Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 68 The First Journey


Intermediate servants possessed certain special abilities, but they still belonged to the mediocre level after all. The average magus had a way to defeat them.

Like Rozen’s ants, they relied on power and their numbers. They could use the advantage of their number to overcome many situations. The shells and the owl were more conditional. One simply had high defensive power, and the other could only affect the spirit body. Both had very limited use, needless to say.

But superior servants were different.

Even a good magus couldn’t compete with the demon in legends, powerful ghosts, and even servants, all belonged to the superior level.

In other words, once Rozen could summon a superior servant, it will be very helpful for Rozen, even if he was facing a servant. If he met a less powerful servant, he could still emerge victorious with just an intermediate servant. Both will be powerful cards that he could play.

However, because it was powerful enough, it took a lot of magical energy to reach a level where he could summon a superior level servant.

Although magic was a miracle, it was also a science. It required knowledge, qualities, and talents that could be manipulated and used. Without sufficient research and experiments, using it to 100% of its potential would be impossible.

Let’s take Rozen as an example, he has been in Chaldea for three years, he worked diligently and hard enough. In the end, he just learned three kinds of magic and, at most summon intermediate servants.

It needed a lot of effort even for Rozen, who had a lot of potentials, showing how difficult that was, otherwise the summoning system would not be a mystery beyond the reach of a magus. That could be achieved instantly through Destiny or The Greater Holy Grail.

If he was in the age of god, he could do that without the holy grail.

Rozen didn’t have a choice, he couldn’t spend ten years practicing magic, that would definitely not work. By then, people would be burned to ashes.

Then …

“Then, I can only use another way.” What he thought of was Miracle.

“If it was in a different world, then maybe…”

If he was in that kind of world, Rozen might have enough time.

Because, in such a world, he could ignore the people that turned to ash to focus on his improvement, then returned at the same time when he left but with new power.

Because, in that world, the flow of time was completely different from the current world.

Judging based on that theory, Rozen must go to other worlds.

“If I go to another world, then it doesn’t matter if people suffer as long as I could finish this job.” Rozen thought so.

It was a pity …

“If only I can walk through the door…”

Although it can be achieved through the absolute contract, this contract had a lot of restrictions and conditions. Let alone the act of deserting Chaldea, he didn’t even know Mashu and Roman will agree or not.

Therefore, Rozen could only use it as a last resort.

“If in the end there is no way to save humanity, then I will just take Mashu and my brother to another world.”

“Going to a world with a completely different time flow rate from this world, and relying on the law of the world over there, to solve the problem of serious lack of time here.”

That was what happened.

As long as he went to a world where the time flow rate was higher than Chaldea, honing his magic over there, and working hard for the next ten years, the problem will be resolved.

That was what Rozen could think of.

While he was thinking of this method, Rozen couldn’t help but look at the ring on his finger.

“Is this ring destined to help me?” Rozen couldn’t help but think of it.

But …

“If that is the case, I really hope it won’t backfire.”

Rozen thought helplessly.

As mentioned before, using Miracle to open the door to another world and went to other worlds was not easy.

Just like rayshift, to a completely different era, Chaldea needed to continually confirm the vital sign from the present time. Otherwise, that would be great problem.

The same goes for traveling to a different world.

It depended on the ability of Miracles, not rayshift from Chaldea. The issues to be solved are different.

This time, Rozen opened the door of the other world with his flesh traveled directly through the time. His body won’t be spiritualized, and his existence will not disappear.

However, that all meant taking damage will affect his body naturally.

After all, the time-flow of the two worlds were completely different. Rozen’s body might be affected because of the difference in time-flow.

That change would take on two cases.

If the time flow rate was faster than the current world, then Rozen’s body would become younger, and the greater the difference in time flow rate, the younger his body would become.

For example, the time ratio between the different worlds and Chaldea was 10: 1, it meant ten years in the other world, was only one year in Chaldea, Rozen may become a child. If the time ratio between the other world and Chaldea was 100: 1, a hundred years in the other world, was only one year in Chaldea, Rozen may become spermatozoa.

Conversely, if time lapses was slower than the current world, a year in a different world, equal to hundreds of years in Chaldea, then, once Rozen passed through the door, his body would start to grow, or aging, the larger the gap in time-flow, the more severe the body’s aging, and the most serious condition he might even die.

In a word, if Rozen went to the world with slower time-flow compared to the current world, Rozen would become younger, and if he went to the world faster time-flow compared to the current world, Rozen would grow older.

That was the price to pay for using the Miracle to travel to a different world.

In contrast, there were not so many restrictions on opening the door.

For those reasons, Rozen didn’t really want to use it.

But now…

“How can I have enough chances to face the challenge of the seven singularities?”

Rozen made up his mind.

A few seconds later, in Rozen’s room, a bright light flickered from a ring, turning into particles, forming a passage-way.

Rozen took a deep breath and stepped into it.

When the light completely disappeared, Rozen’s room was left with only a laptop.

Such a sentence was written on his laptop.

“I’m going out for a while and will come back soon.” The first time Rozen used Miracle to have a journey to another world.

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