature changed.


With the buzzing sound, Saber’s dark magical power turned into a stream of air, shrouded on the holy sword in her hand.

“Hyaaa…!” The holy sword lighted up and covered with a dark aura.

“Not good!”

Caster, who was fighting Archer, noticed it.

“Is that …!”

Olga Marie was terrified just from watching the battle.


Mashu was speechless.

As for Rozen, he felt chill down his spine.

Among the legends of ancient Britain, there was one of the most legendary great kings.

She pulled out the Sword in the Stone and took the throne.

She was the leader of the famous Knights of the Round Table, the true king of knights.

She won twelve miraculous victories during her lifetime and was considered a mythical legend.

She was given a gift from the elves in the lake and received the second sword of the king. Even after death, she was sent to the beautiful town, where she lived forever. She was also called the king of eternity.

In Britain, even in modern times, there are still people who believe in the king and believe that one day, the king would return from his beautiful town and return Britain to the pinnacle of the world.

Based on fame alone, even if she could not be called the number one in the world, she was on par with the myths and gods.

She was …

“King Arthur!”

The legendary king of ancient Britain, King of the Knights. That was precisely what Saber was.

Now the legendary king of ancient Britain was ready to release her noble phantasm.

It was regarded as the symbol of King Arthur. It was considered to be the most powerful and most famous holy sword standing at the apex of the sword.

It was not humans that forge it, but used humans as raw materials, crystallized inside the planet, produced as the strongest fantasy weapon, managed by the elves, and delivered to the hands of King Arthur by the elves of the lake. God’s weapon.

“Excalibur Morgan!”

When the real name of the strongest and most famous holy sword in this world was liberated, the dark aura streaming out from Saber’s hands.

The next second, the overflowing blacklight turned into an energy vortex on Saber’s hands.

The light beam penetrated space and time and burst out even the air was cut into two.

The target was not Rozen but Mashu.

Mashu took that beam head-on.

“Little girl!”


Caster and Olga Marie shouted at the same time.

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