Summoner of Miracles

S.O.M Chapter 72 Crimson Wing Formation


“You two are doing very well.”

With the attention of all members in Akabane Clan, Akabane Kuukan praised those two standing in front of him.

“Tenzen has mastered the sixth step. At this rate not, he will master the eighth step in no time. Narukami is also very good, your precision is better.”

Of course, compared to Akabane Tenzen, who mastered the sixth step, Rozen only mastered the fourth step.

But if Rozen’s telekinesis could lift a mountain, would Akabane Tenzen be able to hold it? Of course no, that was why the great eight step was not ranked by strength.

Sometimes there was some case were magus who could only master one step beat the magus that mastered all the steps.

For example, Rozen could directly learn the heavenly eye without learning the previous step.

To sum it up, Akabane Tenzen had a higher level of technique than Rozen. But Rozen’s puppet control was more precise and skillful than Akabane Tenzen.

Akabane Kuukan was satisfied with the result.

It was just …

“I wish Raishin can be like you two.”

Rozen understood why Akabane Kuukan said that.

Akabane Raishin.

That was Akabane Kuukan’s second son.

He was ten years old, the same as Rozen.

However, compared to Rozen, Akabane Raishin was a lot weaker. Not only he did not have a talent in magic, but he didn’t have any interest in Akabane’s secret puppeteer art, but he was interested in martial arts and swords technique, and he intended to find a master to teach him.

So he was labeled as the useless one in the family, compared to Tenzen and Rozen, who was a true genius.

Akabane Tenzen chose to remain silent because he felt guilty toward Raishin. He knew Raishin got depressed because of his abnormal talent.

In contradiction, he didn’t care at all toward Rozen.

Rozen did the same and chose to remain silent.

“That’s all for today’s training. I hope your technique will be more refined in the next training, and the library will be completely open to both of you.”

That was a good message.

Various books were containing secret arts and control techniques in the library of Akabane Clan and even the technique of making automaton dolls.

For Rozen and Tenzen, they were like diamonds.

Both of them thanked Akabane Kuukan, and when he was about to leave, he said something to Rozen.

“Narukami, I want to talk to you tonight.”

After hearing those words, Rozen was surprised for a moment, then nodded, and left the dojo with Tenzen.

As soon as they made their debut, Rozen and Tenzen were surrounded by the people in the clan, like stars, they were being flocked by people who think they are returned.

As soon as they could go back, those two walked together towards the library.

On the way, Tenzen asked something to Rozen.

“Is there something important that father wants to talk to you?”

“Beats me.”

Rozen looked so careless.

“You …” Tenzen shook his head and said, “Since it was father’s request, you must come. It must be a very important thing.”

“I know.” Rozen said casually.

Although Rozen and Tenzen were not blood-related they had a close relationship like real brothers.

They influenced each other and getting stronger together.

The Akabane library was located in the deepest basement of the mansion.

The air was a bit humid and hot.

If they put books there, the air was not conducive to keep the books in that room, but that was a family library.

They must have some magical enchantment to protect all the books.

Rozen has seen what kind of magic enchantment was that.

At this time …

“I want to read the book about how to create automaton, Narukami, what kind of book are you going to read?”

Tenzen picked up a book and asked Rozen.

Rozen wandered and suddenly stopped in front of a bookshelf.

He stared at some book named Crimson Wing Formation.

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