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S.U.M.U Chapter 20 Deleting Photos


Without letting them wait too long, Dio finally served a bowl of seaweed egg drop soup, crystal clear broth, not the slightest oil detected, it’s hard to believe this was a delicious dish, but the tempting fragrance said it all.

Jessica looked at Dio with a puzzled look as if trying to ask what kind of dish was that?

Dio knew that Jessica would have doubts about this dish, and there are some things he couldn’t explain. So as if trying to look cool, he didn’t say anything about the dish. If it’s about making things up, he’s definitely the best out there.

“This is the appetizer. Have a taste, and you’ll understand.”

Just a glance at this soup, and anyone would think Dio put no effort at all in making it. It was cheaper than the soup he served for Jenny and the black chicken soup he served for Will, but he doubled the amount of ‘ingredients’ in this one!

In a way, it was worth twice than Jenny’s and Will’s!

“Where is my helping?” Jenny looked at Dio with puppy eyes. It was like Jenny was stripped from her rich lady status right now.

“I’m sorry, but each dish was designated to treat a specific person, so even if you eat this soup, it will have no effect on you.” Dio apologized.

Jenny thought that it was just an excuse, so Dio didn’t have to cook for Jenny, but thinking back about what Dio said regarding the treatment process, maybe what Dio said was right after all.

“Alright, I’ll wait.”

Seeing Jenny being so persistent, he just chuckled, it seemed he’ll get another 10.000 dollars today!

Meanwhile, Jessica was looking at the soup full of doubts. But appetizing aroma was so intense that Jessica can’t help but took a spoonful of the soup and sipped it, a fresh and delicious soup entered her throat and went straight into her bowel, warmed her belly.

After a sip of the soup, she quickly slurped the rest, her forehead sweated a kettle, indicating the soup worked like a charm, it warmed her body.

Jessica sensed two pairs of eyes are staring at her from behind, and both of them are holding their laughter, Jenny, in particular, couldn’t wipe the smug off her face, and of course, seeing them Jessica was so embarrassed.

But after tasting such a delicious soup, she couldn’t help but thought what a refreshing soup that was!

“It tastes good and quite distinctive as it turns out. I am inquisitive about what materials you used in that soup. Of course, you don’t need to answer, I can figure out that much on my own.”

It is a stand!

The material was a stand!

Dio just smiled without saying anything…

Jessica was a little frustrated that Dio actually didn’t answer her. No man has ever ignored her or even refused her request up until now, but she was not angry at Dio, maybe because of the soup, she no longer cared about such thing, and starting to trust Dio’s skill in cooking.

After ignoring Dio’s impertinence, she suddenly burst into tears!

Tears just like Jenny back then when she ate Dio’s dish, no maybe even fiercer than Jenny!

“Oh, God… what happened to me… why am i…” panicked Jessica tried to ask Dio and Jenny for help, but she saw Dio just turned around and did something else as if he didn’t see her. Meanwhile Jenny, instead of helping her friend, she took out her phone and began to take pictures

“Oh, God!”

“These bastards!”

She suddenly remembered that before coming here, Jenny already reminded her about the treatment process and stuff for five times, and Dio even asked about it again right before she entered.

“Is this the treatment process they are talking about?’

There was some speculation in Jessica’s mind, but before she could calm herself down, suddenly, it’s like something rushed down from her warm belly!

“Oh, No!”

After a high-pitched scream, Jessica fell off at the same time, and she also pissed herself just like Jenny did, but it’s even more terrifying than Jenny.

Jessica’s light-colored slim trousers instantly changed color, and the dripping sound of the unstoppable urine extremely embarrassed her.

Jenny, who has been looking forward to this exact moment, swiftly took several pictures from different angles. They have known each other for so long. It goes without saying that if a rare moment like this came, she would take commemorative pictures!

Dio was kind of satisfied as well now that she managed to embarrass Jenny. He also wanted to take a few photos as a ‘promotional photo’ for his restaurant. However, after considering the consequences, he gave up on this tempting idea, he’s just looking at Jenny with jealousy right now.

A few moments later, Jessica just sat on the chair, she can’t muster any strength from her body.

As a woman who almost hit her 30s, she couldn’t say she was young anymore. Her ‘beauty’ right now was just layers of makeup.

And as youth faded away, she began to develop a gynecological problem, and endocrine disorders were just one of them.

So when Dio served her a dish with double-dose [Pearl Jam] within it, the impact was even more effective!

When she pissed, along with the urine, bacteria and some diseases were also washed out of Jessica’s body!

Jessica felt very refreshed as if she was a baby who was just born, but at the same time, this treatment also enervated her. That’s why she panted while sitting.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward. Jessica, who was dead set on proving that Dio was a liar finally experienced the effect of Dio’s mysterious eastern dish.

Jenny snorted and then secretly looked at Dio. After seeing that Dio reacted the same way as when Jenny underwent the treatment process, she was relieved.

“Miss Jessica can take a break. It takes quite some time to cook the next dish.” After watching a good show, Dio went back to the kitchen to prepare the next dish, and with his next dish he estimated that Jessica would not be able to act cheeky in front of him anymore!

“How about it? You’re fine down there?” After Dio returned to the kitchen, Jenny had a thorough look at Jessica, and her eyes became brighter and more radiant. Her expression also changed, it’s like she was more spirited compared to before!

Jessica gripped her leg, she couldn’t contain her embarrassment. She glared at Jenny, who was still watching her excitedly as if she was a member of a circus, “Delete the photos you just took right now!”

Jenny just smiled with and shove her middle finger to Jessica, little did she know she was playing with fire right now.

However, Jessica was helpless, all her strength seeped out of her body.

“Do you believe me now? The fun has just begun.”

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