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S.U.M.U Chapter 11 Emperor Diet


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Said, Dio did not say a word to get the car key. 

Jenny immediately stopped him, then said with a look: “No, Dio, how can I not believe you, I am sorry for the matter, please forgive me, I am only a little… I believe. of course, not personally experienced before, for who would not believe something so magical, but in fact, it is there, and I have really is the voice of the people. ” 

Dio resort Jenny hesitated with retreat, and then she suddenly smiled and said: “Dio, don’t you say that you are invited to come over and share the diet? I can’t wait, in fact, before I go out. I didn’t even eat breakfast, now I am starving, let me taste your recipe.” 

Is Jenny silly? 

I can play so many men between the palms of the hands, and I am still alive, how can I be a simple idiot. 

She has already seen it. The real purpose that Dio invited her to come today is not for her, but for the so-called ‘food therapy.’ 

Jenny’s idea is that no matter what the truth and the fake of this diet are, it doesn’t matter. If you can’t eat it, if it’s true, then she will make a big profit. If it’s fake, she will also get the trust and embarrassment of Dio. More helpful for later development.

As for this so-called ‘food therapy,’ only blind people will believe… 

Jenny is very tempted to lick her upper lip, she said that if Dio really wants it, then You don’t need to be so troublesome, just a hint, or a… 

So you won’t lose anyway, why not look at what he is playing? 

After thinking about these keys, Jenny didn’t care about what diet.

Dio slightly glanced at her and then seriously said: “If you really want to try, then there are a few words I have to say in the front, there may be some bizarre things in the process of treatment, but please Believe me, no matter what happens, you are safe, just follow the instinct and wait until the end of the treatment effect.” 

“If you want to repent, you will now, because every ingredient is extra expensive, look In the friend’s share, I can only ask you to eat this time for free.” 

Dio’s face is full of sincerity, all the way I think for you. 

His serious attitude has made Jenny somewhat suspicious. How to eat a meal involves security issues? 

“It’s just eating. What happens in the end? Why do you want to emphasize that I am safe?” 

“When you know, you will know if you are willing to try and choose your right. In fact, I will be here in a few days. Open a restaurant and selling diet package.” Dio said with ease. 

Jenny immediately sighed and then tempted and asked: “Are you sure it is safe?” 

Dio shook his head and said: “There will be no problem, or I will not stand here to chat with you, I believe. I, after the treatment, is over, you will definitely thank me.” 

Is it so amazing? 

Jenny’s heart was shaken again, thinking about her nodding her head: “Well, then it’s bothering you, I’ll try it once, I hope it’s really amazing.” 

“Of course, let me give it to me.”

Plan success, and Dio, who has a sigh of relief in his heart, carefully observed Jenny’s face and then quickly returned to the kitchen to condense two [Pearl Jam]. 

“Therapeutic target – Jenny, choose symptoms, dark circles, whitening facial skin.” 

“Hey! Hey!”

The water that a ‘small tomato’ directly drilled into the pot disappeared, and the other one was drilled into Dio in advance to cut the cooked chicken. 

The too complicated dish Dio does not actually, so he is going to burn a soup and get a chicken and vegetable salad this time. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you eat. What is important is the stand that just disappeared! 

So Dio threw the cleaned fungus and red dates into the pot and boiled it. Then he took a pot of chopped vegetables and stirred it. He poured the minced chicken diced in, and finally put some salad dressing.

Deliberately waited for half an hour, see the soup cooked almost, directly into the casserole, cover, and you’re done! 

Just as Dio was busy in the kitchen, Jenny, who was bored, began to walk around. She remembered that it was not like this when she came here last time, and it was enough to place 6 or 7 tables. Strangely, only the middle round table is inevitable. 

Is it only to leave a table for the purpose of entertaining her? 

Jenny thought of some narcissism. 

Then she walked to the wall and was surprised to find that the wall was not a simple wallpaper, but a very strange material. 

“Where did I seem to have seen it?” 

After a long period of thought, Jenny finally remembered what it was. 

An ordinary small restaurant actually uses soundproofing materials on the wall? 

Do you want to be so exaggerated? 

Jenny was able to recognize it because she had a predecessor who was the lead singer of the school band. When she went to his house to study the secrets of human reproduction, the walls of his home were covered with such things, so that they yelled that night. No louder, no one is disappointed to come to the door. 

“Emperor diet, A Fang Tang, please taste!” 

Just when Jenny was puzzled, Dio finally appeared, and he still had the added fungus red jujube soup in his hand.

“Is it so fast?” Jenny sat back in surprise. 

“This is an appetizing soup, and there is still behind.” Dio explained, and Jenny nodded in agreement. 

“Just eat it directly?” 

Open the lid and smell the refreshing fragrance, Jenny can’t wait to ask. 

Regardless of whether there are other effects, it is the scent that is worth it!

Dio nodded. “It still hot, drink it slowly.” 

Jenny, who was unclear, took the spoon and stirred it first. She found nothing but the fungus and red dates. 

“It seems that it should be just a gimmick.” 

Jane, who was slightly disappointed, lowered her red lips, blew her breath, and then sent a spoonful of soup into her mouth. 

Fragrant, elegant, sweet… 

Why is it so delicious? 

When I came back, Jenny’s face was already incomparably intoxicated. 

“Great! I mean this soup is really great! It’s hard to imagine how such a simple ingredient can make such a layered taste! Oh, God, I love it!” 

Unparalleled praise Grow from Jenny’s mouth, and then a snoring sound. 

The soup in a casserole quickly saw the bottom at speed visible to the naked eye!

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