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S.U.M.U Chapter 17 A Sheep of Good Fertility


“It’s over!”

“What’s over?”

Dio looked strangely at the disappointing Will, a second ago he was as cheerful as a kid getting a toy for his birthday present, but now suddenly he’s so depressed.

“My proof of manliness is gone.”


Dio subconsciously glanced at Will’s crotch, thinking that Will’s genitalia somehow disappeared.

“Oh, fuck! Not that one, it’s the one on my back! Without my medal of honor, those bastards will think I’m a wimp who made up a story about fighting ‘little’ Jacky countless times!” Will, all of a sudden got excited.

Dio knew what he was excited about, and once again shove his middle finger to Will’s face!

In Dio’s mind, he thought he’s merely helping Will, turns out for gang members, scars are like a medal of honor, having a lot of tattoos isn’t going to scare anyone nowadays.

As for what ‘small’ Jacky was, it was probably some gang around these parts.

Suddenly, Dio’s mobile phone rang.

He ignored Will, who is currently telling the story about his fight with ‘small’ Jacky and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Jenny, I take it you’re already here?”

“Ask one more question, and I’ll go downtown for shopping instead.”

“Alright, alright, besides, don’t you think it’s better if you beautify yourself before going shopping?”

“So, you will prepare ‘free’ lunch for me again?” Jenny emphasized the word ‘free’ on the phone.

“Of course! I know a good restaurant, maybe the money I earned today will afford us a bottle of vintage wine along with the food.” Dio

“Oh, fuck, you know that’s not the one I meant!” Jenny began swearing after Dio teased her.

“You shouldn’t get angry so easily, you might get wrinkles. If you really want your ‘free lunch,’ you better earn it Miss Jenny!”

Then he heard Jenny clicked her tongue and said in an annoyed tone, “You really are an asshole!”

“Music to my ears,” Dio replied

Jenny was frustrated by Dio’s response and said, “You have 5 minutes to prepare. Otherwise, I’ll leave, damn, why did I accept your proposal at that time, what a mistake!”

After a one-sided jabbering, Jenny arbitrarily hung up the phone, leaving Dio with no chance to say anything back.

And Dio was in quite a pickle as the ‘mess’ from Will’s treatment was still lying on the floor, with Will being lost in thought due to his ‘medal of honor’ being gone and all.

“Hey! How long are you gonna mope? Another customer is waiting, you better help me clean these mess within 5 minutes. Otherwise, I’ll feed you that magical dish again, and this time, your real ‘proof of manliness’ will be the next one to disappear!”

Dio’s ‘vicious’ threat snapped Will out to reality, and then immediately cleaned the floor with a sour face.

While cleaning, Will can’t even believe this disgusting thing is coming out from his own body, ew!

After disposing of the snot into the trash bag, they mopped the floor where Will’s snot lay about five times back and forth and sprayed some cheap perfume and finally breathe a sigh of relief. At last, the restaurant became fresher.

“While you’re at it, how about charging the next customer for a cleanup fee? of course, separately from the tip!”

Dio sighed. At this rate, he’ll be further and further from being an honest businessman.

5 minutes later, Dio opened the door of the restaurant, in front of the door is Jenny, and her friend, a blondie who’s not less beautiful compared to Jenny, he also noticed a red sports car, of course, it belonged to Jenny’s friend, of course, Dio suddenly became excited.

Of course, the reason was not that Jenny’s friend was quite a beauty, but because of the classic red Ferrari sports car, worth about $1.5 million. Although it was not a top sports car, for the average person, especially like poor Dio, it’s a very luxurious item!

After all, having a total assets worth of $1.5 million and having a sports car worth $1.5 million obviously already different in scale.

This woman Jenny brought here suddenly looked like a bunch of gold in a bag in Dio’s eyes, he suddenly thought that charging her 10.000 dollars for the food is such a waste.

Human greed really was bottomless, and Dio, who was worried about whether someone would buy it with this price, was suddenly thinking about raising the price.

“Hey, Dio, this is my friend, you can call her Jessica.”

“Jessica, he is Dio, he’ll be the one serving you the magical diet from the East, look forward to it.”

As soon as seeing Dio’s face, Jenny’s attitude changed, as if the conversation on the phone never happened, she casually introduce Dio and her friend to each other.

Dio politely extended his right hand and smiled, “Glad to meet you, Miss Jessica. I will show you the magical dishes from the East. Of course, I don’t know if Jenny has mentioned it, but there will be a few ‘strange’ phenomenon while you’re eating. I hope with this reminder, you can prepare yourself mentally.”

Ever since Jessica got off the car Dio has been looking at her, Jessica was restless also suspicious of Dio.

Jessica finally looked at him, shook Dio’s hand, and gently said, “I’ve heard about you from Jenny. And as far as I know, Jenny has feelings for you, and you’ve rejected her three times, so let me just say this beforehand, I’m not interested in a stupid scam, or a boring trick, if you can’t return someone’s feelings, please don’t exploit her like this. If you have any financial problems, I will gladly help instead.”

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