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S.U.M.U Chapter 14 Temptation And Rejection


“Right, the treatment process is just so creepy, what if the customer I brought in ran away because they are scared of the treatment process?” Jenny, who has not given up, moved her chair closer to Dio, flashing a pair of her big eyes at Dio.

This is precisely what Dio is most worried about. Most people can’t maintain their composure, especially after seeing the ‘treatment’ process.

However, he can’t do anything about this, the treatment process involves destroying and afterward regenerate the target.

So he shook his head decisively: “This is the magic of this diet recipe, it is accelerating the body’s metabolism, and then blablabla…”

Dio blabbed a bunch of plausible things and added the destroying process as ‘side effects’ to fool Jenny.

“Oh, so that’s how it works.”

“So when you are in Amway, mental preparations are inevitable. It is best to bring only one person at a time, so I can handle things easier, plus preventing other people from seeing the treatment process which is maybe even scarier.”

“Ok, I know, what’s next?”

“Well? What’s next?”

Jenny leaned her head to Dio’s waist and said with a wink: “Isn’t it supposed to be a ‘workout’ after eating? Let’s skip the boring stage of watching movies, and let’s just go to your place, or even here…”

Jenny’s hand slowly slipped down, Dio looked at her seriously and said: “Jenny, we are friends, you are gorgeous, but I’m not interested in you, I do not want to be your boyfriend simply to be shown off with your friends as one of your new toys.”

Jenny’s hands stopped, and then she asked incredulously: “You refused me just because of this?”

“Although I don’t have a female complex, I don’t care if my girlfriend has made a few boyfriends and slept with them before dating me. But your attitude about this is a letdown.” At the time, Dio looked very honest.

Jenny straightened up and looked at Dio with a complicated face. She admits that she has a lot of fun with men, not only for ‘collection’ but she also likes to show off and even compare them with one another, but she has thought this is prestige for a beautiful girl, and no man will ever refuse her because of something this trivial.

Dio is the only exception.

“Well, it seems today’s date ends here.”

Jenny has some regrets. Maybe her personality is somewhat a problem, but it is not so easy for her to change for a man. She admits that Dio is right. Even the fact that she’s head over heels with Dio is probably because he’s a handsome guy, what if someone more handsome than him suddenly come into Jenny’s life, will her feelings for Dio remain the same?

“I’ll drive you home.”

“No, I can drive myself home.”

Dio handed her one of his coat out of consideration since it’s already March in New York, the average temperature is about ten degrees, and Jenny wears really thin clothes, but Jenny refused. 

“Come on, you can at least tie it on your waist.”

Jenny took his coat at the fastest speed. She almost forgot if she went out like this especially due to her wet pants, it would attract people’s eyes.

“Thank you” with a low voice, almost whispering, and Jenny fled. Despite her attitude, she was also ashamed. It was too embarrassing.

Dio pretended not knowing what she’s concerned about. She ran to her own car and hit the gas. Probably she can’t wait to go home and change her pants.

“Do I need to remind future customers to bring in spare pants?” Dio in a good mood, he cleans up the restaurant while humming.

Just like that, after two days, his restaurant reopened, but this time he changed the name of the restaurant to Dio’s Fantasy Restaurant.

Maybe it’s not a really good name, perhaps it doesn’t have any meaning, but he’s pretty satisfied with the name.

“Why did you change the name?”

Will, who knows Dio is reopening the restaurant today, came over and brought a bouquet of flowers.

Some neighbors are also curious and take a peek at the restaurant, they thought it’s someone else running the business because they didn’t believe Dio can reopen the restaurant.

“Because what I’m cooking is different, that’s why I changed the name, let’s go in and talk.”

This is the first time Will come here after the renovation, so he’s kind of worried.

“What?… Just one table? Hurry up and took out the rest, it’s almost noon, where are the rest, I will help.”

Dio immediately smiled and held a look of anxious Will, then Explain: “A table is enough. I deliberately arranged this. Only the last table will end the meal, and will continue to entertain the next table.”

Will stared at Dio from top to bottom, he even touched his forehead.

“You don’t have a fever. Did Uncle Brando and Aunt Ayi’s deaths hit you that hard? Come with me to the hospital now, I heard Simon of XXX Road Doctors is very good at this kind of mental illness!”

Will said that he would take Dio to a doctor.

Even people who have never done business know that only putting out one table at a restaurant is wrong.

So a new customer comes in after the one customer inside finished eating, is that supposed to be a joke? 

“Hey, I mean, I am not kidding. I am not sick.” Although Will is pulling Dio with all his strength, Dio doesn’t even budge from his place. Ever since he came to this world, he has been consistently practicing Hamon, plus every day, he uses the special ability of [Pearl Jam] to strengthen his body, so his physical is much stronger than an average person.

“Hey? When did you get this strong?”

“I ate a lot more recently, combined with the right amount of workout. Do you know about the fitness card?”

“Forget it, I can’t even afford to sleep for a few hours. Recently, I don’t know what happened. Several gangs in Hell’s kitchen had their hands full. We have a fight every day. Yesterday some people killed the members of my gang. Damn it!”

Dio couldn’t help but hear it. Then secretly pray so he’ll never meet with those gang members, he needs a powerful Stand if he wanted to protect himself.

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