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S.U.M.U Chapter 19 Owe An Apology


“Where are the customers?” Will didn’t know what happened outside, but Dio walked into the restaurant all by himself.

“The fish did not take the bait.” It seems like things didn’t go as Dio planned. Although he still had another way to make money, considering he’s ‘qualified’ enough to work for SHIELD, at least he will be able to eat and drink for a lifetime. Becoming an everyday logistic division staff and start his life anew.

If it comes to it, he had no choice but to accept his fate, but still, everyone has their own passion in life, and with great power comes greater responsibility! So Dio would like to try his own way first.

Therefore, Dio regarded SHIELD as a last resort, but even so, he wouldn’t spend his whole life working for SHIELD, he didn’t want to exchange his freedom for money.

This was also the reason why he is so eager to make money. If he didn’t have any means to protect himself before SHIELD discovered his special abilities, if that happened, he really wouldn’t have any way to negotiate.

And it’s just not him, a group of superheroes which will be formed later on Avengers are basically a group of people who were forced to protect the earth and fight enemies against their will. And even though they managed to protect the civilian, the aftermath of their battle with the enemy caused massive damage to the city causing some people to resent them instead.

So only fools are actually trying to become a hero.

Dio just stood in the kitchen thinking about how to attract another customer, considering what happened earlier, as he didn’t exactly fail to attract customers, but she just didn’t buy Dio’s explanation!

Meanwhile, Will was trying to guess what happened, and when both of them were deep in their own thoughts, suddenly, the door was opened by someone.

Here came the fish hook line and sinker!

All of a sudden, Dio greeted them with a fake smile that’s beyond obvious, “Can I do something for these beautiful ladies here?”

Jenny seriously doubted Dio at this point. The usual Dio was filled with manly charm, and his attitude really reflected a gentleman, but recently Dio was far from it, in fact sometimes he would say something rude without casually, she was confused which one was the real Dio, or could it be both of are the real Dio Brando!?

“Wipe that fake smile off your face. Why else would I come here at this hour other than to have lunch, although I still think that you are a very arrogant and narcissistic guy, but after a careful look at Jenny’s face, I will muster some courage to try out your so-called mysterious eastern dish.”

Jessica was too stubborn to admit her mistake. She even returned Dio’s words about her not even trying to look at the ‘truth,’ although this was just very childish. A good-for-nothing guy has been stalking her for 6 months, and talking with Dio may have worsened her endocrine disorders + menopausal indication!

And Dio didn’t miss that, he realized what illness Jessica had right now.

But whether it was 2 or 5 illments, Dio could cure it without problem, in fact he was looking forward to it, he was ready to give this self-righteous lady an unforgettable lesson, Will quickly hid in another room, not because he’s self-conscious or because he’s black, but because he knew he couldn’t stand seeing another ‘treatment process’!

“Prepare yourself, at least mentally, I will serve you a fantastic dish you’ve never eaten before, so fantastic that it will blow your mind. If Miss Jessica is satisfied with my dish, I think you owe Jenny an apology because you didn’t believe in her and just decide this is a scam, and don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to apologize to me as well, I’m fine with you calling me an arrogant and narcissistic, but thinking your friend is a liar as well might go too far, so an apology to jenny will do.”

Both of these girls are stunned heard Dio’s words…

After saying a very gentleman-like line, he just said, Dio returned to the kitchen.

Although he didn’t really mind what Jessica said to him, he felt that he was obligated to set things straight for these girls.

However, both as an adult and a ‘chef’ who served the guests, he was not allowed to get irritated at a customer, so he will express his dissatisfaction in another way. Although he said he didn’t need any apology, that didn’t mean he’ll just pretend like it never happened, he was even prepared to throw some ‘bonus’ treatment for Jessica just to see her undergo more embarrassing treatment process. Besides if she thought she could become more beautiful without sacrificing anything, she’s badly mistaken

So with Dio returning to the kitchen, only Jessica and Jenny remained there.

“Not even giving the customer a glass of water, what kind of restaurant is this!” perhaps Jessica was bored of waiting, or maybe because she was still irritated at Dio, she was starting to whine.

Then Jenny added, “Plus, the guest can’t order what he wants. He’s the one deciding what we will eat.” Jessica was surprised at first. But now that she thought about it, it’s not that uncommon, many other restaurants also let the chefs decide what the customers will eat, but of course some customers can’t stand being controlled, they were the customers, they should be the one in control that’s what some people thought.

This reflected that humans had inferiority complex ingrained in their brain, so whatever they did, they tend to be the one in control, as frustrating as it gets dealing with these kinds of people, there was nothing much you can do really.

“Now that I wait for the food to be served, I just noticed what a lousy place this is. I just hope that your poor taste is only in men, not in foods as well.”

“I think Dio is right, you really owe me an apology, no, you owe us both, I hope you can still keep up that kind of attitude until you finished the dish, I am looking forward to it!”

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