Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 71 The Technology of That World


Ten years have passed since Rozen came to that world.

At that time, Rozen’s body turned into a baby, and he successfully arrived in another world and was adopted by Akabane Kuukan.

In the beginning, Rozen didn’t have his past memories.

The baby’s brain couldn’t handle that much information yet, and his memories could only lie dormant in his mind until Rozen grew up in Akabane’s Clan and gradually remembered his past.

In just almost two years Rozen’s memory finally recovered completely and he understood his current condition.

As a result, Rozen accepted his current identity and used the Akabane Clan as a starting point to obtain new knowledge and experiences.

And Rozen was shocked, in that world there was no servant, but there was an automaton.

In that world, technology was still advancing.

People used steam in the era of the industrial revolution, and they came into contact with western culture and developed towards modern times.

And there were even magic theories that were completely different from Chaldea.

The concept of magic, in which the automaton cooperated with the puppeteer, was no different from the contract between master and servant.

After learning that and receiving the education from the Akabane Clan, Rozen began to think…

“The world does progress to the right path.”

Akabane Clan.

An extraordinary clan in the Far East Island.

In the past, they used to use the yin and yang technique, a clan of yin and yang masters who could use the sacred technique to summon shikigami.

They were later defeated in the battle against their enemies, and gradually began to withdraw from the center of the country and perfected puppet technique, a technique that did not require the use of sacred technique to summon shikigami, they simply used puppets to fight and become a clan of mercenaries, specifically accepting missions from the military and various factions, doing some assault and assassination.

Even so, after a long period of development, the puppet technique of the Akabane Clan has become an extraordinary technique.

According to Chaldea, that clan had a magic history of at least 1,000 years.

Akabane Clan would have become a noble clan if they joined the magic association in Rozen’s former world.

The reason why Rozen ended up in that world maybe because God deemed Akabane Clan’s puppet technique will be useful.

That technique was like a priceless treasure if Rozen applied it to summoning magic in a fight.

That was because the Akabane Clan’s puppet technique not only has various superb maneuver techniques, but also the secret art that could enhance the control.

Those were undoubtedly useful techniques for Rozen.

Along with the existence of different magic, the form of magic in that world was so different, and it was similar to master and servant’s context.

Rozen was happy to be able to learn all various new kinds of magic and technique.

For example, the technique that Rozen used to control puppets just now was one of the eight great steps in that world, and the first technique was telekinesis.

That was a technique that could control objects by his mind.

If one wanted to be a puppeteer and controlled automaton dolls, one could learn that telekinesis as the foundation.

Rozen began to learn the technique of that world, he could master four steps in a few years. That was telekinesis, spirit vision, body hardening, and magic defense.

As for the technique called heavenly eye used by Akabane Tenzen, it belonged to the sixth step.

Speaking of Akabane Tenzen, he was a genius like Rozen.

That young man was called Tendo by his relatives, showed amazing talents at a young age.

Not only did he master the sixth step of the eight great steps at the age of twelve, but he also had an amazing accomplishment.

If he did not become fascinated with the technology of making puppets, perhaps he could achieve more and greater things.

Of course, Rozen was two years younger than Akabane Tenzen, but he was able to compete with him, which was also extraordinary. He was called a prodigy by his relatives.

Akabane Tenzen and Akabane Narukami, Akabane’s Tendo and Prodigy were respected by the clan almost everywhere.

However, these people also didn’t know that when Akabane was totally devoted to the technique of making dolls, Rozen also continued to hone his summoning technique while practicing puppet technique.

Thanks to his talent, after ten years, Rozen has reached minimum requirement to summon superior servants, but there were two reasons why he couldn’t do it right now.

One was the practice of puppet technique and the eight great steps occupied a lot of time, which delayed the progress of summoning magic.

The other one was the problem of magic circuits.

“How did I miss this? If my body becomes younger, automatically my magic circuit was also regressed from the lowest stage.”

The pseudo-like nerves used to generate magical power was not in a ready-to-use condition but need to be opened one by one before they could be activated.

After being opened once, the magic circuit could be used normally. Until the magic circuits of the whole body were opened, he couldn’t unleash his maximum potential.

On the other hand, if it was not connected, the magic circuit cannot be used.

In the past, Rozen only studied magic for three years. One was because he didn’t have enough time to learn magic before. The other was because it took some time to open the magic circuit in his body.

Rozen had many magic circuits. It took a lot of time to get through all of them, which led to the magic that he only learned for three years.

Now, his body became younger, affecting his magic circuits.

Rozen needed to spend a lot of time to be able to master summoning magic again.

“However, compared with what I have learned in this world, it’s worth it.”

The technique of that world was beneficial for Rozen. Not only could he improve the combat power, but he also had an extraordinary effect on controlling the puppets. So Rozen desperately tried to learn it.

While Rozen was thinking about such a thing, he came back to his sense because he heard the voice of Akabane Tenzen.

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