Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 67 Making Plan For The Future


“Urgh …”

Rozen finally returned to his room after the fierce battle.

“It’s been quite a long day.”

Rozen was lying in bed with such emotion.

Exhaustion began to swallow Rozen’s mind.

Now, Rozen didn’t want to do anything, he didn’t even want to play games.

There was only one thing Rozen really wanted to do.

“Let me have a good sleep tonight.”

Rozen closed his eyes and fell into dreamland.

He slept all day and all night, and no one realized he hasn’t come out from his room, because everyone was busy with their own tasks.

Therefore, even Mashu, who has been following Rozen like a little tail in the past, did not show up, allowing Rozen to enjoy his quality time. He deserved it.

“Is Fou with director?”

Rozen already woke up, and the first thing that came to his mind was Olga Marie playing with Fou.

“It seems that Fou really treats that woman as its companion and juniors, actually that’s good for director.”


Rozen sat on his bed.

Immediately, Rozen closed his eyes and began to check his condition.

‘Magic circuit status … normal’

‘Mana recovery status … normal’

‘Magic endurance status … normal’

‘Everything is normal, no abnormality’

Rozen carefully checked over and over again his status.


“I don’t even know what will happen next.”

Rozen opened his eyes and looked at his right hand.

On that hand, he was wearing a ribbon on the back of his hand.

And his command seal was already recovered. And his command seal became a crimson pattern.

The Heroic Summoning System formed a new command seal, granting Rozen command seal.

After three days, all of Rozen’s command seal would be fully restored, and it would become an important trump card for him.

It’s just …

“That’s not enough, is it?”

Rozen recalled the battle in Fuyuki City, and he dissatisfied with it.

He nearly lost his life in that battle, how could he gain a victory in the upcoming battle?

The other seven singularities might be more dangerous than Fuyuki City.

Rozen must find a way in order to increase his odds of winning.

If his physical power was so weak, then he will use his brain to cover his shortcoming, that was Rozen’s philosophy.

And the easiest way was to form a contract with a new servant.

“As long as I can increase my combat power, the odds will naturally improve.”

In the Fuyuki City, Rozen got big help from Caster to fight his enemies.

Anyway, Chaldea would provide the magical energy he needed. So he wasn’t afraid to exhaust his magical power.

So why not?

“Unfortunately, even for Chaldea, in this kind of situation, there is no way to successfully summon a new servant.”

So Rozen asked Roman about something, “Apart from Mashu, there are two other servants in Chaldea. Can I form a contract with them?”

“Sorry that won’t work.” Roman answered with a wry smile.

“The one in Mashu’s body is experimental servant no. 2 and experimental servant no. 3 already formed a contract, and he is also an important technical staff in Chaldea. I still need him to do his job … no … her … or both … anyway, that’s impossible.”

Rozen learned experimental servant no.2 was in Mashu’s body, and experimental servant no. 3 has formed a contract.

So his last chance was experimental servant no. 1, but…

“… sorry, that won’t work too.” Roman expression was weird.

That made Rozen realized perhaps, Roman knew this mysterious servant.

As a result, his intention to have a new servant ended up in failure.

So the only available option was to train his body.

If summoning magic system could be advanced to the stage where he could summon a superior servant, it will undoubtedly be a great power for him.

“That’s sound too good to be true …”

Rozen sighed.

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