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S.U.M.U Chapter 18 A Little Courage


Jessica, who took off her sunglasses, looking a little embarrassed, making her looked like a perfect girlfriend who just covered for her friend.

Of course, her attitude was due to Dio, whom she thought was just a jerk who exploited Jenny’s feelings for him.

Based on what she just said, clearly, she’s not here because of Jenny’s persuasion but to reveal Dio’s trick and slap some sense into Jenny’s eyes

The atmosphere suddenly changed!

Jenny’s eyes widened. She didn’t expect Jessica, who had shown a certain interest before coming about the diet, suddenly changed her attitude thinking because she thought Dio was after money.

However, facing such a sharp question, he maintained his composure and pulled back his hand and replied, “people tend to doubt something unknown, especially if it defies the common sense. 100 years ago, can you believe humans will set foot on the moon one day?”


Jessica couldn’t muster any words to rebut Dio’s argument, but that didn’t mean she believed in Dio.

“That’s a nice way to put it. If you think they are similar, then that so-called diet recipe from the East is like ‘Apollo’ in our eyes?” Jessica’s tone sounds like she was praising him, but in reality, it was full of sarcasm.

“In a way, yeah. If you think about it, other than the spiritual and political aspects, it does not even have any effect on the daily life of human beings. Even if suddenly earth can’t contain more humans due to an extremely dense population, we still can’t migrate to the moon. But my diet has magical charm, making everyone crazy for it. Perhaps if you taste it once, you’ll be more surprised compared to the fact that humans can go to the moon.”

Dio tried to compare things this time to convince Jessica. There are too many hidden technologies in this world, and there are aliens, nine realms with the so-called ‘God’ living there and the real ‘God,’ besides,  what about 80’s cosmic hybrid ‘Star Lord’ was taken to space by the spacecraft at the age of nine! Compared to these, landing on the moon isn’t that impressive, Dio even thought that his stand’s ability was way more awesome! And if those things above are basically common knowledge, why people can’t believe about a simple magical dish?

“You are really arrogant. I can’t believe Jenny is so obsessed with you. Is it because of this face?” Jessica was particularly disappointed. At this moment, in her eyes, Dio was like an arrogant man playing around with a bunch of rhetoric arguments.

After hearing Jessica’s opinion, Dio shrugged his shoulders: “Maybe you are right, but as always, only a few people know the truth. Most people have eyes, but most of them looked away from the truth.”

Dio, who was only interested in money, saw no point in continuing this farce. So he turned his back and return to the restaurant.

It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning. Sure enough, even with special ability, it wasn’t that easy to make some money, the ability to make some money was definitely necessary, everyone got their own way to make money, the poor rely on mutation, and the rich rely on technology, the wimp could only watch full of jealousy.

“Is he leaving?”Jenny and Jessica were a bit worried at the time.

But the thing was Jenny has already experienced Dio’s magical recipe, whereas Jessica hasn’t. And she was just a little disappointed because she can’t taste it. Although it’s true his cooking was worth spending 10.000 dollars on but didn’t even have that much right now, she was flat broke because her credit card bill was due. Otherwise, she will not agree to help Dio attracting customers.

Jessica was a little shaken at this time. The way Dio explained things with considerable eloquence. And he was full of confidence. It was difficult to describe in words. Even when he faced a wealthy and beautiful woman like her, instead of being humble or inferior, it’s like he had a sense of superiority or more like pity toward Jessica, who couldn’t understand what Dio tried to explain.

Was it just a scam, or was it the real deal?

“Jenny, you better tell me the truth, you asked me to come here because of that man, right?”

Jenny sighed, “that’s what you thought when it comes to me? A man? Is that all?”

She nodded and affirmed: “No, of course, not man, Handsome men.”

Jenny was not angry at first. She just can’t explain things to Jessica: “Yes, I am the famous ‘bimbo’ Jenny. You don’t even know what you missed today, how unfortunate.”

“Can I borrow 10,000 dollars from you? I will pay you back next month, no, two months later.” Suddenly Jenny asked Jessica to lend her money

Compared to Jenny, Jessica was way richer. At least Jenny’s family definitely won’t buy her a sports car costs more than one million dollars, Jenny really wanted to eat Dio’s magical dish again, but she realized that next month, lots of famous brand bags will be available to purchase, and of course she can’t miss that, so she decided to pay Jessica back in two months.

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Does his cooking really have such a magical effect?”

“That’s what I’ve been saying, and you think this is not enough of evidence, or do you think I have been lying to you?” Jenny pointed to her face wearing only light makeup, bragging.

Although, in reality, she was a bit pissed about Dio because he only treated her face, as a result, now she must use additional skincare products all over her body to adjust to her face.

After a thorough look at Jenny, Jessical walked into the restaurant, she didn’t know whether she could see the truth, but at least she would try to have a look before denying it entirely.

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