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S.U.M.U Chapter 16 One-Meter Long Snot


“This is your 10.000 dollars course?” Will couldn’t help but ask the moment he laid his eyes on Dio’s food because the fact that these foods cost 10.000 dollars is just unbelievable…

“Hey, we are brothers, at least if you want to lie, do it better, simply looking at this supermarket pudding already threw me off.”

“If you don’t believe what I said, go ahead and have a taste, sip the soup, then eat the steak and finally  pudding as the dessert.”

Dio is supposed to be preparing the next dish now. But because the treatment process of [Pearl Jam] was really traumatizing, he decided to keep an eye on Will, in case he ate all these dishes at once, and the treatment kicked in all at once, imagine how scary that would be.

And instead, this guy here sitting in front of him tried to take him to a psychiatric despite Dio’s benevolence.

“OK, what kind of soup is this? Why are there so many mushrooms? You know, a mushroom is the last thing I would eat.”

Despite what he said, he ended up taking a spoonful of soup because the aroma is just so appetizing, and he sipped it.


Very delicious!

Will’s expression suddenly changed.

Regardless of what he said earlier, Will almost finished half of the soup already only a little bit soup left with all the mushrooms.

He’s hesitating to keep going when he saw the mushrooms inside the pot, but suddenly he began to spoon the mushroom because the soup is too delicious, this mushroom can’t be that bad, with that in mind, Will ate the mushrooms in his spoon

Then Will suddenly acted crazy, he’s crying and screaming, while swallowing the ‘mushroom,’ and he vaguely said: “I’m supposed to hate eating this, but why can’t I stop!”

When he finished the whole pot of soup, he burst into tears, but tears are not all, but also snot, and it was just hanging to his nose without dropping for a meter, ONE METER LONG SNOT, how is that even possible?

“OH, MY GOD! give me a tissue, or anything to wipe this, ew this is so disgusting!”

The treatment process of [Pearl Jam] is really daunting!

The reason why Will will shed such a disgusting snot at the same time as the tears, naturally because his recent insomnia is caused by his rhinitis. Those who never have this disease can hardly imagine the pain rhinitis patients went through.

Nonstop sneezes until there’s no more ‘fluid’ in your nose, and breathing through nose became difficult, and as a result, he can’t sleep at night.

After a whole minute of nonstop tears and snot, the treatment is finally over, and the snot hanging in Will’s nose eventually fell to the ground, seeing it fell to the ground is nothing but disgusting!

“Oh, shit! It seems like I’m the one who must see the doctor, there goes my money.”

But when he said that, he suddenly felt there’s nothing wrong with his nose anymore, and a headache which came along with the rhinitis was gone as well

Then Dio said to him: “Hey, brother, calm down. This is exactly what I wanted to explain to you…”

Then Dio took once again just summed all plausible explanation to Will just like what he did with Jenny.

When Will heard that this was the magical effect of the oriental diet, he became extremely excited.

“Is this what Aunt said? The big man has a long thing.”  

Dio immediately smiled and laughed. Because he thought the ‘thing’ that Will meant here is his snot earlier!

“Oh yeah, can that diet help me grow more?”

Dio looked frowned and said: “If it’s your height, I think, it’s more of a genetical thing, not a disease.”

And Will immediately deny: “No, no, no! I am not talking about height, but this!” he pointed to his genital

“Bigger Man, Bigger Thing, right!”

Dio instantly shows his middle finger to Will, followed by the F-word!

“Haha, come on, you know I’m joking, but this diet from the East is really amazing. My rhinitis was cured, no more headache, I’m just so refreshed man!”

“I finally understand why this costs 10,000 dollars, this is the real deal! I think those filthy rich businessmen would even pay you 100,000 dollars, even one million dollars!”

Dio somehow is full of joy but a little envious of how bright Will is. Because even though Will grew as a gang member, turned out he’s amiable, he even cracked that hilarious joke earlier!

Will is honestly happy for Dio now that he could stand on his own.

“Are you sure that’s what you wanna do right now? The steak is getting cold.”

At this moment, Dio considered Will as his friend, not just a friend of the body he’s in.

Will totally forgot about the steak and pudding, after giving Dio a thumb up, he began stuffing the steak into his mouth and wrapped it up with pudding.

Despite the first weird treatment process, Will looked forward to the effect of the next dish, although he’s still surprised when he underwent the treatment process.

After finishing the pudding, he’s looking forward to what affected his body now.

“This is amazing!”

After all the treatments completed, Will was checking out the result, and most of his old scar disappeared, even the biggest one on his back, he’s shocked that even something like this is possible.

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