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S.U.M.U Chapter 15 Rumors From Hell’s Kitchen


“Hell’s Kitchen? What happened?”

“This is just what I heard from some bums on the street, they said there are two strange people popping out of nowhere, picking a fight with infamous gang members, from what I’ve heard none of those gang members gets out unscathed, these bums happened to see what happened and then quickly run.”

“Of course, I personally prefer these two newcomers rather than gang members. They only went after gang members, unlike gang members, they never target civilians.”

Regarding this matter, Will was basically an expert. There’s no doubt about it.

Dio expected this kind of thing was bound to happen, nothing was surprising about it really, he might even meet the ‘Real Stan Lee’ here.

From what Dio heard, he could infer that Will was interested in these two mentioned figures, which picked a fight with gang members. He had some guesses about one of these two, but he can’t figure out who the other one is, fighting gang members, that idea alone has never crossed Will’s mind.

It certainly was a very efficient way to gain fame, ‘punishing the sinners’ had a beautiful ring too. But this kind of task belongs to ‘heroes’ or ‘radicals.’ Without extraordinary powers, no, even with hamon energy it won’t be that easy to defend yourself against these gang members, what if they shoot you from your blind spot? Even having hamon energy won’t help you against guns.

From the very beginning, Dio’s sole objective is to protect himself. As for saving the world and humanity, he never cares about any of these. No one expects him, an ordinary human to do so anyway, and even if he had some magical power, he wouldn’t change his mind.

Well maybe if he’s in a life-death situation that would be a different story, but that kind of decision was probably still far off in the future, for now, he has no time for those complicated things

Then Will asked about what changes Dio made within the restaurant.

Dio locked the door in a hurry, in case someone suddenly walked in and heard what he’s about to say.

Dio’s expression became serious all of a sudden and said to Will, “I coincidentally stumble upon a magical diet recipe from the East, you realized over the past few days, both my physical and mental condition has improved quite a bit, right? It’s all thanks to this diet, but the medicinal materials needed for this formula are costly, so the average person probably can’t afford it. This is why I only use one table. Besides, if I put the usual amounts of the table, the customers won’t think this diet is special, with one table, they’ll understand that the materials are scarce.”

For example, if diamonds were something you can find on the streets just like a rock, will it still be precious? Of course not, it was expensive because it was scarce.

Another personal reason that Dio didn’t mention to Will is he didn’t really want to exert himself just to earn more money! But as the sole stand user in the Marvel universe, it doesn’t feel right too if he didn’t do anything.

Will nod and then asked casually, “Is it that expensive?”

“10,000 dollars per customer,” Dio said faintly.

“Ten Thousand dollars? Are you crazy?” Will’s surprised expression was almost precisely the same as Jenny’s back then. He’s shocked to the point where he almost dragged Dio to see a psychiatrist.

“Well, if you don’t experience it for yourself, you won’t understand where I’m coming from. I’m open today. I will serve you this magical diet. When you finish eating later, tell me, is it worth 10,000 dollars.” Dio said, very confidently.

“Wow! Ten thousand dollars worth of meals, I have never eaten that kind of expensive meal in my life, thank you, Bro!” Will didn’t believe that Dio’s small restaurant can serve 10,000 dollars worth of food. Besides, if you had that much money, wouldn’t it be better if you spend it at those luxurious restaurants? You might be able to drink good wine as well.

Dio knew that Will didn’t believe what he said, but he doesn’t care. The facts speak louder than words, and Will will eventually understand once he ate Dio’s cooking.

Dio carefully observed Will’s body, and determine what treatment is fit for Will.

Since Will was a black guy, the whitening effect was, of course, out of the question, so Dio needs to think what else Will needs. For example, Dio noticed many bruises on his neck and arms. These injuries were undoubtedly due to his fight. It was not a big deal, but since he wanted to surprise Will when he saw his bruises suddenly disappear, Dio decided to treat those bruises.

After entering the kitchen, Dio quickly materialized three ‘small tomatoes’.

“Target selection, Will.”

“Treatment, normal bruises, insomnia, anxiety, and erasing the scars.”

“Hey! Hey!”

Three ‘small tomatoes’ floated in the air and nodded, then each of them jumped into the ingredients Dio prepared beforehand. The ‘expensive’ ingredients he bought for opening day are the black chicken, and mushrooms.

Although he kept quite a lot of secrets about this ‘magical diet recipe’ from Will, there are some things he can’t keep a secret from Will. Fortunately, Dio still got a lot of excuses in case Will asked. In the end, he’ll stop pondering about it and thought it’s magic.

As long as he didn’t attract too much attention, he probably can stay off SHIELD’s radar for a while until he becomes capable of defending himself.

Besides, even if SHIELD is suspicious of this place, they won’t be able to figure out the ‘mechanism’ of Dio’s ‘magical diet,’ and that will buy him enough time to build up his strength!

After washing and cutting vegetables very skillfully, Dio then ignites the stove and put a pot containing the chicken, and various mushrooms above the stove.

Without wasting any time, he began processing other ingredients while waiting for the chicken and fungi perfectly cooked.

After a while, he received a call from Jenny, saying that it took a lot of effort to finally convince her wealthy friend, who was willing to try his ‘10,000 US dollars’ diet, “ah, a rich woman, she’s probably running late.”

After observing the time, he fried the chicken he boiled earlier, and plate a pudding as a dessert.

If someone saw the way he cooked, he’ll definitely be sued by customers for selling this food at the cost of $10,000.

An hour later, an impatient customer is already tired of waiting for his 10,000 dollars worth of meal.

A pot of soup, a steak, and a pudding that looks like it was bought at the supermarket… is ready to serve.

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