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S.U.M.U Chapter 13 Food Worth Ten Thousand Dollars


“That’s all?”

Jenny’s face was filled with disappointment.

Dio nodded, then explained: “This emperor diet is a recipe I got by chance. To generate the effect like the one just now, I need a lot of precious herbs, and it varies for every people, whether the dosage or the type of herb. The compatible type of herb is necessary. Otherwise, it’s just a delicious dish without any effect.”

Dio’s explanation makes this whole ‘Emperor Diet’ story more believable, making Jenny think that, of course, it won’t be that easy to create such delicious and potent dishes in one plate.

But after seeing the real effect of Emperor Diet firsthand, she doesn’t want this to be the last ‘magical dish’ she tastes and hoping can eat it again some other time considering she’s the one out of all people that Dio asked to taste the recipe.

“C… Can I come back here again to have this Emperor Diet again? Of course, I didn’t expect it to be free like this time~”


Dio nodded and nodded. “Of course, the next time I reopen, I’ll serve this diet most of the time, but it’s quite expensive.”

“100 dollars?” Jenny tried to guess

Dio smiled and shook his head: “It’s 10,000 dollars!”

“Ten thousand dollars!? Are you crazy?”

Jenny’s family is actually wealthy, but spending that much on a meal is just unbelievable!

Dio had expected this kind of reaction, but if he decided to lower the price, how long will it take just to get one gold.

And think about it, is a meal of 10,000 dollars really expensive? For those filthy rich businessmen, 10,000 dollars is not even enough for them to open a bottle of red wine!

For Jenny, a woman who pursues beauty, 10,000 dollars is actually nothing. Her makeup, salon expenses, etc. costs way more than that.

Compared to an instant and potent effect from [Pearl Jam], it’s nothing!

In such a contrast spent 10,000 dollars to enjoy the magical effect from the JoJo world, they made a significant profit.

Just because of this, Dio decided with that price with no possibility of lowering it. In fact, he’ll slowly raise the price. When the real, local tyrant decided to come here, maybe he will make it 100,000 dollars for him.

All of this is possible thanks to [Pearl Jam]!

In front of Jenny’s surprised face, Dio just smiled and asked: “let’s set the price aside, what do you think of the efficacy of these two dishes?”

Jenny subconsciously looked at herself in the mirror with a pair of glasses. And she fell silent.

“It’s really amazing. If I didn’t experience it firsthand, I would never believe this miracle can happen!”

“But, 10,000 dollars is too expensive! If it’s just a thousand dollars, I won’t complain!” 

“Then let me put it this way. The makeups you bought and the expense of going to salon, doesn’t it cost way more than 10,000 dollars?”

Jenny nodded. As a beautiful woman pursuing beauty, she can’t afford to save money when it comes to this aspect!

Then she saw Dio revealing a very confident smile: “So you think you still need to spend so much money on makeups and going to salon now?”

Jenny is too surprised upon realizing this fact! Then gradually revealed a fiery glow in the eyes. “How long will the effect of this diet last?”

“How long does it last? That is a stupid question! This is a natural treatment, don’t lump it with your makeups which just covering from the outside, this diet is stimulating your own body to regenerate itself!”

“Which means, this is your natural beauty, it won’t fade easily just like wearing makeups.”

Dio’s words silence and answer all Jenny’s question!

“Just think about it. If someone asked you to give them 10,000 dollars in exchange for refreshen your skin like back when you are 18. What do you think? Is it that expensive?”

Jenny fell silent, she knew Dio is right and said: “Well, Dio, you succeeded in convincing me. But as your ‘guinea pig,’ can I get a discount? How about 50% off?”

“Fifty percent off… hmm, then how about this, you can help to promote this Diet to your friends, Every time you bring a guest, I will give you a discount. If you can pull ten guests, you can have my dish for free, and the next one will be a three-course meal, what do you think?”

“Really?” Jenny All of a sudden, her eyes widened. Only by tempting her friends to come here she can enjoy this dish again for free.

This thing may be very difficult for most girls. After all, spending 10.000 dollars on a meal is just unbelievable, but because Jenny is from a wealthy family, she has lots of wealthy friends out there.

The most important thing is that this is not a scam, the effect is on point, Jenny’s friends will probably thank Jenny later for this.

After thinking for a while, she’s suddenly brimming of confidence.

“You still think I would lie after all this.”

“Ok, deal!”

Jenny and Dio shook hands. And Jenny didn’t miss this moment to seduce Dio. Groping Dio’s hands while giving him a seducing wink.

However, Dio doesn’t really care about it and pulls his arm back leaving Jenny somewhat disappointed.

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