Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 58 The Original Rune


“Caster!” Rozen shouted, “Come here!”

Caster immediately jumped like a bullet and landed in front of Rozen.

“Boom!” There was an explosive sound around Caster’s body.

Caster’s body was being engulfed by a crazy amount of magical power.

“Although I don’t know what you are going to do, I can’t stop thinking about it!”

Archer was worried about what would happen to him if that kept going on, he decided to launch a surprise attack.

Archer used projection magic to make swords and converted it to arrows, so he could deal a lot of damage.

“Hmph …!”

When Archer was about to shoot, the Owl servant penetrated his body and inflicted some damage to his spirit core.

“Just sit still and watch there!”

Rozen stretched his hand at Archer.

With almost infinite magical power supply from holy grail, Rozen could go crazy. He even could summon evil spirit servants that needed a lot of magical power, and enhanced the damage caused by evil spirit servants fast and fierce and it had greater effects.

“No matter what you are trying to do, you are powerless against the power of this holy sword.”

Saber prepared to launch an attack.

However …

“Then, I just have to seal your noble phantasm first!”

Rozen activated huge scale magic.

The next moment, in the large hole underground, the ant servants hatched from the eggs.

How many ant servants have been swarming the cave?



There might be at least thousands!

And all of them rushed toward Saber.

With the instinct skill, Saber noticed the ants was coming for her from underground, but this time she couldn’t avoid it.

“You can detect my incoming attack. Then you should have known that you have nowhere to hide!”

The ants were swarming the cave, and Saber couldn’t hide from it.


But Saber tried to avoid the attack.

Eighteen of the ants suddenly launched a magic attack from their backs.

Saber could see there was a rune on their backs, and there were some letters on it.

“Is it …” Saber seemed like she was realizing something and stared at Caster.

“The cat is out of the bag. But it’s too late!”

Caster smiled.

“You can have a taste of the original rune magic!”

That was definitely not average magic.

In modern times, only a few could use rune magic.

The original rune magic, was the most primitive and oldest text that Odin, the Nordic god, got from the beginning of time, the true power of the gods.

Caster’s noble phantasm was able to launch these eighteen original rune magic at the same time.

Caster’s noble phantasm could deal Area of Effect damage, nullifying enemy’s enhancing effect, weakening the enemy and even nullified certain noble phantasm.

“I barely can use this magic, but my master this time is really talented that I can use it once more!” Caster shouted.

“Come on! Show them the god’s power!”

Caster activated his noble phantasm.

“Ochd Deug Odin!”

The original Rune characters engraved on the back of the eighteen ant servants, all flashed a dazzling light.

The light illuminated the entire cave.

“That’s it …!”

Saber was holding tight the dark holy sword.

She wanted to overpower it by using her noble phantasm ++ effect.

Unfortunately, Saber did not succeed.

Saber what Rozen said earlier.

“I will seal your noble phantasm!”

Turns out the owl was already inside her.

Saber couldn’t dodge the owl when she was jumping around earlier.

Thanks to that, Saber couldn’t use her noble phantasm.

And now, Caster’s noble phantasm wiped out the entire cave.

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