Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 70 Prodigy



The snow was falling outside, inside a luxurious mansion, the atmosphere was quite lively. Many people in kimonos gathered in a place like a dojo, stood there and left an open space in the middle while watching two boys.

Those boys are just one year apart from each other, one of them was wearing kimono, and standing around him were puppets who did not even have senses.

Akabane Kuukan was sitting in the special audience seat, watching the scene from a distance, and nodded toward a host.

The host noticed, stepped forward, came to the middle of those two boys, and raised their hands.

“The mock battle between Lord Akabane Tenzen and Lord Akabane Narukami is starting now. Both parties, attention!”

The boys named Akabane Tenzen and Akabane Narukami took a step forward.

The personality of those two boys was also completely different, one looked atmospheric and calm, and the other looks lazy and childish.

However, everyone looked at these two boys with a completely different character, and they only had one kind of emotion in their eyes.

That was respect.

The boys started by saluting each other.

Immediately, the great amount of magical power surged out from both of them.


Their magical power was infused into the puppets around them.

In the next second, these puppets flashed dim light all across their body, causing these six wooden puppets started to move.

Twenty puppets in total were standing next to those two boys, ten for each side, and now only three puppets were moving.

Those six puppets were like being controlled by an invisible string as if they were alive.

Immediately afterward, those six puppets showed the audience a fierce battle.

Although there were no weapons on those puppets’ hands, they were like trained soldiers.

It was not a simple three-on-three battle.

Sometimes, a puppet suddenly ignored the enemy in front of them to lure the enemy and launched a surprise attack.

Sometimes, a puppet will exchange positions with the puppets behind them, and join forces ganging-up the enemy.

Sometimes, the puppets will block all the enemy, so that the other two puppets could launch the sneak attack.

And sometimes, those puppets could do some unpredictable and complicated formations to attack their enemy.

For ordinary people who never saw that before, they would not believe those puppets could move like that.

That scene would not have been possible without the skill of the master behind those puppets.

Those two boys were so talented at controlling those puppets to such a degree.

Those two boys were staring at each other with a smile on their faces.

After a while, the calm boy said, “You get better, Narukami. Your telekinesis is stronger compared to last time.”

The boy named Akabane Tenzen praised the other boy like a gentle big brother.

“Brother, are you teasing me?”

The boy who was given the name of Akabane Narukami said, “Even if I have improved a lot, it’s still only the first step. The way you control the puppets that you just show me and that complicated formation can only be done by using the sixth step heavenly eye, am I right?”

He could see that clearly, compared to the first step, the sixth step was undoubtedly superb.

In that regard, Akabane Tenzen shook his head.

“The so-called eight great steps are ranked based on the technique’s difficulty, not strength.”

Heavenly eye and telekinesis were two completely different techniques. They couldn’t compare their strength in that way.

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