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S.U.M.U Chapter 22 An apology worth $100,000!


After finishing all 3 treatments, Jessica exclaimed, “unbelievable!”  

Although just now, after eating the sweet potato, all her hair fell out, in just a few seconds, her dazzling golden hair grew out again from the hair follicle, and it’s even more radiant and more supple!

Jessica has changed her hairstyle so many times and also dyed it in various colors in the past, consequently damaging her hair. Her bright blond her that most people envied began to fade away in color and elasticity.

But just now, she regained her bright blond hair in her younger days!

Hair was so important for woman, even a slight change in their hair can drastically influence her mood!

After these 3 treatments, she couldn’t help but admire how gorgeous she became. And it’s all thanks to Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish, which helped Jessica drastically change!

“Satisfied? Do you still doubt what I said?.” Dio stood beside these two ladies while smiling.

Even Jessica, the skeptical rich lady, couldn’t help but become Dio’s ‘believers’ after all the dish she tasted, and the drastic change occurred on her body!

So she nodded without hesitation: “Delighted! This is my ‘Apollo’! I sincerely apologize for my rude behavior earlier, please forgive my ignorance.”

Jessica sincerely apologized to Dio, signed a $100,000 check, and handed it to Dio embarrassedly.

“Apology accepted, but I think you write too many 0 in here.”

After checking Jessica to write one extra 0, Dio handed the check back.

“No, that’s not a mistake. Consider the rest of my apology, and your service is quite satisfactory.”

After hearing Jenny’s words, Dio was convinced, although even tip + cleaning fee + apology worth 90,000 dollars was very unusual!

Dio was actually so happy receiving this much money by serving one sassy lass, it really was worth his time, but he decided to play it cool in front of these two.

But after realizing that he ought to pay taxes, he was a little less happy. The most difficult thing to deal with within the United States was not FBI, not SHIELD, not Hydra, not White House. It’s the IRS US National Tax Agency!

Be it House of Representatives or the gangster, no one was not afraid of them!

Whoever it might be, won’t get away from their grasp!

Dio never thought about tax evasion and simply tried to make a low-key profit.

“If this business is going too well in the future, will they think I do money laundry?” suddenly, Dio panicked when he thought about the future.

“Although It’s very presumptuous of me, I still want to ask, would you cooperate with me so more people out there can taste this magical dish? It’s a waste that more people can’t taste.”

Jessica made it sound as if he tried to help Dio expand his business, although, in reality, she tried to take advantage of Dio’s secret recipe.

Although her family’s business is construction materials, and they were very successful in this industry in New York, but that does not mean that Jessica’s family does not want to expand their business, but the thing was, it was hard to start a new business in another industry because other companies in that industry wouldn’t just let you since they had no intention to share their profit with others, especially new competitor.

And Jessica’s family wasn’t an exception, they definitely would take action if there were a new competitor in town.

And despite those fact, Jessica was tempted to cooperate with Dio, because that’s just how much potential Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish had, she believed that Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish could revolutionize the culinary and health industry.

However, her idea was doomed to fail from the beginning. Dio certainly wanted to make more money, and he had no problem with cooperating with a girl like Jessica. However, his so-called Mysterious Eastern Dish is nothing but a facade. The real magic came from his Stand!

This is his secret, he couldn’t let anyone find out, and this whole time he has been avoiding SHIELD, to begin with, what’s the point of exposing his secret? One misstep and he’ll be in SHIELD’s radar, besides if he worked in the city, there’ll be more customers. Meanwhile, he had limited hamon energy, and he couldn’t handle too many customers at once.

So Dio refused Jessica’s offer without hesitation.

“I’m sorry, but this recipe is only functional if I’m the one cooking it. So if you plan to let another chef or using some other method to mass produce my recipe, it’s out of the question. I’ll cut to the chase, no matter how much money you offer, I have no intention of selling this recipe, nor it will have any value.”

Jessica realized she couldn’t convince Dio, maybe because the look in Dio’s eyes, but still she wished she could.

“So, can I book today’s dinner?”

And Dio shook his head again.

“Although I like big spender, and no one has booked for tonight’s dinner, but in the conscience of the cook, I’m sorry to tell you that customers can only receive ‘treatment’ three times at most. Should one exceed this limit, the damage caused before the regeneration may end up irreversible, so it’d be better if you taste the food and undergo the treatment by the next day.”

As usual, Dio would never disappoint anyone if it came to making stuff up, but Jessica and Jenny bought it because even the unbelievable effect of the dish was real, so what Dio said must be true as well.

It made them saw Dio in a new light, even though he needed money, but due to his morality, he restrained his greed, although that was not the case.

“What about me? It’s been a few days since my last treatment.” Jenny suddenly took out her 10.000 dollars check after blackmailing Jessica earlier, and place it on her middle finger.

Seeing money never bored Dio, he smiled and said, “Of course, I’ll serve you next Miss Jenny.”

“Great, I want my skin tone to fit my face, as delicate and as bright so that these clothes won’t hinder my charm!” Jenny made a loud request.

The customer is God, Dio naturally wouldn’t refuse the call of US dollars.

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