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S.U.M.U Chapter 12 Terrible Treatment Process And Unimaginable Therapeutic Effects


“This is definitely the best soup I have ever tasted in my life, IT IS very good!”

Jenny leans back on the chair after finishing a satisfying soup, her cheek is all red.

Dio smiled and said, “Delicious is just the beginning of this soup, the real effect is gonna kick in soon.”

Jenny looked at him with a confused look on her face, she could not understand what he meant at all.

Then the next second, raging tears suddenly burst out of her eyes!

“F*ck! What is this?”

Jenny was frightened. She didn’t want to cry, but she tears just keep coming out.

It sure is weird to cry after eating a soup!

But that’s not the only fluid coming out of Jenny’s body, turns out down she’s ‘leaking’ down there as well, Jenny bites her lips and tightly close her legs, but that’s not helping.

Jenny’s mind went blank, the black hot pants suddenly became wet, and those two ‘leaking’ show no signs of stopping.

“Help me, save me, call the ambulance!”

This time Jenny really wants to cry…

“Remember what I said before? Don’t panic, this is just part of the treatment. It will stop after a few seconds.”

Whether it’s thanks to Dio’s consoling or she just doesn’t care anymore, she no longer asked to call the ambulance, although she’s still crying.

Suddenly she realized what’s the purpose of the soundproofing material covering the wall…

In about ten seconds, the tears stopped, and she feels refreshed from the top of her head to the bottom of her toe!

“Congratulations, Jenny, you successfully become more beautiful, you did well to endure the treatment process.”

During the conversation, Dio handed over the mirror that he already prepared beforehand to Jenny.

Jenny took it subconsciously, look herself at the mirror, and rendered speechless, the anger toward Dio is also gone!

She doesn’t know what happen, but she saw the dark circle around her eyes are gone, and her eyes become crystal clear!

Recently, she has been having a sleep problem because of irregular menstruation, but now her stomach felt warm, and there’s no pain whatsoever!

She’s suddenly reminded of Dio’s words, “the real effect is gonna kick in soon!”

‘’My God, this is really me?”Jenny incredible muttered.

“I think so, the beautiful eyes suit you real well, miss.” Dio flatters her with a manly tone.

Jenny is blushing. Dio simply thought that she was just embarrassed and didn’t think much about it. He knew that Jenny is afraid that he knew what happened ‘down’ there.

“The following dish is the rising sun, please wait.”

Jenny can’t just leave now even though he wanted to escape so badly. What happened earlier is undoubtedly shocking, but it doesn’t last that long, and the effect is fantastic. She finally believes that Dio was not exaggerating anything when he explained everything to her earlier.

But what matters the most is the fact that she did become more beautiful. A little ‘process’ wouldn’t hurt if she can become even more beautiful!

After making this decision, Jenny couldn’t help but have a few more expectations in her mind.

Not long after, Dio came out of the kitchen with a plate of chicken salad in his hand.

“Emperor Diet – Rising Sun, dig in.”

Jenny picked up the fork, although a little bit hesitated, then she begins eating it!

She thought it was just an ordinary chicken salad, but after only one bite, her expression changed.

She quickly chomped the chicken salad, and in no time, there’s nothing left on the plate.

“What will happen this time?” since she already experienced the first shocking treatment process, Jenny immediately asked nervously so she can anticipate better this time.

Dio mysteriously smiled, “We will know right away.”


“Ah, itchy!”

Imagine your face just become itchy all of a sudden without any reason.

Jenny subconsciously reached out and begin scratching her face!

“What the… my skin is so itc…”

She can’t even speak properly now that she scratches her whole face!

This looks even scarier than the previous treatment, and just like the last treatment, Jenny is yelling her hearts out. However, since Dio is fully prepared for this with his soundproofing materials on the wall, he has nothing to worry about except if someone walked in the restaurant, even he can’t imagine how to explain things if it turns out that way.

Although the itch is intensifying, Jenny can’t do anything but scratch her face desperately. The layers of epidermis fall to the ground. It looks so creepy when she scratched her face, and the outer layer of her skin is peeled off, but strangely enough, there’s no trace of blood.

A minute passed, and the unbearable itching subsided. Jenny stopped scratching and grab the mirror while maintaining her sanity.

She’s just so surprised when she saw her face in the mirror. She even touches her face to make sure whether it’s really her or not, her skin becomes brighter and so smooth like a baby’s skin, no.. even smoother than a baby’s!

This is a miracle!

“This is magic, the Ancient Emperor diet, it is hard to believe this is actually real!” After putting down the mirror, Jenny looked at Dio, the culprit of this case.

He has to admit that Jenny is already charming enough, to begin with. Now that she finished the treatment, Dio is a bit tempted by Jenny, but considering her way of life, he decided to ignore Jenny’s love, for now, nothing is more important than making more money for himself!

“Quick, Dio, I can’t wait to taste the next dish.”

“I’m sorry, that’ll be all for today.”

Dio, who didn’t think she would ask another dish, shrug his shoulder and just smile!

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