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S.U.M.U Chapter 21 The Body And Mind All Conquered


Up until just now, Jessica was hell-bent on leaving this place. However, after seeing her radiant face in the mirror, she stroked her face in disbelief. Were these big watery eyes really hers?

Her trousers were soaked wet, but seeing her face became this gorgeous, she’s suddenly all gung-ho to taste the next dish!

For the sake of beauty, women can endure any kind of trial!

Jenny deleted Jessica’s photo she took earlier, in exchange for $10,000 to her, Jenny grinned and apologized to Jessica. And with this, she could taste Dio’s cooking again.

They didn’t say anything to each other afterward. They just eagerly waited for Dio to serve their long-awaited dish. They didn’t care if had to wait as long as they could taste Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish again!

About half an hour later, Dio came out of the kitchen once again with a white plate.

“This is…”

“Trotters, which is rich in collagen, of course, the treatment for this dish won’t pale in comparison to its taste, rejuvenate your skin as if you’re 16 again.”

Americans rarely eat trotters, chicken feet, internal organs, Jessica was no exception, but hearing Dio’s ‘explanation’ lit her eyes, rejuvenating her skin back to her teenage days, she’ll eat anything, do anything if she could regain it!

No woman can resist such temptation, Jessica finally realized how amazing Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish!

Time to dig in!

Because it was quite a large serving, and because the dish was trotters, Jessica had a hard time cutting it into tiny pieces, and after mustering the courage, she chewed and swallowed it.

Suddenly magical energy surge from Jessica’s body, and Jessica, who was trying to mind her table manner, tossed her fork and knife and used her bare hands instead and chomp down the trotters, this scene was so unladylike!

Jenny was surprised seeing Jessica who always behaved like a lady suddenly ate in such a crude way, suddenly she felt the urge to take out her phone and take more pictures of Jessica holding the trotters, maybe this one will earn her 20.000 dollars?

Dio was delighted that the customer really loved his cooking, although most of the credit here belonged to his Stand [Pearl Jam], to materialize [Pearl Jam] hamon energy was indispensable, so he deserved the credit as well.

Jessica was well aware of what she was doing, how crude it was, and everything, but she couldn’t stop herself, her body didn’t listen to her brain, her hand and mouth are already covered in oil, completely shattering the image of a ‘rich lady.’

Then once again, the treatment process began… woman’s scream echoing inside the restaurant, you’d think a movie crew was shooting a horror movie inside.

However, Dio was fully prepared, with soundproof material covering the wall, and the door is locked, no one would hear what happened here nor misunderstood.

Scream… Just scream your hearts out, no one will hear you…

It’s as if Dio said that because he was satisfied with his evil plan.

With Jessica’s dead skin was peeled off, and new skin underneath regenerated, the new skin was so squishy and tight!

Paired with big clear eyes, she saw herself in the mirror suddenly turned into the most beautiful girl she ever saw!

Even Jenny, the one who convinced Jessica here to try Dio’s cooking, couldn’t help but felt a little jealous knowing that she had to share Dio’s secret recipe with Jessica now.

“Oh, God, is this really me?” Jessica immediately exclaimed! After taking the mirror that Dio handed over.

The face she saw in the mirror was too beautiful that she almost couldn’t believe it, and was this really caused merely by a dish? Or was this just d dream?

It all seemed too unreal!

“Tell me, am I really not dreaming? If I wake up tomorrow, will my face still this gorgeous?”

After putting down the mirror, Jessica pulled Dio’s hand like crazy while jumping around in excitement.

“Of course, that’s the essence of this dish, and there is no side effect. I guarantee it. And believe me, this is really you, and this is not a temporary effect, as long as you become our patron, heck my dish can even remove the scars on your body.”

“Really? You can remove scars? Even after years?” Jessica asked again in surprise.

“There should be no problem, but let me check it personally just in case because the dish I must serve varied from one person to another. The worst that could happen is there won’t be any effect.”

Jessica nodded immediately, “I have a younger sister. When she was young, her back was doused by hot water. Because it was back when she was young, the burns on her back still remain. Can I bring her with me next time?”

“Of course, but it is best to make a reservation in advance. Of course, if you’re back for treatment next time, you don’t want anyone else to be here beside me right?”

Dio smiled. Looking at Jenny, who looked a little guilty because Jessica was supposed to eat inside the restaurant all by herself.

Jessica nodded in agreement, “It is true that during the treatment, the customers need absolute privacy.”

And there is one more thing she couldn’t bring herself to say, that there was a possibility that someone would threaten Dio’s life since Dio could figure out an abnormality within one’s body, and they couldn’t afford to let Dio know their secret.

After all, the rich were welcomed in this country! They can afford everything, yes everything including information manipulation

“Okay, it’s time to enjoy the dessert.” Dio turned and took a slice of sweet potato from the kitchen and smiled.

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