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S.U.M.U Chapter 23 Deferred Tax Payment and Consumption


Jenny’s treatment process can be described as scary yet ‘tempting’, because her request was to adjust her skin tone to her face, so at some point, her skin was itchy, and she spontaneously scratched her body, but because her clothes got in the way, so she just took her own clothes off instinctively.

At first, Dio averted his eyes from Jenny due to his conscience, but of course, his male instinct said otherwise, and he couldn’t resist seeing Jenny naked.

He ‘didn’t expect’ that Jenny was more appealing without clothes rather that when she wore one.

After Jenny finished the treatment and put on her clothes again, Dio approached her as if nothing happened.

“That’ll be all for today’s treatment. I did as you requested, I hope you’re satisfied with today’s treatment as well.”

Because the area coverage was quite extensive, even with 3 dishes, Dio only managed to adjust the skin tone of her upper body.

Fortunately, Jenny was delighted with the treatment, but knowing Dio saw her naked earlier, she couldn’t say anything, she just put the 10,000-dollar check on the table and quickly took off with Jessica.

Dio happily slipped in the checks he got earlier, then he shouted: “Will, how long are you planning to sleep? come out and help me clean this mess!”

Meanwhile, Jessica and Jenny, who was in a mess, ran into the car as fast as they could. They both looked toward Dio’s restaurant before getting in the car. Maybe they were just kind of jealous of Dio for being able to cook such a fantastic dish and enjoyed it, anytime he wanted.

Jenny and Jessica finally breathed a sigh of relief after closing the car’s door.

“This is beyond the level of embarrassing, fortunately, your cheeky boyfriend lent me a piece of clothing to cover myself.” Jessica, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, quickly started the car, looked down at her wet pants with a smile, and hit the gas.

Jenny actually wanted to console Jessica by saying she experienced the exact same thing as her the first time she tasted Dio’s Mysterious Eastern Dish, but she decided not to because knowing Jessica’s personality, she’ll just make fun of Jenny later on.

“Do you believe what I said now? If we’re not friends, I would never share this kind of secret with you.”

Jenny was so full of herself now that Jessica knew that Dio’s dish was actually magical and was not a scam.

“Well, I have to admit I jumped too early to a conclusion, and I’m sorry for that, but care to explain why are there so many photos of me on your phone?”

Jessica knew Jenny retook her photos when Jenny messed around, giggling with his phone in the car, and quickly took Jenny’s phone!

Although she was sorry about doubting and Jenny, as a woman who cared about her reputation, she couldn’t just let someone took her embarrassing photo, especially the one who took it was Jenny!

“Hey! You know I’m just joking around, right?”

“Well, if you say so, then you don’t mind if I delete these photos, right?”

“Of course…” Jenny said reluctantly

“Ok, but I also got your pictures by the way, and of course, it’s a high-resolution nude photo, wanna see?”

“Oh, FXXK! You actually yelled at me, but you also take my pictures!”

“Let me use your excuse earlier then, you know I’m just joking around, right? Although it is not so funny.”

“Okay okay, you won, I apologize, and I’ll return your 10,000 dollars.” Jenny decided.

“No, no, I don’t care about that, just make sure to delete all of my photos, you haven’t backed those up, right?”

Jenny barely squeezed out a smile. “Of course, there’s no way I would go that far.”

“Alright, and don’t ever do it again, ok? It could ruin my reputation. Do you understand?”

Jenny nodded depressedly, things turned even for them. But despite what they said, they actually still had other photos, hidden in another storage, but both of them didn’t mention it and probably would keep it as an ‘ace up their sleeve’ later on.

After they both agreed to ‘delete’ the photos they took, they just changed the topic and laughed it off.

The annual tax season in the United States began at the beginning of February each year and ended in mid-April.

But Dio was a bit short on money now, to buy this small restaurant, Dio’s parents have used up most of their savings. After their death, they almost didn’t leave anything behind except for a small sum of money, which Dio used for their funeral.

However, the IRS obviously didn’t care about Dio’s circumstances. In fact, there’ll be more kinds of taxes other than income taxes that Dio had to pay like inheritance taxes and different kinds of taxes.

That’s why Dio stopped smiling when he remembered about IRS, but at least he was granted a leeway, for 6 months, that’s why he worked his ass off to make some money right now. Otherwise, the IRS would come up with weird ideas so they could get a warrant to arrest Dio.

And don’t even think about defying or fighting them, even the infamous gang around here couldn’t do it, let alone a man like Dio.

So Dio submitted the request for extending the time to pay his tax, and then ran to the bank as quickly as possible to exchange the $110,000 check in his pocket, and then headed straight to the nearest jewelry, purchased gold bar worth 100,000 US dollars, he got 20 100-gram gold bars, and then paid $4,000 tax.

Before leaving, the manager of the jewelry also handed him his business card. It is actually not that uncommon to spend more than 100,000 for a customer but rarely spent that amount all for a gold bar. Obviously, those who purchased a gold bar used it as other kinds of currency, not for collection or daily usage.

Either way, it is important to have a good relationship with such a customer.

Especially after handing Dio his business card, the manager with a receding hair whispered to Dio: “If you need some cheap gold for other purposes in the future, gimme a call.”

Dio nodded calmly and then left.

Of course, Dio understood what he meant, ‘cheap’ here meant ‘illegal goods,’ which was unsellable in most jewelry!

Dio is not surprised that the jewelry manager had some ‘connections’ about illegal goods, now that he thought about it, it actually made sense, those stolen gold and jewelry was sold to some people with lower price because they were illegal and had no certificate.

This guy reminded Dio that the gold bars he needed to use the paid draw didn’t have to be legal, even the illegal gold was fine, and the FBI wouldn’t be able to find any evidence if he used it for the paid draw.

And because it didn’t go through a formal procedure, these golds were so cheap, even if one bought it at one-third of its original price, no one can complain!

But Dio couldn’t afford that right now, he had no intention of drawing unnecessary attention since he had no means to protect himself for now.

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